Oh, my gosh look at that fluffy unicorn! He's so fluffy I'm gonna die!

That's specially for Corporal poppypug (ents div) who's soon to graduate.

(Sunday) 9/1 this morning. Expect all new officers out manning the trolley and weather balloon. Also, Corporal poppypug (ents div) told me the pavements are Jammie dodger lined on Week 9. I expect to see evidence of this.


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30 Replies

  • Crazy legs! May have to take that on as the name of my alter-ego.

  • Squadron will be lining the route Sir.

    JDs on request, Sir.

    Airforce out seeding rain clouds tonight - Affirmative

    Fine weather organised for tomorrow - Affirmative.

    Remember - Left on Mission and Revenge. Enemy is near the end of 5-30-5.

  • Now this is the sort of Intel report I need. Excellent work NCO MarkyD. Run approaching after morning rations.

  • Fab stuff!

  • Herr Kommandant lurking nearby with the "Search the Tartan Trolley"......

  • I do not remember this one?. Perhaps you are mistaken? Or does it usually live in the rubbishy little office by the sick bay? Nobody ever goes there.

  • IT'S SO FLUFFY! I'M GONNA DIE!!!! Makes me laugh every time! :D

    Good luck with 9/1,my dear, good, fine Sir. Very soon you too will have your very own shiny shiny graduate badge, to go with your collection of distinguished awards. Onward, dear Sir, always.

  • Back from 9/1 old chap. As ever, support from diligent troops makes it happen. I'm possibly looking a bit gru-tiful at the mo.

  • Sorry Sir, thought Jammy Dodgers was code for Jack Daniels. Will make sure I have both on the trolley, just in case.

  • What sort of outfit do you think this is? Heck, I'd be under a bus. The trolley is essential though.

  • Sending positive vibes out for Operation 9/1 this morning. All shall be well... .Good luck Dozzer, and support troops. :)

  • 9/1 over. Well done all troops for excellence in extremes of weather conditions. Especial mention for the balloon pilot, great musical accompaniment this morning.

  • Good luck

  • Ta Second Lieutenant Spoonierunning. Am back but not quite mobile again yet.

  • Go for it Sir! Have been playing the bejewelled ocarina since dawn (actually I'm getting pretty tired now) and will continue until I see the weather balloon overhead and hear the tartan trolley approach! Soreen buttered and pot of strong tea stewing nicely. Good luck, you can do it!! :)

  • I heard the ocarina throughout, the rattle is so comforting in my minutes of need - all of them. Soreen needed immediately so am crawling to mess tent.

  • Yay, you did it!! Fantastic! Soreen and tea strong enough to melt the spoon all ready and waiting. (Might join you, I'm cream-crackered after all that ocarinaing) Enjoy the rest of the day, Sir, you deserve it! :)

  • Thank you, willing attendant. After such levels of encouragement you deserve a rest.

  • Jd's lined the road as I ran. Washing ready to pick up tomorrow after four.

  • Yep you definitely sound vintage.

  • Hey Dozz ! Just don't forget, Ive got the eye of a tiger, a fighter, dancing thru the fire, cause I am a champion , and youre gonna hear me ROOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAARRRR ! :-) Grrrr :-) xxx

  • Eye of a tiger - isn't that Rocky?

  • May have to send out an ADC to source plumes.

  • Quick, will have to locate an ADC.

  • Sorry link not going through - you're going to have to wait a while. Give the pugs a doggie chew to take their mind off their disappointment.

  • Personally I prefer a Marathon over a Rocky.

  • God, they were/are yak!

  • Golden bears, yes.

  • In my opinion tip top of the non-chocolate confectionery dept.

  • Gummi bears or nothing. Full stop.

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