Look and you will find it - what is unsought will go undetected. (Sophocles)

(Monday) Is Sophocles telling me to go and ask a man about a bike? Or shall I just go down to the next spinning class?

Well, pops has a new title, it's so long I might have to drop some of it, let's face it, the bit about forger of sick notes isn't on. Here we go though:

Captain poppypug (ents and haberdashery div, triathlete)

If you have completed let me know and you too can have an appendage to your name.


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23 Replies

  • Is the man friendly? I'd base my decision on that. If he is, even if he says no it will be alright. You could always lie on your back and cycle in the air...

    I have done my running and am cycling over to my son's house to take his dog out for a walk. Swimming depends on finding a time at one of the local authority pools when the kids aren't jumping about on floats. Have a good day Dozzer and congrats again to Captain poppypug (ents and haberdashery div, triathlete).

  • Thanks Lizziebeth, it is indeed an honour and privilege to have the word " TRIATHLETE " after my name . I am truly blessed :-)

    Good Luck with your challenge :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppypug, I've done the run and the cycle but the swim will have to be done on a separate day :(

  • Dont worry Lizziebeth, just remember the words of the Mighty Meatloaf :-) xxx

  • Like a bat out of hell????

  • Ha ha very good ! :-) You should be in the ents div ! :-) xxx

  • No, I am definitely leaving that to you... I am happy with supplies. Will have to try out that choc soreen :)

  • Correct answer ! Ha ha only joking ! :-) xxx

  • Have sort of chickened out and put my name down for spinning class!

  • I'll just be pedalling, not butt in the air cycling and the like. Or do those things not have seats?

  • I don't think it's chickening out either. I've never done a spinning class but everyone looks mighty sweaty every time I've seen them come out.

  • Probably, on flavour and texture, a Twirl. Size is definitely a letdown though if you're looking at KJUs. So I go for major slabs of Dairy Milk if necessary.

  • None of that poncey Galaxy stuff here.

  • Galaxy for me. Someone's definitely meddled with Cadburys and now it's too sweet. Galaxy every time, unless of course you throw a Lindor into the equation. As I've said before, Lindors are the emperors of chocolate AND they're made in Switzerland by men with chocolate ears. What's not to like? :)

  • But then you can get a chocolate rabbit and bite his teeth off in one. Heaven.

  • But no KJU.

  • Will do. Anyway must be off, Night pop and pups and bird

  • Tuesday 22nd July 2014


    BoPeep announcing completion of your Discombobulated Tri and had ENORMOUS amounts of fun doing it, thank you Dozzer for the push!

    I've put my donation in the collection box for school uniforms for Syrian refugees, seemed useful and was easy!

    When can we do it again???

    :-) :-) :-)

  • Tha-anks Poppy :-)

    I'm really hooked now on the mix of running, swimming, cycling through the week .... feels brill .... going to keep it up, at least til the sea goes cold!!!

    Who's next do you think? :-) xXx

  • Yep, totally fab idea indeed!

    Marvellous .. come on girls!

    You'll be Carrying On Swimming too, won't you!!!

    All round the whole event's a winner!

    :-) xXx

  • Well done BoPeep! Second Lieutenant BoPeep9009 (triathlete)!

  • #clicks heels together and smartly salutes!

  • Welcome to the troops!

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