Now I know I'm from Yorkshire but how much??!!

Now I know I'm from Yorkshire but how much??!!

(Saturday) Some might say I'm a stingy, miserly, penny-pinching, avaricious, frugal ... Northerner but come on - £4.20 to swim at the local pool - it's not even warm! Maybe I could lie about my age. Training may have to be done at the local paddling pool unless Corporal scruttons (phys ed div) can smuggle us in with the learners.

Have tried out the red onesie made specially for me by Captain poppypug (ents and haberdashery div). I look pretty good (the Lycra helps). The Brylcream quiff came out a bit haphazardly - may have to alter style for next time. They do an Aqualift class! (Would have been good for getting out of the pool.) Did achieve target distance must just work on time scale.

Not the fastest/slowest, fattist/thinnest, tallest/shortest so I didn't look too out of place. (Apart from the onesie, that is.) Here I am in the pool - you can spot me because I'm the one who looks in control.

DW Sport has a £28 for 28 days taster offer. Given the price of swimming I might sub up the £28 and practise for the challenge there.

I must say Lieutenant Spoonierunning gets my vote for consistency of training - what a star!


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63 Replies

  • I see the alligator is eating someone's head. That pool looks darned dangerous! £4.20! Daylight robbery!

  • And they wonder why people don't exercise!

  • Une arnaque!

  • Another word!

  • nope

  • I meant hmm another word to translate (guess). Money grabbers or bloodbath.

  • Daylight robbery!!!!

  • Money grabbers - I reckon I got that one right.

  • ok pas besoin de chercher midi a quatorze heure!

  • No idea

  • ok don't fuss

    (don't look for trouble where there are none!)

  • Will try and revise that one!

  • I get to go swimming for £2.45 :) but then that's because I'm jobless :( our leisure centre you can buy (or get for free in my case) a discount card thingy to make sessions cheaper. The expense and restriction on when you could go is why I always used to pay for private gym membership oh the days when I was young employed and had disposable income

  • And if I want to sign up at the council pool/gym I have to pay for 12 months. No get out clause. Thinking about DW.

  • Lego of his head!!!!!

  • Looks like y,all having a fun time , £19.99 p.m. At our local leisure & I make sure I get my money's worth I can tell you! Happy swimming

  • If I could pay by the month without the all year obligation I certainly would. They must be dim. I'd sign up by the month but not without get out clause. £26 is more than I want to be spending if I lose interest.

  • I'm from Yorkshire n like to save a bob or two as well , you sign up for 3 months at a time so at £4.90 a go its a no brainer . I think it's discusting to be honest , when folk want to get fit , I'm sure there's no need to charge nearly a fiver a time !

  • I'm going to rein in the troops and decamp to somewhere cheaper.

  • Are you in our triathlon? If not, why not?

  • It's a bit diff being a triplet esp when your two brothers are dead famous.

  • True. I have brought about a charity event single-handedly (ok with assistance from you). We have over forty competitors so far - for a first event I'm very pleased.

  • Now that, as Scary Granny would say, would be the bee's knees. Off to see the bikes tomorrow.

  • It was fab. The chap in just his keks was regathering worrying though.

  • Regathering? What was auto spell on? It was meant to say 'rather'.

  • I went out today but my calf wasn't too impressed half way round so on the basis I've got a hilly trek to the TdF tomorrow I walked the rest of the way.

  • Aye lass.

  • Night pop and pups and fish and bird.

  • Aye lass.

  • I would stick with the Brylcream if I were you. Everyone else's hair seems to have fallen out! Too many chemicals in the pool?

  • True. I was moving too fast to notice that. The croc had me a bit worried.

  • I am amazingly lucky. Sports centre is £15 a month (£20 for a whole family & £10 for concessions). Includes gym, pool, sauna etc, classes badminton etc etc.

    Brilliant value

  • Good stuff for you. What an ace council you have. In the sports section anyway. I don't have your name down for the challenge so I will assume you're joining us. Let me know.

  • Haven't seen your original post but seems like you are aiming for a charity triathlon? Can't cycle I am afraid. Can ride a bike but can't turn right on one. Also working up to my birthday present marathon on 2 August so need to concentrate on running. Good luck with it though.

  • We are mostly amateurs, our triathlon consists of a mere 30 mins of each discipline. Gym bikes are acceptable if you can only do straight line. £1 to fave charity entry fee. ?

  • OK, will do but not until August after marathon. Brill idea - well done. What does 'ents' stand for on your posts?

  • Well done! Good luck in the marathon. 'ents' is short for entertainment, because Captain poppypug (ents and haberdashery div) does a lot of the entertaining for us and Second Lientenant AncientMum (ents div) is her junior.

  • Where are the full rules please?

  • Basically - You are the one for us!!!!! The Dozz-ville Challenge Award For The Discombulated is the way forward for triathletes such as you! Last two weeks of July is participation fortnight. 30 mins running, 30 swimming (full on serious swim not essential, wading in shallow end is fine) and 30 biking (excerise bike fine). Any order. Any number of days! £1 to charity entrance fee. No results to be posted. (So I don't get depressed about mine which will not be good.) Let me know. I need to keep track of numbers. Join us! Spread the word.

  • It is only 30 mins per discipline.

  • Crocodile pose in yoga is supposed to be very good, was doing it last night.

  • That sounds a bit diff for doz Brownlee.

  • I assume you're joining the triathlon too? Well done - you're down.

  • By default I think since I'm running (25kms total in July/Quest is the plan) swimming (1km in a session by the end of the quarter is the plan) and cycling (getting out on the bike at all is the Quest)

    We had a glorious Discount Duck scheme - buy a lovely duck for £4 and then they had 'Discount Duck' days when you could swim for a pound on presentation of said duck. Twice a month, alternating weekend days, and then for a while an adults-only evening slot. Then they went over to present your duck and get a card for 10 £1 swims, and they still have occasional Discount Duck days (usually one day during a school holiday) Got us swimming again. The cost of an undiscounted swim is painful. At the moment we're on a Buy 10, get 12 scheme, which is still expensive but I am using a generous cash Christmas gift to pay for it, and it works out better for us as we're not able to go often enough for the annual pass to be good value.

    Did that sound a bit too sensible?

  • GoogleMe that sounds just like what we're looking for. Plastic ducks and quests. Any favourite foods? Let us know when you've completed and who your pound went to - I assume you've read the full rules?

  • I have now and I'm IN.

    Samphire for me please.

  • Samphire, very posh. We usually do Jammie Dodgers or Lieutenant Spoonierunning's coffee and walnut cake.

  • It is only 30 mins per discipline.

  • Are those legs the spoils of the croc's previous meal, or someone mid duck dive?

    I think a giant squid would help too

  • Previous meal.

  • It's not so much the cost that stopped me going to ours, it's the fact that it's filthy! I felt I'd have to have flip flops to walk in, a rubber sheet to stand on whilst removing clothes, and then walk home before even attempting a shower or getting dressed.

  • Yak! (As in disgusting, not hairy animal.) Ours are ok apart from price.

  • Plinth you are in our triathlon aren't you. We're heading towards fifty participants now - no competition apart from against self and £1 charity donation. Let me know. It's not a real one by the way - only 30 mins per discipline.

  • Nooo. No bike, grim pool, and no money.

  • Never mind, I'm borrowing a mate's bike.

  • Are you suggesting I'm chicken fat?

  • Pah!

  • A bit of advice for you Dozz, for when you start the bike section......

  • Had a watch, will make sure I change out of the red swimming onesie.

  • Sir, my dear fellow. Now, I don't know if you're a Nectar points collector too, or if any pools near you participate, but there's always the Nectar Swim promotion:

    I'll be using mine when I can finally bloody swim! Quite a number of pools here are 'silver pools' under the scheme, so a session can be had for 500 points, which equates to £2.50. :-)

  • Thanks Second Lieutenant Miles_Yonder, I shall look into this.

  • I'm doing my 1st swimming training tomorrow for Combob. and after your post thought I'd look up how much - I was thinking I would go twice a week (between the running) and bl.... £6.90 a pop! Close to home, but I don't think Nectar points will help. Shame the pools I rent can't turn a blind eye to me staying in after the children have gone home! My lesson fees barely cover the pool rental - am I stupid of what? - no best not answer that one!

  • Cripes that's horrifically more than the £4.20 which I thought was bad enough. I will practise in next-door's koi carp pond until it's time for the real McCoy.

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