“You just watch yourself. We’re wanted men. I have the death sentence on 12 systems.”

(None of them psychiatry, believe it or not!)

(Friday) Having made it out of Isengard without using my wire cutters or the staff car I successfully traversed Fanghorn Forest. I will be running 8/3 in the morning. Not sure if we have the trolley but I don't want Corporal poppypug (ents div) out with it because she's got her 9/3 today. Promotion coming up for her and the pugs.

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37 Replies

  • GCHQ are listening in, Dozzer.........ssshhhh!

  • It's okay. I've cut their wires & debugged their bugs.

  • They still have the "Tunnel detected" card so you're not in the clear yet.

  • Oh happy, happy days. Do you fancy swapping your Staff Car for a Move Fast to the Dentist. I know it's the easiest way out but you are very close to the Maxillofacial torture chamber and it took me a month of pain to escape from there in January. Also I can use the Staff car to do today's run. But don't tell Captain Waletta, Corporal poppypug (ents div) or Second Lieutenant Spoonierunning.

  • Thanks Captain Waletta. I should easily make it past the pet store then.

  • It's becoming a worry as date of full breach of enemy frontline approaches. Not that there are any egg-laying bird noises going on around here but the enormity of the mission is becoming more apparent by the day. Thanks for the warning, I'll keep an extra close lookout as I pass the laundrette.

  • Ma foi! You think I'm going to be strong enough to carry your smalls and run. That is not an insult to the possible size of your smalls, just to my levels of power when out running. Have chosen you a nice pinto from the stables. If you don't like it you'll have to go and haggle to swap it. Boss that run!

  • Trying to round up some Indians for the suggested raindance party later.

  • Reply below

  • That's me, esp when there's Soreen waiting in the mess tent.

  • Good luck, Sir. You can do it! Would happily volunteer for trolley duty but still confined to barracks with lurgey. Can manage encouraging cheers, ocarina duty only.

  • Leader feeling pusillanimdous this morning. (Birds and glass echoing in the background) Get on with it now or have hour's rest first? 8/3 necessitates fully functioning human not schlepping zombie. In the meantime I need to get down to the livery stables to pick out a horse for Corporal poppypug (ents div).

  • Heard the ocarina from afar - you showed true loyalty shaking it for so long at such a distance. Thank you NCO AncientMum.

  • *Heart swells with pride* Thank you Sir. Pleased I could assist in some small way as you continue in your magnificent fight against the mighty foe. *Gulps and hastily wipes away tear* Permission to indulge in celebratory caramel wafer! :)

  • Tunnocks always available in the mess tent if you don't fancy a dodger or Soreen. Go for it!

  • My brave troops. Your leader is ashamed by previous comments. Have given myself a kick up the derrière, got my fave running things down from the creel and a small onion bhaji from the fridge. Will go do the run now. No school children about unless skiving. All mothers home. No one in park yet. Will try to track distance in endeavour to lift mood from last week's pathetic realisation that 5k was a joke. Adieu!

  • Lines getting a bit thin in above section. Back from run, face same colour as shirt - must put a bit of thought into that look. Red on red, it's a bit like double-denim. When will you return?

  • So, any suggestion? One of them has to be red, it's too warm to wear my superhero mask.

  • So, did you achieve the 8/3 then Doz. Do I take it from your puce appearance that you did?

  • Yep, am coming round in the medical tent.

  • Sorry about works car today. I had it but much better to 8/3 on foot. One more week. I'm going to search for poppypug now. Party time

  • Corporal poppypug (ents div)'s party is off! She's on the injury couch with others, inc Second Lieutenant Spoonierunning, NCO AncientMum and NCO KittyKat007. They're eating lots of Malteasers - can't be that injured!

  • Just been to the couch party. I didn't realise it was just for the injured. Are Malteasers worth beating yourself up for?

  • You mean people are at the couch party who aren't ill? Was my invite lost in the post? Or am I a social pariah not having graduated?

  • Ouch! Hahaha come and join us! :)

  • Made it. Luckily the horse was already saddled.

  • Do we have any Thorntons Alpinnis?

  • Drat! Have you already eaten them?

  • Tsk!

  • I could stand, superheroically in from of the hearth.

  • No it's on the wall above. The mantelpiece isn't strong enough to hold it.

  • Yes, I am a superhero but I'm not good at DIY.

  • Dozz, I didn't have an invite. I didn't realise it was just for the sick. This is why I'm considering beating myself up. Get with it man. That run really did take it out of you.

  • Now Corporal poppypug (ents div) has injured me I'm a legitimate party guest. Anyway CiC's can go to any parties they like. So, ner!

  • Hmm, any suggestions?

  • Ok

  • No prob.

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