Went solo at parkrun no 9, no BF but a PB! :)

Nearly didn't go Parkrunning today! had a bit of a headache and it was gloomy outside :( alarm was set for 5.45 as OH was off to the mainland to watch old austin 7s climb a hill ! Well he enjoys it!?! So was delivered a cuppa and some ibuprofen and said i would see how it went! Had a comforting cuddle with george dog and pondered! Decided after a bit that:

a) the weather was cheering up :)

b) headache nearly gone......

c) last chance to run at medina as IOW festival takes over from next week preparing for mayhem as the grockles invade (caulkheads do go too though!!) ......( the new course at Ryde contains hills-EEK! )

d) have discovered i do LIKE running in the rain if it didnt happen to clear up !

e) have to work next saturday so can't go :(

SO made the effort and got there, via a doggy walk for George round Carisbrooke castle field as a warm up!

no Tracy BF today as she was off on mainland too, and actually arrived early( unheard of for me) felt a bit lonely without my pal or Boz to chat to, but spotted some of boz's old workmates to chat to eventually :) and Tracy's husband too!

well it was very SQUISHY!Had to laugh when a load of us nearly headed through a Giant puddle that we hadn't noticed!( the kids were positively aiming for ALL the big ones!)remembered that on 2nd lap! felt quite good today, stripped to vest at start so didnt overheat at all, and noticed after 1st lap that i should be heading for 31 mins ish if i kept it up! managed a little blast at the end and got new PB of 31.16 shaving 15 secs off! :) Yay!

so worth getting up after all! Also went to my tues nighters running club without Tracy so i'm obviously having a brave week!!!! :)

ps grockles ( mainlanders) caulkheads (iow folk) !!!

happy bank hol weekend everyone!


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  • Glad you added PS as I had no idea . Congratulations on new PB and getting out of bed at all this morning. Shows you can run on your own but still must be nice to run with BF ( see I knew what that meant)

  • thanks! yes-a bit of iow talk for you!! miss my BF (we have been friends over 25 yrs now! )but must be gaining confidence at last!! :)

  • Yes aliboo BF are the best -- after my race today I had coffee and cake with BF since starting school 55 ago! Sadly she won't run Bye from this grockle

  • Tracy got me into c25k! Her whole family run and def have the bug! Grockle in the main isn't a bad term just a way of differentiating between the two!! found this link though which is funny!!


    have a good weekend!

  • Well done Ali, sounds like a great and brave week for you! I'm glad you explained re grockles and caulkheads- I thought they were some sort of parasite! The kids at my Parkrun are just way ahead of me so I don't need to worry about puddle stompers. We had a chase the pacer day at Parkrun today, it was really good and it worked! New PB for me too. Enjoy your running- I think we've got the bug! x

  • Sounds like hard work! most of the kids overtook me at high speed and some of them are TINY!! Well done you! I don't always feel like i've got the bug, seem to have slipped back to to twice a week at mo, someone else here described it well the other day as kind of an out of body experience, where you can't believe its you doing the running! that describes me well a lot of the time! But i'm keen to improve and do enjoy it most of the time just not always!! :)

  • Don't think of it as slipping to twice a week - aim for twice and add a bonus third time if you can. That way you'll be meeting your expectations. Well done for getting out there on your own - and for that pb.

  • yes thats very true! thanks for the tip, hope you are doing ok? :)

  • I found it pretty tough because the pacer kept to an even pace all the way round, and I usually slow right down when we get to the uphill bit and try and put a spurt on on the downhill! But, it was fun and made a change. I even *tried* to have a conversation on the way round- soon had to give up on that idea! LOL x

  • Well done Ali. Good on you for turning out at dawn and in the rain. Mind you, you have to get up early to see to dogs. I have one in tow for the next week. Or should I say he has me in tow!

  • how are you feeling? hope you are ok, you and no-excuse have been good forum buddies to me so hope you are back running soon. He sounds like a strong dog! :)

  • Well done that's a great achievement, I bet you are so glad you made the effort?

  • yes enjoyed it and had it in my head that it might be a good day to just go for it!! :)

  • He doesn't know his own strength. He pulls me so hard sometimes that I literally get plucked off my feet. I feel as if my top half is leaving my bottom half when he surges forward after a squirrel or something. I suppose it's as good as physio stretches!

    We've been out in the pouring rain this morning. He loves wet weather, it seems to make him all the more daft. No running for me. My ankle is hellish but my knee pain is still there but it's not agony today

  • Sorry you are still suffering :( he sounds like a strong boy, my little one pulls when he gets a good scent, most of the time hes a slow trotter except on the beach :) Hope you get back to full fitness asap, don't overdo it though!

  • Fantastic! Sounds like you're really getting into this running. Sounds also like you're really enjoying it. I wondered about joing a running club but they run late evening so not so sure. Great time for your 5K too. Happy running! :-)

  • thanks! my running club is after work 6.15 so a bit of a rush after work but a nice group :)

  • I expect I was one of the few who understood grockles and caulkheads as you might tell by my c25k name. Born in Sandown and lived on the Island until I was 21 then moved to mainland, I'm now 63. Still have family there and go back occasionally. I would love yo be able to run from Shanklin to Sandown along the sea wall they now have. In my days you had to go along the beach when the tide was out dodging the cliff falls in the winter. Still haven't plucked up courage to go to my local parkrun in Berkshire.

  • ahh! another i.o.w-er...... hello!! yes its nice along the seafront i live in lake so not far away from sandown! i guess i'd not really though about life before the sea wall path, sounds a bit hairy!!!!

    you should definitely try the berkshire parkrun! or the medina one when you next visit, they're a lovely friendly bunch :)

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