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Newbie saying Hi!

I started couch to 5k 5 weeks ago as I have signed up to the race for life with my 9 year old daughter. I have never been a 'runner'. I sprinted for the school (cough 30 years ago) but could never run any distance even when I considered myself fit. So week 1 was terrifying but kind of addictive really! It has been a rocky road. My daughter isnt always keen to come out and on occasion I feel I am dragging her along. Today I have gone out on my own but failed to complete week 5 day 3. I feel everything was against me with flat batteries on my shuffle, ear phones dropping out of ears and then Laura telling me I had done 5 minutes then 5 minutes later telling me I had done 5 minutes! Its the first time I have had problems with the podcast but was a little annoyed. Luckily I had set the timer on my watch. Anyway I am waffling. I got to 17 minutes and was so very nearly sick I called it a day. I plan to repeat week 5 from Saturday and hope to complete this time round. I am a little bit (an awful lot!!) disappointed.

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Hello and welcome.

Do not feel disapointed. Wow 17 minutes amazing, could you have done that 5 weeks ago?

We all have off days for what ever reason, the key is just getting back out there.

Congratulate yourself on your progress so far, have a rest and come Saturday you will complete it.


Thank you. You are right. 5 weeks ago I never imagined I would run for 5 minutes but 17 is a lot!!


Welcome to C25k :-) I am on week 5 also - going on run 2 tonight. Oh no run 3 fail because of Laura! Aaaaagh I may listen to my podcast before out just in case! I'm doing my race for life on the 13th July! This is the first time I have ran for years - and I never ran then either! Lol! ;-) xx good luck


We are doing the 13th as well. We are doing Rugby!

Good luck with the run. I liked week 5 day 2. Felt great.


I'm doing Hull - good luck xx


Hello Catkin69. You've learned 2 important lessons... firstly this community is here to share your successes and frustrations, and secondly, all the lovely people here will give you loads of encouragement. Congratulations on reaching W5 and many people say W5r3 is one of the hardest mentally. I'll let you know how I find it end of next week!

Make sure that you have something to eat before running to give you fuel. Everyone has their own proven method. I prefer porridge with a banana 90 minutes before I run. If I run first thing in the morning (no breakfast) I feel sick too... which is strange because I've not eaten anything.

Good luck with W5r3 on Saturday and R4L in a month. You'll be great.


You are doing so well! Keep going, it will be so worth it :)


I can sympathise as I botched W5R3 this morning too. Ran for 15 mins, fast walked for 2 then ran the last 3. It is a little disheartening when you know you're so close. However at least you know you'll be able to do it next time - if you ran for 17 minutes straight, thats more than twice as long as you've ever run non stop before (an achievement in itself). Just have a rest day, put it out of your mind, and try again on Saturday. Good luck!


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