Motivation slump ☹️

So I should have done Week 5 - Run 3 by now but I seem to have come to a complete stop?!

I honestly don't know why as I've really been enjoying the runs getting longer, but I think I may have psyched myself out about the '20 minutes' of running?

A friend of mine completed the Ironman challenge yesterday...she's amazing!....but it has almost made me feel even worse for losing momentum.

I know it's my own gremlins telling me I'll never complete this let alone continue to run 5k and beyond, but I can't shake them!


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12 Replies

  • Why don't you think you'll complete W5R3? If you've got this far you are ready.

    Besides what have you got to lose? I would be more disappointed in myself for not starting than I ever would be for not finishing. The only way to shake off a gremlin is to run it off. You've got this!!

  • He's right, you know. Just go out there and do it - you'll amaze yourself and just think how good you will feel when it's under your belt. This run was the one that had me convinced that I coudn't - then I did it and now I just know I can do anything. At my own pace, in my own time and with my own feet. You can do it too. Tell us when you have done it.

  • In one of my 5 attempts before I finally finished the C25K programme it was W5R3 that psyched me out. Stop, though, and look at W5R2 and OK you had a very small walking gap but you were nearly at the 20 minutes of running. If it's any help I sometimes found the run/walk intervals harder than the continuous running periods. Just put on your gear and give it a go ... if it turns out to be a practice run then who really cares, just do it again. Come on, if I can do this then you can too. Trust the programme, it really does work.

  • You've got this. Some days we have motivation and on others it's a bit harder to pull it together, but the act of running - keeping the momentum of what you're doing through the week, may be most important. As David says, it can just be a practice run or even a shorter run/walk combo, but you may surprise yourself once you get going. For me, initially my runs were on a small lap around our park, which took around 5 minutes to loop. The 20 min run seemed like a lot then - 4 laps! but then I switched to a larger 10 minute loop, which changed how my brain saw it - now it was only 2 laps - and then later on 30 min was only 3 laps - I've no idea why, but it made a big difference for me. Best of luck - you can do it :) !

  • Good thinking there by Decker 👍

  • You're not going to find any motivation sitting at home. Get out and run. If you achieve WR3 then you will find yourself otivated by your success; if you don't, you will have done another good practice run working towards it and will be otivated by your progress.

    No Eureka moment is going to descend upon you sat at hoe though.

  • Thank you all so much! You have totally given me the kick I needed and I never thought about it as a practice run if it doesn't go to plan!!

    I also like the idea of changing location, I would never have thought about doing that but I think I'll head to the local park tonight and give this a go!

    Whatsapp Rignold Decker davidhwynn and sheps Thank you all, you are the reason I love this site! The push from people I have never met is incredible and I will do this 😀👍🏻🏃🏃🏃

  • Oh Lisa, don't be despondent my chum, just think how far ahead you are of me. Plus, since my last comment on here, I still haven't done week 3 R2, so you're doing good. We're all bound to hit the slump and lack of motivation moment, but when you can, get back out there.

    I have total faith in you girl 😊😘👍 x

  • Aww thanks hun it's so nice to have so much support! Funny how it just minute all is going well, the next I feel like I'll never run again!! I'm going out tonight after work to the park to see if it will inspire and change my thought process!!

    And I'm sure you won't be far behind me 👍🏻😀🏃x

  • Now you are one run closer to graduation, and one run closer to your Ironman challenge. #You'veGotThis.

  • 👍🏻💪

  • W5R3 feels like a much harder challenge because suddenly you are not walking in the middle! But you have been moving continuously over the sessions for the past 5 weeks. Take it slow and yes try a new route. You will probably surprise yourself xx

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