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Foot pain: Should I continue onwards?

Ok, I completed the last run of week 7 and could hardly walk on Sunday due to the pain that I felt in my left foot. I am almost sure it is Plantear Fascitis but have not had it diagnosed at all and am 50/50 as to whether to start week 8 or to give the foot more rest. Only problem is, that I am so determined to do this that I have fought through the pain time and time and time again and would hate to break from starting week 8. I've tried everything, almost, tennis ball on base of foot, Icing the feet......almost everything apart from cutting off the feet. Unfortunately, I work as a cleaner which means no desk work or resting of the feet......To run or not to run: that is the difficult and painful question....

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I'm not a medical doctor, but I do think that we should all listen to what our bodies tell us. "I could hardly walk" sounds like your body will not want to run W8r1 tomorrow. I know that you are determined to finish the C25K, but your income depends upon you being mobile. Please don't run and risk doing more damage, otherwise you may need to rest from C25k for an extended period, not just a few days.

Take a week off C25K, invest the 30 minutes each day on stretches and strengthening exercises and see a GP or a Sports Therapist if you can.

Geeky fact!!! Your feet contain 20% (one fifth) of all the bones in your body. When you think about it, they are a miracle of engineering, and very easily damaged.

Please don't run tomorrow.


Don't do it - sounds like you need a rest if you can barely walk, let alone run. You'll find your next runs easier if you're not having to run through the pain. Good advice from Marky D - see if you can get to a sports physio. It sounds to me as though you're incredibly determined, but don't let that distract you from what your body is telling you. And if you're this motivated now, you'll be just as motivated once your foot is better, and pain free to boot!


I got to week two and did the same. Apparently from pushing too hard too fast. My pain is in the arch of my foot and along the top. Everything Ive read says pain in foot -don't push through it. You need to give it two-three weeks to let it heal properly. If you keep running you can make it worse and end up having to rest for even longer.


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