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hi I am new to running I am almost 50 and lack fitness also wanted to loose wait so together with changing my eating habits I took up C25K now on week 4 day 1 but not sure if I should run as after my last run I had pain inside left thigh its been 2 days now and has eased I am afraid of loosing what fitness I have gained if I stop should I run?

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None of us is able to say whether you have a problem there. A couple more days rest won't make you lose fitness and might be advisable.

Do you have a good stretching regime after running - that can help with stiffness and avoiding injury. If it doesn't mend soon you might need to see a physio but rest may we'll cure it.

Go carefully.

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I echo what Ullyrunner has just said and only you can tell how your body really feels. In most instances, when I have experienced discomfort or pain I have found a new post run stretch which has so far helped but if it persists and is real pain it is advisable to get it checked by a physio. I often test out my muscles by going for a nice brisk walk before I try running again after injury. Just listen to your body - a new experience for most of us :-)


Thanks for the good advice I have been stretching before and after run it seems a bit better today I think I irritated it when I ran on what should have been a rest day so I will take it easy from now on and rest when I should.


Forum mantra: always honour rest days.

When you have graduated you can begin to build further.

Happy running

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First and foremost, well done for getting to week 4! Your body's still getting used to the new set of rules, so you can expect the odd twinge as you wake up muscles that have been slouching around in front of the telly/drinking cocktails beside the pool/otherwise not being used for running for what was, for most of us, a very long time. Respect the days off, and follow all the above advice, and don't worry unduly unless it continues to be painful, in which case give yourself a few days off. Keep us posted, and happy running!


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