W2R1 done! But is it time for Laura and me to part company??!

Up until today, I was listening to my own music with the App. All good. But as I can't unlock the following weeks, I downloaded the podcast. All good. I don't want to sound like a moaning minny, but I find my spotify music is hugely motivating for me as I find running very difficult. I really can't listen to the podcast muzak any more let alone another 7 odd weeks!

I have requested a password from nhschoices to unlock the next weeks but no response. I could ditch Laura, and use a stopwatch but I think that kind of defeats the object. Are there any suggestions? Many thanks!

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  • Assuming you have a smartphone (as you mentioned the app I your post, there's lots of apps that you can programme the time intervals into that you can also listen to your own music (don't know about spotify, never got into it!) I use Runmeter just as it's the first one I found but there are others that I'm sure someone else will be able to recommend. It's not just about using the right app/podcast, it's about getting out and running :)

  • Ooh, thanks so much. Will take a look at that. So you don't use Laura at all....?

  • No, personally I didn't like them, especially the music - but I do have a "eclectic" taste in music :)

    I had been listening to my own music at the gym before I found the c25k programme, so that's what I was used to I got the NHS couch to 5k iphone app where I could see the walk/run timings and intervals for the whole programme. I programmed them directly into my Runmeter and set off to my own rubbish choice of music :)

    In the 5 months at the gym I progressed from walking 1mile up to 90sec run/30sec walk. In the 9 weeks of c25k I got to running the 30 mins. It really does work!

  • Yes, me too. It's horrendous - quite off-putting. I am a total technophobe though, and looking at runmeter, it looks ridiculously complicated to me...I can't for the life of me work out how to get it to say intervals on the 5k option. Looking at the phone every minute or so is no good either. I e looked online for support on how to use it but I feel I've already used up enough energy for a whole run!

  • It took me a few goes to get it right, and I did have to invest in the Elite version - not expensive in the long term. Ive set mine up so it tells me when to change speed and when I'm halfway. It just fades the music down whilst it tells you what to do.

    Someone here may know other, better apps. Lots seem to use Runkeeper - maybe look at that? There's also Map my Walk/Run. I'm sure you'll find one that works for you with a bit of searching.

  • There are loads of ways into running, the NHS C25K podcasts are just one (and one specifically intended for fitness beginners not particularly those immersed in gym culture). But they are a shared experience, especially if you find using the forum beneficial - the music is a rite of passage and it isn't all 'muzak' (many things have been said about the infamous 'Julie' track but never that it is muzak). I felt that if I couldn't stick with half an hour's music that was not of my choosing every other day for a couple of months, what would that say about my ability to keep running long term in the face of life's inevitable 'adversities'? There were a few times when the thought of having to hear a particular track more than the strictly necessary 3 times was what kept me going to the end. For many of us, moving onto running with our own choice of listening is a reward and a next step after graduation which helps stop the habit fizzling out. So think carefully!

  • I hear what you're saying. I guess it's just a matter of personal choice. Music is a massive part of my life, and if it motivates me to be better at getting fit I'd rather I could listen to it. I find ths forum enormously helpful and I'll continue to use it - it will just be minus the nhs' choice of music!

  • Completely agree. After a few weeks I guiltily ditched Laura and made up my own music list from my IPod. It was a bit of work but worth it.

  • I'm using the iPhone C25K app - it's Laura's voice, but no music. I just play my own music in the background and Laura turns the music down when she needs to speak to me!!

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