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2nd Graduation-with Statins too!

Sorry if this is a bit long and rambling. I have just completed wk 9 run 3 for the second time ( didn't jump about as much at the finish this time!!). I decided to go back to the beginning after getting terrible leg pain from the statins I had been given by my GP. I'm so glad I did, as I think I would have just given up if I 'd kept trying for my usual 30 min.runs, no way could I have completed them. My GP changed the statin I was on a month ago and I have no side effects from them, so I have been able to keep to the programme. I treated myself to a new pair of shoes (Brooks Pure Flow) when I completed week 6, I loved my Glycerines, but these new ones seem to suit my running style (not sure 'style' is quite the right word!) even better. I really enjoyed going back to the beginning, even though I was in agony till about week 5, I also decided I wasn't going to avoid hills in my route planning and this has certainly built my stamina no end. Thankyou all for your encouraging posts, and for those of you who gave me excellent advice re the statins - you know who you are! ( I got the Atorvastatin without having to even hint!!). So, onward and upward-well, not too upward-I still don't like hills! Happy running everyone xx

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Well done NN that's great! So pleased you got the statins sorted with no side effects. Its great that you are back and running again! x


Thrilled for you. Way to go!!!


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