Couch to 5K

8/1 Lost Laura

I don't know what happened but the app packed up. I had run about 20 mins I think and she was suspiciously quiet, so I checked my tablet (yes, I haven't got a phone!! But it's 7") and it had stopped 3 mins into the run.

I had done an extra bit because of the extra 3 mins, so I just carried on, no music, no podcast, just the birds singing. I overtook two horses (let's say they were trotting, just for effect!) It was lovely, different, and I completed it. I feel like it was an amazing run, good pace, good distance but I don't know how far I went or how long it took.

Might go and plot it on the computer to see :-)

Happy either way.

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Very frustrating in a way, but sometimes it's nice to just run. I'd advise some way of timing yourself if you decide to deliberately repeat the experience in your remaining runs though!


Thanks ... yes, a GPS watch is on my wish list!


Yep that was the exact run that Laura packed up working for me too! I downloaded Runkeeper to my phone and programmed the intervals in instead after that!

Sounds like you had a great run though!


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