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Laura died

Hello lovely running people...

OK so I had downloaded the strength and flex podcasts ( with an aim to firm myself up in strategic places) and I tried to play Stamina for my run, but all that would play is strength and flex ( phone turned on and off etc to no avail)....Ok, I have never 'done it' without Laura but I thought I'd give it a go. My best boy had his new Garmin so knew time/ distance etc. I went for it. However on the last 5 mins or so ( same route we have done for a while) on comes 'Lenny Kravvitz 'flowers for Zoe'...if ever there was a more innappropriate song for running its that one. I was too exhausted and soaking wet ( p****** down with rain) to reach in to my back zip and fiddle with my iphone so I just did it. Urgggg was awful, I nearly died as I am so used to laura and her audiofuels to keep me top tips when laura dies:

1. Know your route

2. Choose a suitable play list

3. Find inner strength

4.Plenty of wine and choc on return home

5. Don't collapse

Happy Running everyone ;)


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mmmmmmmmmmm chocolate :-)

I keep dipping in and out of strength and flex, but it is worth it. Good idea about the playlist, I must work one out soon, but never seem to find the time.

roll on the summer :-)


Meant to reply to this but did a comment.. Did a great run tonight only 5.7k BUT it was a new route and I had no Laura... Had stuff like 'Rythm is a dancer' , 'what a feeling' , blind faith and the chemical brothers. Honestly... Not great so I'm going to get audio fuel. I have run out of Freddo chocs so no choccy tonight just vino. I so love the myfitnesspal app as I've lost a stone, drink like a fish and eat stacks of chocc.


No point in doing all this training if we can't enjoy life's little luxuries!

I just listened to a sample of audiofuel, wow you will be running like Zola Budd (sorry showing my age)

Myfitnesspal is new to me, but a friend recommended it as well so I may give it a go.


Ha ha of course I remember Zola budd I am of the age!!! I like the audio fuel stuff as your legs naturally go with it compared to my disastrous Lenny Kravitz fiasco.

Myfitnesspal is great BUT only if u want to lose weight... I was in the upper healthy BMI but having had joint troubles in the past, and I'm talI i wanted to lose a stone to avoid any injury... I'm half way there and I feel great, and wearing shorty shorts it's just the best. Everyone at work is now doing it too as Ive got them all going! Happy days... Sounds like you are doing so well too... Stay in touch on progress



yes absolutely alcopop...I know chocolate is second on my vices list, but a runners must....we have to have some naughtiness in life ;)

My playlist so far is *****, 'Rythm is a Dancer', 'Relax' FGTH ( showing my age), and other awful stuff. I am one of these people that loves dancing and music but NEVER have a clue who they are, so I end up with awful random albums. I need some help.

How are you doing with the 10k stuff? I downloaded it ( thankyou) but not sure about the whole interval thing....feeling it might be easier just to make it bigger each time????

On a high note my gorgeous new running stuff has apparently arrived ( I'm not home),cant wait ;)

YESSSS roll on Summer.....


PS... I haven't started S and F yet but not sure if it will be too long ( I work v full time etc), and squeezing in running is HARD.

BUT Is it worth making the effort?????


Hi Juicyju,

The duration of the S&F playlists are here:


Fab, thanks for that, I will give S and F a bash ( perhaps a lunch break thing?)


I do these when I don't have a lot of time as I can squeeze it in and your not soaking wet in sweat at the end( well i'm not) so in a lunch time it's ideal!!! It has definitely helped in my running too as my posture is better....give it a go :-D


"Come With Me" by Puff Daddy and Jimmy Page is my get through it song. Have to have it at about the 20min mark and it never fails to give me that extra push.

My hubby's always going on at me about stretching, perhaps I need to look into it too.

And I think number 5 is a top's the one I always aim for at the end of a run - "keep moving, keep breathing, don't collapse".

Happy running! :-) x


Thank you ill get into iTunes and download. I did a playlist for today but its crap. I know I spend the whole run thinking ' don't collapse, don't fall over, keep on running. Legs keep going, breathe, breathe, don't look pathetic.. You get the gist?!

Good on hubby for encouraging stretching, mine still thinks its hilarious that I'm 'running'... Mmmmm I need to prove a point there!

Keep running... And no collapsing!!!!!



I STILL haven't sorted out a proper playlist and now even when I'm in coffee shops etc, I think "Mmm, that would be good running music" yet still I do nothing about it.

Well done you for doing your run regardless, and you earned that wine and choc.

I really like S & F, found it a good workout between run days and exercised muscles I didn't know I had! I must confess, though, I never did it in the park, would have felt a real numpty as our park is tiny and has a playground and worse still a skateboard area full of teenagers who I couldn't face. Plus, some of them might well go to school with my lad and that would be beyond humiliation for both of us!

Have you tried C25k+? Love them!

Happy running :-)


That do made me laugh, I can just picture that ??

For the coffee shop u should get shazam It's the only way I can get new stuff as I forget!



One thing that I changed when using the 5k+ podcasts was to ditch the podcasts version and download them as MP3 music files. The podcasts app generally hides the podcasts you have listened to (which is annoying when you want to use them more than once) and is generally clumsy in application.

As music files you have more control and can even put them to repeat when you feel especially energetic. :D


Perfecto ill give that a bash... Apple are rubbish sometimes.



Can I nominate Judy Garland singing 'Don't rain on my parade' for your playlist! Just the best! Fluctuating rhythm a nightmare and the urge to join in problematic....but just wonderful!


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