That hill was fun

Not sure who gave me the idea but thank you. It may have been OldGirl talking about doing fartlek running between lamp posts.

Anyway today I thought I’d attack ‘my’ hill in a different way. I can never be sure I will get all the way up without doing a bit of walking and wasn’t sure my plan would work but I wanted to give it a go.

So I walked the mile from the village, along the edge to the top of the hill and jogged down it. Then I began. Run up the gentle start to the first lamp post, then down to the start, up past the first post to the second one, then back down to the first one. I carried on in this way forward two, back down one all the way up, including the extremely steep ‘sting in the tail’ top bit that makes me walk more often than not – and I enjoyed it! It was so good I kept it up all the way home. Where lamp posts disappeared I just used another marker that looked about the right distance.

This was also the first time I went out without monitoring or playing any music. I can manage without the music but I missed my stats! Still it’s one way of ensuring I do it again just to see what shows up :-)


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10 Replies

  • wow, well done you, that sounds like you've knocked a few gremlins off your shoulder....

    onwards and upwards eh...happy running :)

  • That sounds brilliant! :)

  • Haha that's the sort of draft thing i love doing, well done. It's much more fun than just going straight at it. No stopping you now. ;)

  • Actually just realised this is a similar thing to how dogs run backwards and forwards!!

    Definitely worth doing again.

  • Well done you its a great feeling when you coquer that pesky hill. Pat :-)

  • I love the sound of that Annie!! Great training for hills! :) Now, let me choose which one of the many hills around me I can try this on..... :O


  • yep - Hills are my downfall - but i like your plan - Itching to give it a go now - but currently desk jockey -with no hope of getting out before 5 00!

  • Oooer! Just spoke to a marathon runner at work and he and his friends run a hill (not quite as steep as mine :-) ) by running to the first lamp post, walking back to the start then running to the second lam post, walk back to beginning and so on. The running is done as fast as possible - and it hurts. Think I'll wait to try that one!

  • Well done - sounds like a great way to break it down :) I'm wishing there were lampposts along 'my' hill, but we're a bit too rural for such things here... ;)

  • If you haven't got lamp posts pick out any landmars such as a gate, large tree, bus stop, you can use anything that doesn't move!! ;) My hill walking buddy and I always used this system when tackling the big munroes, we would pick out a large outcrop of rocks etc and say, thats the next catch our breath stopping point. Its much easier to break a challenge like a big hill down into sections.

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