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I need your help and advice please

Hi everyone haven't been around for a few days as I have been very unwell with Norvovirus. My last run was Tuesday last week and it was awful and I didn't complete - I now know I was getting ill.

I am just getting my appetite back and I am really keen to get back out there for a run but should I go back to where I was in the plan which was run 1 of week 7 or should I go back a week or actually just run and see how long I last?

Any advice is much appreciated

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Bless your heart Joanne! Hope you are now beginning to feel better. It's amazing how long it takes to recover from these pesky viruses. I suspect you may already be thinking this, but it may be wise to just try a gentle 'don't expect anything' approach to a run....that way you'll feel successful with however it turns out!! Your body will know when it's time to up the ante! All good wishes...


Poor you, norovirus is horrid and will have left your body depleted of many things. You may find you tire quite quickly when you run again. I'm sure you know all this but do make sure you're really taking on plenty of fluids. Personally I think I would repeat W6 and see how it goes - but only you know how your body feels. Whatever you choose to do, listen to your body as I would think it is quite vulnerable post-virus and it's better to build up your confidence than to overdo it and make yourself poorly (or risk injury). There's no shame in repeating a week if you need to. Good luck and let us know how you get on!


Joanne if it was me I think Id just go out and do my thing, see how it goes, who knows you may cover week7 and if you dont, it doesnt matter, at least you will know how your stamina levels are and you can try again next time.

Good luck my lovely its awful when sickness stops you, feel well soon and happy running x


These viruses can be really nasty and I'm literally quite wobbly on my legs for a couple of days after a normal stomach bug, so do be careful and don't push yourself too hard. I would suggest you don't run until you've eaten normally for a couple of days and feel comfortable doing your normal day to day routine activities.

I'd recommend going back to W6 - which might feel like a massive step backwards, but you can take it easy and know you've got those walking breaks coming. Plus you KNOW you can do those runs, so if you don't manage it as well as you'd like to, you'll know it's because of your illness.


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