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Hi all

Am really struggling with an aching lower back. Came on after a run about a week and a half ago. Haven't been out since but feel fed up. Feels better but after sitting for long periods stiffens up and is painful until I walk it out. Is it safe to run. I don't want to make things worse. 😭😭😭 I think it's improving as taking less painkillers but so frustrating. Any help would be appreciated. Worried I'm going to go backwards. πŸƒ


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  • Hi Sue buzz. you wear 'proper' running shoes? :-) are they in good nick? X

  • You could try some gently stretching and / or yoga poses, which are great for backs. Try downward dog and Uttanasana (standing forward bend), or the interim pose against a wall if the full pose is a struggle. There are plenty of guides online. If it persists or is very painful, you had better get it checked out by the doc.

  • I suffered from low back pain early in the program, it went away as I got fitter. Some good advice from a website below:

    Do a thorough warm-up prior to beginning a run

    Stretch the hamstrings (the large muscles in the back of the thigh) twice daily to minimize stress across the low back

    Muscle toning and strength training are also important, particularly with the core muscles of the back

    Cross training is useful, so as not to get into an overuse syndrome

    Wear comfortable, supportive shoes

    Try to run on a forgiving surface if possible, such as a rubber track, and try to avoid running on cement

    I hope it goes away soon so that you can continue your journey!

  • Whatever you do keep on moving! Walking it out is the very best you can do for it. I had lots of back problems and although lying still in bed seemed like the obvious thing to do, gentle walking (especially not on hard surfaces like roads and pavements) was the best thing to sort it out. So take painkillers if it helps you to keep on moving and get out there!

  • I get really tight lower back. Try an osteopath as they can loosen it up. Also lots of stretches. My osteopath says keep moving. Walking/running will help as long as you get it checked first.

  • Some great suggestions from others - check shoes, check surface (tarmac does not agree with me and I just don't do it)... also check running style if you are heel striking.

    The most obvious one you've answered for yourself and that's not sitting for long periods.

    I do a gentle yoga practice every morning for 10 minutes or so and that has really improved things with my back, fewer really bad episodes. It is also surprising - I can struggle to get out of bed and down the landing to the bathroom (where I do my practice) but then find it goes easily. Other times no twinges as I get up but when I get on the floor I'm really stiff.

    Most useful exercise I've found is gentle rocking on my back knees to chest (as has been said, you'll find stuff on YouTube etc)

    Hope you feel a lot more comfortable very soon.

  • Also avoid sitting for long periods. Sitting is the new smoking.

  • I've been getting right lower backache lately, which is worse early morning when I wake up in bed, then goes off when I get up, and doesn't affect running. I do some gentle stretching.

    I'm thinking it may down to not being as active as I was in the summer months, and admit, sitting around too much! Reading & internet! πŸ˜•

  • Hi Sue, sorry to hear about your back pain, I am just recovery from sciatica which stopped me from doing very much for over a week but as soon as I could I started walking daily, and increased the distance over the period of a week. This week is my first run and to be honest I took a sensible approach and started back at week one. I don't want to risk any reoccurrence, and apart from the initial aches in the morning I am feeling great being back outside running/walking if anything else it's great for my spirit. My advice is to get the trainers back on and start walking at first and when you feel your ready start running- you will know yourself the pace and distance to go.

    Don't sit about and certainly don't give up, just do something. Good luck and speedy recovery πŸ˜€

  • I'm the same, always had lower back pain even when I was a racing snake, I've found that going running in the morning before my back has gone loose is better but also I lie on my back before I go out shoulders flat and pull my knee over a cross my body to pop the vertebrae a bit, I was shown it by a personal trainer.

    Sometimes if it's being a real pain I wear my old elastic and velcro back support. But it's getting less and less the fitter I get. In fact I've not needed it the last 2 weeks now.

  • All of the above but just want to throw one more into the mix. If the trouble stays longer than a couple pf days, I tend to visit my physiotherapist. They can advise on the cause and help put it right.

    Hang in there and you'll be "back" in no time running!

  • hi! If the pain is really bad and keeps you from participating in your daily activities see your dr first and then perhaps a chairopractor. I have been dealing with lower back pain for years and find running to be major stressor. (sorry) I see a chairopractor regularly and swim for cardio.

  • Your back needs exercise or it gets weak, so running - albeit gently as per C25k should be fine for you. Running nice and steady is absolutely fine for the programme. As you get fitter your back will get stronger. The yoga stretches are fab. I got mine off a DVD, and stretches in general. While you're in discomfort though and can't run I'd suggest just gentle walks out, or just round the house, etc to keep yourself mobile

    I do hope you'll feel better soon, there's nothing more awful than persistent lower back pain. It's like flippin toothache. Take care x

  • I tuck a hottie ( microwave hot water bottle) down the back of my trousers, keeps me mobile and means I don't need to take so many painkillers

    feel better soon

  • Hello and thank you for all of your advice and tips. I did wonder about my shoes, although I've prob had them for about 2 years, had my gait analysed and they are proper running shoes. I might invest in some new ones though. Good news is it's a bit better today. No painkillers needed. Think I need to stretch more but watch this space πŸ’ͺπŸƒ

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