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So i was a bit apprehensive to move on to week 3, i wasn't sure whether i should've stayed on week 2 for another week. I thought i will give it a go, and if i feel its too much i would back track to week 2. However, i finished run 1 today, and i felt awesome! i had run for 3 mins, and the thing is, it doesn't even feel like 3 minutes. my weight loss is starting to slow down, felt like i was on a bit of lull. i was losing 5-6pounds a week. but i it has slowed to 2-3 pounds. I think this is because my body is adapting. But i am hoping that week 3 will freak my body system out!

i also feel like i am jogging to slowly. any tips on picking up speed, but without injury?

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Well done! It's great, isn't it? I continue to be surprised almost every run that I can actually do it!

Congratulations on the weight loss. My weight loss had slowed down too , I'm w5, but the inches are still coming off. I'm not even weighing myself. I'm down a full clothing size in 5 weeks, through healthy eating too. I look forward to hearing more about your journey.

Good luck


Well done! Now you can go out for the other runs this week knowing you can do it :)

I'm no expert in weight loss, but 5-6 pounds a week sounds rather fast to me, while 2-3 seems more reasonable.

Anyway, please DON'T worry about your pace at all. At the moment you're adding time on to your runs and improving your stamina. That's what c25k is about - getting you running for 30 minutes. Once you've graduated there are some podcasts that will help improve your speed, but that's 7 weeks away before you need to think about them. "Easy" runs at a pace where you could talk while running are apparently the key to maintaining fitness and burning calories, so don't push yourself to your limit when you are running.

Well done again, and enjoy your running and what you've achieved so far :)


Congratulations :-) when you first start to lose weight it can come off in bigger amounts to start off with then it calms down. I have been losing 1 - 2 lbs per week. I have lost just over 5 stone since January 13. That might sound slow but a slow and steady weight loss is best for keeping the weight off. And believe me it is so worth the wait! This year I have introduced more exercise into my life and my body shape is changing now rather than losing weight - which is rather pleasing I must say! ;-) I measure myself once a month - the results are amazing! Good luck! You can do this! Xx


As runningnearbeirut says, don't worry about speed at this stage. Just keep getting one foot in front of the other. I've just graduated and only now have I begun to think about going a touch faster.

Good luck with the running and the weight loss (I've put some on, and it ISN'T all muscle....)


My hubby and I did W3R1 yesterday and we both felt really good !! It was a surprise as I was a tad wary of it. However, I have found with the previous two weeks that R2 feels harder than R1 (yet R3 is ok !?) so I am expecting to not feel so good on Thursdays run. We have been on a low carb diet since February and the hubby has lost weight faster than me up to date but now we have started jogging it seems to be helping me to drop 2 lbs per week.

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