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Week 8 Run 2 "tick" but a bit of a plod

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W8R2 ticked off tonight, but definitely a bit of a plod, especially in the middle bit! Started with my usual first 5 minute gremlins telling me it's too hard, then settled down nicely, but around the 15 minute mark I realised I was plodding a bit and feet barely leaving the ground. Managed to pick up the pace towards the end and finished on a flourish.So excited to only have 4 runs to go to graduation!

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Sounds like you're doing well - I always found the second run of the week the most hard-going.

Plodding is fine as long as it's referring to your speed rather than being heavy-footed. Slow and steady should be your aim, and as you progress you should find yourself more light-footed, although most of us would have to admit that gazelle-like would be a long way off a description of our running style!

Thanks runnynearbeirut. I'm somewhat alarmed to find that my right leg is very painful to walk on this morning (it was fine when running last night) so this could potentially have been the cause of my ploddiness! Hoping a couple of rest days will enable me to complete W8 at the weekend.

Ouch. Be careful with that leg. You could try some ice on the bit that hurts?

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Don't worry about plodding. You are out there and that is what counts the most. Wish you well as you near week 9. I graduated a couple of weeks ago and the gremlins are still there, but we can put them in their place. Good luck


Thanks Chris - it probably doesn't help that the first 5 mins of my normal mid week circuit are up quite a steady steep hill! I keep the mantra in my head that a marathon-running friend told me - "hills build stamina" - plus the reward of knowing I have a lovely downhill swoop to follow!

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ChrisChappelGraduate in reply to greenofthesouth

I have a very similar stretch at the start of my run. However noticed this morning that I seemed to get up a bit quicker and easier this morning. I was waiting for the next steep bit but realised I had reached the top.

Speed certainly does build stamina


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