Run 2 week 8 ...overtaken by a walker!

Week 8 run 2 wasn't feeling it today, found the run really tough. I am a very slow runner but today took the biscuit! Listening to my music didn't hear a guy walking behind me, next minute he is overtaking me!! Do I really run that slow! Didn't do much for my self esteem but I did have to myself a runner ermmm ๐Ÿ˜€


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  • This nearly happened to me the other day, I heard him coming and crossed the road before he could get to me!

  • It doesn't matter at all! It's good that you go slowly. Slow is the way to complete C25k. Those who go off like the clappers will either not complete the programme at all, not have enough puff to get round, or they get hurt. By going slowly and steadily you'll be fine. You just wait and see!

    Have a lovely time!

  • Ha. Don't worry about it, though it's initially disconcerting. Last year I did a 5k race New Years Eve. I was blown away that I couldn't keep up with the fast walkers while running.

  • You are most definitely a runner, you have found a pace that makes running possible for increasing distance and time. You need to build up fitness and stamina by knowing ur own limitations which you have done. Neater on,myou may feel able to pick up the pace or increase distance but you are an awesome runner. Julie

  • Thanks all for your words of wisdom, I will keep running at my pace and try and up it after I complete c25k , just a little bit at a time, one more run in week 8 then week 9 here I come!

  • Please don't get discouraged we all have our own pace and it is really important you stick to that right now. Your body is dictating to you the pace it can handle. I get passed quite frequently. Trust me there are a lot of speedy walkers out there. You reminded of a time a year ago when I first took out my bike, I was cycling up a hill and a guy with headphones walked past me as I was cycling for England with a beetroot face. There was nothing else I could do but laugh.

  • Fast walkers, slow runners... who cares what other people do? You're in this for yourself, and nothing else matters (Mfam breaks into a world rendition of Metallica). I get overtaken by Action Man and his bunch of running club minions occasionally - again, and again, and again. I just grin and say "hello AGAIN" each time. We all go home happy, that's the most important thing.

  • You're far from the first!!!

  • Those pesky walkers...they get everywhere...overtaking us willy nilly....

    I try to convince to myself that people might think I am involved in complex training plan and have just finished a super fast sprint....but I suspect they actually think I am a forty plus lady who has a penchant for cake.....never mind....!

  • Don't worry about it Nifty. We all have our own pace. It's all relative. I was feeling pretty chuffed with myself this morning for a pb over 5k. My niece is an international youth race walker and my brother informs me that she does 5k in training 3.30 quicker than i can run it :) . So, don't feel bad, there are some fast walkers out there hunting us down.

  • Thanks all, quite a few of the comments made me chuckle, looks like I am not the only one who has experienced this. Some speedy walkers out there!

  • I wasn't too bothered to be overtaken a few months back by someone who was walking, but huffing and puffing and took a while to actually get past me. However 2 days later I was overtaken by an older chap who just *strolled* past me, not a huff or a puff - made me feel like I was standing still. But all you can do in this situation is shrug it off. Those walkers have their own paces and challenges and we all have ours - not worth getting het up about, however annoying!

    Keep doing what you are doing - it is working for you.

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