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Week 8 (2) a bit of a glow.....

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Just finished the second run of Week 8 and it was so much easier than the first run. I was even able to up the pace and give it stick the last few minutes - collapsed in a bit of a heap afterwards, but it was worth it. Including the ten minute warm up and warm downs I travelled 5.87k . Three years ago, when I was a mere stripling of 68 I managed a bit further, but I am trying to learn not to be competitive against my younger self, and just enjoy it. It went so well, that I am even more apprehensive about the last run in Week 8 - it seems it cannot possibly go as well. Cannot get rid of that feeling of dread before a run.

Once again, since finding the tales of inspiration on this forum, it has made the journey so much easier - and interesting.

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Well done! Great effort! Not far to graduation, keep it there! 😊

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Me too - I'll have a great run and then still dread the next one. Prsky confidence gremlins!

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Well done Duddles...I am in awe of you...please try not to dread the runs, they are to be enjoyed...and even if you were faster in your younger years so what? You're still at it and that is something to be proud of...I feel proud of you & I don't even know you!!!

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Polly2810Graduate in reply to Mummycav

Me too!! Puts this 50yr old to shame!! Don’t cover anywhere near that!!

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DuddlesGraduate in reply to Mummycav

You know me! I am that Peter Pan feller who thinks he will never grow up! If you Google "Parish Walk - blisters" you will get an idea how foolish Peter Pan is.

Okay I am you younger than you and a graduate (honestly still can't believe it) and you're doing better than me.... so cast those doubts aside.

You're doing fab believe me

That's damn good going. Running against your own expectations is much harder than against anyone or anything else. Only good thing about that is, at least one of you will win;)!!!

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