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I am so happy

W5R3 i done it i really done it , i spent the best part of sunday asking myself can i do this. Oh why does my head keep sending me doubts,but after a lot of arguments with myself i got my running shoes out and off i went. When laura said you have completed 10 min i started another argument with myself can i do this! with all the advice i been given i went as slow as possible and i made it so i am very happy and look forward to week 6

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Well done. I found W5 the most challenging. Enjoy W6



Yes, I was actually having sleepless nights at the prospect of that run and it was actually a bit of a let down when it passed without incident !! Be careful with the first one on W6 though, it's deceptive. Well done on your progress . What have you learnt so far ? You CAN do it !


Well done alibags - W5R3 I think is the most psychological challenge of the whole C25K, brilliant that you have got through it, I know when I did it, I had it on my mind for ages worrying that I couldn't complete it. Enjoy Week 6!


good thats out the way, now for Wk6, treat it with respect, its a bit of a killer. Well done you :)


Fantastic! Such a sense of achievement when you nail that 20min run. Congratulations! Grannyjudes has some wise words there. As long as you have your rest days, don't skimp on warm-ups and cool-offs, don't try and run when it's sweltering hot (fat chance at the moment!) and take week 6 really steady, you'll do it no bother. Looking forward to hearing how you get on :)


Ooooo well done you, alibags! Onwards you go!

I'm a run behind you and always LOVE seeing posts from people that have managed to complete the one i'm waiting for - keeps me quietly trying to keep up with you all! Tha-anks :-)

Cool Runnings to you!


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