Couch to 5K

Laura what happened to you??

Week 4 run 3 just ended.But Laura let me down....she disappeared in the 5 minute run and because I am Pavlovian in my obedience to her word I just kept going lol! When I was about to drop from exhaustion I thought to have a look at my iPod.(still going I may add) and realised I must have somehow stopped the podcast.So fumbling with the iPod now walking I got myself back on track( narrowly missing an oncoming car on the lane) and picked it up.So ended up going for further and for longer.....I am currently not speaking to Laura!

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Doesn't sound as though she's speaking to you either! Never mind - at least you checked before you collapsed in a heap.


Oh dear what a palaver! Laura let you down. Fancy that, she's usually such a reliable lady. Mind you we all have our off-days don't we. I'm sure it won't happen again and she will have pulled herself together for your next run

Well done for not stopping. That's the spirit!


Lol Laura let me down one day also! I got into a real flap! She blamed my iPod so I let her off that time! Congratulations for carrying on and getting to week 5 :-)


Hahaha... well done for not just throwing in the towel. A lot of people have had problems with the app and their own music it seems and stopping a podcast certainly turned your run into a "long run"... it does make for amusing reading sometimes as people end up running for hours waiting for her to tell you ever so politely to "slow down and start walking"... (sorry)... My favourite Laura moment was her telling me "you're doing great" as I'd almost collapsed at the side of the road unable to catch my breath, I'd stopped running and was barely walking... doing great alight...

3 more weeks and you'll meet Julie - you'll never forget her...

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Ha ! I never got to meet Julie because Laura kept letting me down and Pavlovian just like you I kept going until I couldn't go any further, after a few sessions like that I lost faith in her !!


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