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First day of B210K


Just back now from the first run of B210K and feel great. I ran along the Thames this morning at 6:30am with the geese, the ducks, dog walkers and a few people who appeared to be headed home from BH celebrations... :)

I found this run to be quite tiring (after all it's 40 minutes of run time) but I also found it exhilarating to find I had some "gas left in the tank" for the final 60 seconds where I just went flat out... those 60 second walk breaks are great but boy did they go by very fast!

I feel confident now that I can make the next step to 10K over the next 6 weeks or so and this is all down to C25K and all the support on this forum...

Happy running!

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That sounds a lovely run. Feeling exhilaration ...wonderful! I bet you were feeling better than the BH party people!

Which B210K thing are you following?

Here's to more happy running :)


I can guarantee I felt better than the "walk of shamers"... :)

I'm following the B210K that comes with the Bluefin app (although I ditched the app completely in favour of programming the intervals into MapMyRun)...

Visually, it's this one -

5.66 weeks to go! :)


Well done Oz! Pace yourself won't you and take things steady. It's so easy to get hurt, and as a new runner it's easy to be overcome with enthusiasm at your new-found running prowess. I started running longer distances because I could. I find the 10 k easier than the five as I don't warm up very quickly. Started running too many though and have ended up crocked. I should have concentrated on building up my strength over short distances such as from doing parkruns etc before starting on regular 10ks

I know you are a lot younger than I am but please don't try and do too much too soon

aussiegtcGraduate in reply to misswobble

Absolutely understood. I have learned to listen very carefully to this "ageing body" over the last 11 weeks or so. I don't intend to move too fast too soon but I think the B210K is a decent enough move up from C25K without being completely unreasonable (ie. moving from 30 mins to 40 mins with walk intervals) in terms of asking too much too soon...

I have no intention of making 10K's a regular event (although I do have an event in 9 weeks) but I do want to get better at the stamina side of things to make things like Parkrun a bit less "huff and puff"... Believe me, I don't want injury to slow me down now so I'm being very careful about rest days, pacing and following a programme towards a goal...

Thanks for the advice - it'd suck to be laid up for being a bit over eager! And given I never even thought I could run more than 100m it's easy to get hooked ... so thanks for the reminder about taking it easy... :)


Have you ever noticed when Laura would say one minute left it would last ages and when we have one minute walks in B210K they go by soooo fast.

Well done and we will probably finish this B210K thing together.


Looking forward to it - us and our rock tunes... Britney left well behind us...

Tell me about those 60 seconds... Hard to believe 11 weeks ago that first 60 second "jog" seemed to last forever... today I had barely slowed down and I had the voice in my app telling me "Interval 2, Run, Start..." ... I thought it was joking!

Great fun though.. I ended up drumming along to some tunes at some point in interval 4 - must have looked a right lunatic... :)

shivashinnGraduate in reply to aussiegtc

I sing and out loud lol and I am not a good singer lol and sometimes want to dance around at the same time :)

I'd like to be able to do this at some point but find that I'd like to build up stamina and speed a bit first. I do regularly do park runs. I am starting to do longer runs on weekend of around 8k to help. So I'm building up to do the 8k more regular rather than just 5k. :-)

aussiegtcGraduate in reply to thinlizzyIwish123

Great stuff... I am hoping that the B210K with its' interval training and longer runs will help to build both speed and stamina... the great bit post-graduation is that we can get to play around with different sorts of training styles and see what we like doing (as we know we can do pretty much anything within reason now!)...

I am doing B210K as I have entered a 10K at the end of July -- I may be mad, but it's a goal! :)

Happy running - those longer runs sound like a great idea too!.

thinlizzyIwish123Graduate in reply to aussiegtc

Oooh good luck for the race then!! I've got a 5K fun run this Sunday. Colour Blast Dash so that should be interesting! :-)

aussiegtcGraduate in reply to thinlizzyIwish123

That looks an awesome event! What a blast (pardon the pun) that will be... Enjoy!

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