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Just completed W5 R3!! - And I really struggled to run for 60 seconds 5 weeks ago!!

I had an Idea of what to expect from some of the posts on here about W5 R3 so I was kind of expecting it but it was still a big jump from W5 R2. I also did it on a day after I had been driving for 5 1/2 hrs back from our Cornwall holiday (two nice runs along the coast while I was away).

I knew I could do it but was very very pleased to complete W5. I think I am going to have to invest in a new pair of running shoes in the near future!

I also helps reading everyone else's comments about the C25K program in this forum so thanks for everyones comments, they have helped to keep me interested.


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Well done Phil.

That is the biggest jump in the programme and for me, still the biggest thrill.

Keep going



That's something I find I need to keep reminding myself of: those first weeks were so hard! It takes some application of will to meet the targets, still, but it's nothing like what it took to get started. (I did several runs of Week 2, for instance). Now I even don't mind the smaller hills! Impossible!

Well done, managing that long run. And thanks for reminding me to remember that the start was so hard. It's the difficulty of the start that I feel most proud of. When I tackle W7 R2, I'll cover more distance up a steeper hill, but it won't take nearly as much determination as the first weeks took. That resistance (maybe the "doubt resistance"?) has diminished at every step of progress.

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Brilliant ! Well done Philip !

You have just overcome a major milestone in the programme, and should be very proud of yourself !

Keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxx

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Well done! 😊

This forum is the bees knees! 🐝

Happy running into week 6 and beyond!! 😆

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Ha ha Jammo, I love that saying " the bees knees " it really tickles me for some reason .

I wonder if bees really do have knees ? I am off to google where that saying comes from :-) xx


Well done, and get gait analysis when you get your shoes so that you avoid injury etc...


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