Couch to 5K

1st post graduation run :-)

I'm still surprising myself with how much I am loving the running! Never saw myself as a runner! Managed 5.1k in 33 minutes (trying to increase running to 33 minutes this week).

I downloaded 5k+ speed podcast but didn't get on with it!

I've seen a few people talking about Samantha murphy podcasts but can't seem to find them anywhere to download - anyone know if they are still available anywhere?

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Well done Purplesparkle. Glad you're enjoying the running :)

I'd like to know about the Samantha Murphy podcasts too. I've tried various links and can't access it anywhere so far.


Fantastic, well done! I think I searched Sami Murphy in the search box and someone had posted a link in one of the replies they gave. Sorry, I can't remember who it was x


Hi NoExcuse. Thanks for the suggestion. I found a link like that but it wouldn't load onto my iPhone. Maybe it's an Apple problem :(


That's the same as me Jacqs, I searched and found something but it then said the page was unavailable :-(


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