About to start Week 8!!

This is the most committed I've been to any exercise programme! I can't believe I can run for 25 minutes - I couldn't even manage that when I was at school doing the dreaded cross country; in the middle of winter; in the pouring rain!! Can't think for the life of me why I didn't like running [then]...but now?... I have more energy, my skin is clearer and I'm packing more into my life every day!!

I "run" on an elliptical trainer (I've had a disc replaced in my neck and two others are on the way!!), my physio thinks that real running could cause more damage than good; I'm considerably overweight, so the trainer minimises the impact on my old bones!! But I'm still doing it and can't wait to hit the 5k goal (today I "ran" 4.31 kms (that extra "1" makes all the difference!))

If I can do it anyone can!

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  • Well done Mol69 you are an inspiration! I don't know about you but the weight is definitely dropping off the more i run, which is fantastic - keep it up girl, you can do it!

  • What a great achievement! So glad you are enjoying the benefits of running. Good luck with your graduation week.

  • Thanks guys! I'm looking forward to W8R1, who'd have thought it?! Certainly not me!!

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