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Week Eight Run Three: Early Mornings + Pouring Rain = Happy Runner

Week Eight Run Three: Early Mornings + Pouring Rain = Happy Runner

^^^^^ Soggy shoes, are soggy.

Good morning, dearest fellow C25Kers! And what a morning: it's downporious! YAY! :D

As perchance you can tell, it rained. Well, it didn't, it poured, all way through. And it was wonderful; so cooling, refreshing and invigorating. I was so tired this morning when I awoke that I did wonder, briefly, if going out was such a good idea, but I'm glad I did. Am I ever glad I did!

It all started, as always it must, at 0339, when the alarm went off. I set three alarms, in case I set through the first, (0339, 0357 and 0401) but thankfully I'm always up at the first alarm. But, *yawns* I feel so tired, due to running a bit late at work yesterday. Is this a good idea? Probably not, in all honesty, but not to worry, I'll give it a go. Up I get.

Where's my watch? I put it out with my kit last night. Where is it? *hunts around* *hunts around more* Where the hell is it?! I will run without it if necessary but I do like it as I find the stopwatch invaluable. No sign of it. I decide to go and get my pre-run breakfast (PRB) and look again after. The three figs and the peanut butter-topped rice cake are, as ever, quite the treat. om nom nom. Back to get changed and look for the watch again; I know I was tired last night but seriously, WHERE is it?! No idea. Ah well, have to run without it. As I go to the mirror I notice something out of the corner of my eye on the floor, at the foot of the bed: my watch! What the bloody hell is it doing THERE?! Unless it got flung there as I was hunting earlier? Possible. Ah well, found it now. Running a few minutes 'late' now, thanks to all that kerfuffle (I say 'late', it's still not even 0420 yet) so I quickly gather my waistbelt, fill the water bottle and off I go.

Out the door and oh, it's pouring with rain! I didn't realise! Woop! I quickly find Laura (no day off for her this week; I consider running to my own music again but I d wanna hear The Julie Song again.......!) and we're off on the warm-up walk. BRRRRRRR, it's chilly (I'm in shorts and a t-shirt) and breezy too, but I know I'll warm up. I'm drenched already, and I love it! I decide I am going to run the route I ran on Wednesday, but I'll run it the other way round. It means a long, steady incline/hill early on, but then, there's a steeper hill if I do it the other way round, so meh, either or really.

The ever-informative (when she's not being a lil minx and hiding) Laura tells me it's time to run. I set Endomondo running just before, set my stopwatch, (glad I have it with me) throttles forward, speed increases, engines roar and we're off; successful take-off, gear up and we reach cruising speed. Up a little but steeply angled hill to start with, which soon levels out. A couple of minutes in and I feel awake but my breathing doesn't want to know - it's ragged already. Not a good sign. I go through an underpass; in one of the early weeks, week two or three, I think it was, I nearly collided with a bicyclist who came barrelling around the corner as I exited a different underpass. I wondered then how to deal with it, as it's a blind turn. Slow down a bit, obviously, and make a warning noise. But what noise? I coo. I coo like a pigeon. A very large pigeon. Who is running. And is a flappy hazard. I always coo on exiting an underpass now. A couple of minutes later and it's time to tackle the loooong incline. Going up that my breathing gets worse and the nagging "should I stop" starts to sound. The "You Should Stop" (YSS) warning light flashes, and warning buzzer sounds. I cancel it. I press on. I don't want to stop.

I get to the top, turn right and, inexplicably, increase speed a bit, as for some reason that sometimes helps settle me, and there's a flat gradient now. It works! I soon settle into the run, my breathing normalises and I start to enjoy it! Thank goodness! I was, by the way, breathlessly singing along to Julie whilst going up the hill. I thought you should know. We start to descend a little now and I'm really enjoying myself. I'm glad I ignored the early discomforts and pushed on. The hill gets steeper now, but of course, I'm descending; I watch my pace so as not to go too fast. I'm in my own little world and quickly realise I should have taken the path to my left, as this is a dead end! No worries, about turn, and I'm on the right track. Again.

Onto level ground again but this is a bit strange as although it's flat, there's quite a camber so it feels like I'm running uphill. Twenty-five minutes in now and my legs start to feel heavy. I press on. The rain is really, really helping keep my core temperature down, which is great; can it rain on every run, please? A police BMW X5 passes me; I nod at the officer driving, he smiles back, probably thinking "stupid bugger, out at this time, in this weather, dressed like that...."!

Twenty-eight minutes now and Laura, kindly, informs me that I can stop and that I've done great. But I'm so settled now, and having a great time, that again, I naughtily plod on. Two and a bit minutes later, I slow to the cool-down walk. Exhausted, but well and truly buzzing. I soon arrive home and it's time for the oh-so delicious CRM, some stretching, a nice bath and to post here.

So, that's W8R3 done. Graduation Week looms! Eeep! Very, very good luck to everyone out running today, COME ON, my fellow Eighters! :-) If you're resting today, enjoy!

Onward! Don't listen to that nagging voice! And for goodness sake don't stop if it tells you to! ONWARD!


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Yay you got your run in the rain


Yes, thankfully! :-)


Good morning M_Y, sounds like a fab run. Don't quite know how I'd cope under similar circumstances- torrential rain and glasses don't go that well together! Hope you're treating your poor soggy shoes to a bit of TLC after all they've been through. Speaking of which, they're an awesome colour. No wonder you're so fast, it looks like you're feet are on fire! Have a good rest, w9 is awaits!


Good morning, AM! Ah yes, spectacles would be a nightmare in that, what with the rain and fogging! The shoes had a nice pat down and I'll dry them properly later on. They probably wondered what on earth was going on! And LOL, yeah, they do look a bit like furious infernos. I do really like my colourful shoes! On to week nine, can't believe it's here already!


Love your posts M_Y.....I'm still chuckling over you coo- ing like a pigeon on exiting the underpass .

Fab shoes too !

Graduation is so close how...can't wait to read about it.

Happy weekend ( well,it's almost here) and Happy Running :)


Thank you, Carole! :-) Well, I couldn't decide what warning noise to issue and thought that cooing loudly was as good as any I could think of! Thanks again; I fear the graduation post will be quite a lengthy one! Have a good weekend and happy running, always! :-)


Thankyou M_Y . By the way,over here in France the word 'coucou' ( apart from meaning 'cuckoo'!) is used as a friendly greeting,when speaking or texting ....meaning "Hi" (or can be used to a child in a hide and seek game and sort of translates to "Peek a boo" ) .

So " Coucou " to you M_Y :)


Coucou to you too, Carole! :-) I rather like that greeting; little did I know I was issuing a greeting as well as a warning as I exited the underpass! :D


Mornin' to you M-Y!

Nice work there ... aGain! Just 3 runs left and you're done! Love your purple laces!!!

My Mum taught me that pigeons say, in their lovely cooey way, "My girl has lost her shoe, my girl has lost her shoe" ... which i always found vaguely odd, having never seen a pigeon wearing any kind of shoes at all, i couldn't believe i'd only ever seen careless girl pigeons .... anyway ..... never mind!

Have yourself a buoyant Friday after such a great start - are you ParkRunning tomorrow? All the best with that if so ... you're going to BREEZE through it by the sounds of things ... you have a flat park somewhere in the PDRS??? Hope your shoes dry out before morning at least!

Wishing you more Cool Runnings :-)


Morning, BP! :-) Thank you! :-) I do hope that's not what I was cooing in pigeon language. I can just imagine all the surrounding pigeons sat there thinking "idiot" as I was saying that!

Well, I hope to do a Parkrun tomorrow but it depends how I feel when I get up. Got a slight soreness in my right shin so may rest it, but I'll decide in the morning. I really want to do one! There is a flat park near me but the one a bit closer has a number of hills and is quite inclinious.

Thanks once more; cool runnings and a mighty happy weekend to you too! :-)


Oh and BTW, BP, the laces are actually baby pink, they just look a bit off-colour in the photo!

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"M-Y's got soggy shoes, M-Y's got soggy shoes" ... I think if you got it right, the pigeons would fly off looking for the lost shoes, to bring back to you, wouldn't they? Apparently that's why they were always on my bedroom windowsill in the mornings, in those days long ago .... looking for their shoes!!!

Baby pink hmmm? Nice! But more interesting still is - did you bend that close to your toes immediately after your run to take the photo (with steady hands, as it's in perfect focus) or did you take your shoes off without undoing your baby pink laces??? Trust they're stuffed with paper now not getting hard or misshapen!

I hope you feel up to your sneaky Park Run, although you could always save it for a post-grad reward NEXT weekend (SO SOON) if you think you're mildly damaged ...

My weekend's looking busy and i also hope it'll be mighty brill, thank you, esp. as it's destined, all things being equal, to include W4R3 and W5R1 amongst other delights!

Cool Runnings :-)


I think, deep down, that's what I was cooing as I ran along, exiting the underpass! :D I will now, every time I see a pigeon, imagine them in shoes! Alas, I took my shoes off without undoing the laces, for the purposes of the photograph: it looks better, I feel! They've dried nicely now and don't seem misshapen! And yes, it's my favourite colour; unusual for a fellow, I admit, but I like it!

If i don't Parkrun tomorrow it will definitely be next weekend. I don't think I'm broken; the twinge has gone now. I'm meeting a friend tomorrow and I know she's managed to mess her timings up so I'll have a bit less time in the morning, but that said, I should be able to get a Parkrun in. I'll see how it goes. As I say though, failing that it will definitely be the week after but I really want to do one!

Sounds like you have a great weekend planned! I hope you enjoy it and that W4R3 and W5R1 are brilliant and that you have a blast!

Cool runnings, always! :-)


Mornin' M_Y .... happy to hear you're not broken!!! You've got an important week ahead ... well, theoretically you've started it already ....

I did my 2 runs ok, how did you do with yours??? It did occur to me that you may find it odd running in daylight ... i suppose you didn't find an organized run that starts at 4.30 am???

Tell you what, the whole 4 weeks previously i've run after work around 8pm .... yesterday morning (Sunday? Feels like a week ago) i was out the house at SIX THIRTY getting Laura warmed up and all credit for this madness i award to YOU! To be honest it was great; my Sunday seemed interminably long as a result, most of the morning i was sporting a bright beetroot face but i managed the run no probs (always thought i'd be too stiff to move, esp. PRE COFFEE gasp horror!). I was slightly embarrassed to see lots (i mean, at least 3) of very controlled, even-complexioned and co-ordinated ladies working away in groovy running gear (felt very shabby in my old stuff but rewards come after achievement so the new wardrobe'll have to wait 5 weeks or so!!!) - they must all be out at the pub already by the time i get out there in the evening normally!!!

Okey dokey, Cool Runnings til next time :-)


Glad to hear your two runs went well, BP and excellently done on getting up early! On a Sunday! I heartily applaud! :D I know it's not easy, but well done; it's good knowing that the run of the day is out of the way (rhyme tyme!) isn't it? And worry not, soon you too will be in your groovy running gear, progressing nicely along: it's early days yet and great rewards will come!

You're right, BTW: when I opened the door to bright sunshine this morning, I wasn't sure quite how I felt. I think the thought "I wish it were November" crossed my mind..... I'm more accustomed to dark and mist, but daylight is something I must get used to. (I'm not a vampire, honest!) Hmmmm, a Parkrun commencing at 0430; now there is a thought! :D

Cool runnings, BP, always. Onward! :-)


Thanks M_Y!

It was the not slowly and gently drifting into the day but the dashing out trying to keep up with Laura that was the shocker! But yes, all good, it was really different. I'm wondering about Tuesday now.... i wonder .......

"Vampire" ... tsk tsk ... as you're NOT a vampire then be mindful not to bump INTO one while you're out in the early morning slash late night mists!!! Cue swirlie music ....

NightParkRun. It might catch on as an idea; maybe yes, maybe no!

Onwards indeed! :-)


THAT'S THE WAY TO DO IT!!!! Roll on Week 9. You'll walk it! Oh no, that's not the point, is it?

Keep running, keep smiling.


Thanks, IannodaT! :-) Yeah, I'll avoid walking if I can! :D Week nine here we come!


Ouch ouch OUCH!!!!!!!

That was a sore one. First km was done in 4.26 so set off far too fast. Didnt feel so fast but time doesnt lie. Slowed down after the runkeeper announcement but seemed to speed up again unknowingly. Second km was ran in 4:35. Still too fast - what is wrong with me this morning? I cant seem to find my pace!

And then the wall was well and truly hit. 20 minutes of pure torture. Pace dropped considerably (6mins per km) for third, and for fourth (6:12) . In km 5 I felt as if I back at week 1 run 1. Really struggled.

However, week 8 is complete and graduation week awaits. First run scheduled for a bank holiday (and a muggy one at that judging by the forecast) Gentle pace required I feel.

Happy friday to all today. Enjoy your run/rest.

Only one week left fellow 8ers. One week!!!


Well done runner56 for keeping going.

As Laura said "its not about speed but about distance" (Which I think is the same thing) but as long as we keep going for the full time then jobs done.

Well done again


Good grief! That is some going! My fastest was 04.54 but that was the last K when I'd truly settles into it; all the rest were slower. You were like lightning this morning then! Pace is an issue with me too, I need to watch it a bit I think, as do you! :D

Well done on scaling the wall though and pushing on, despite being exhausted. You did it, you got there and graduation week awaits! Hmmmmmm, I hope it's a bit cool and not too warm next week! Happy resting and good luck for W9R1.week. Week NINE!

Oh and thank you, I am quite fond of my shoes!


Well Done Miles. Glad you got your run in the rain. After 24 runs (yes 24 runs since we started!!) I have yet to run in any kind of rain, its amazing to think I have dodged it - but hey ho.

A slower run today (4.3km in 28min) but heavy legs and restless night contributed to that. But it passed without incident. Had a glass of water before I set of (a little later this morning at about 5.30) so no dry mouth and no stitch today. I was going to run along the old railway but due to the rain last night I kept to the roads on a route I had run before.

Saw a heron in the river during my warm up walk, giving me the evil eye and a dog chase me down a hill barking away at me, but I just smiled and asked if he wanted to join me but he decided not to and ran back to his owner.

So that's week 8 done, looking forward to Graduation week which I know for definite will involve new routes as we are off to the Purbeck Coast for a week, so some cliff top running to graduate - can't wait.

All the best to you runners today - enjoy


Well done, Redskins. Week eight complete for you too! :-) It's amazing you managed to avoid the rain for so long! 24 runs, that's even more amazing. I really can't get over how quickly it's passed; it hardly seems possible that eight weeks and 24 runs have gone by!

You had an eventful run today, didn't you, with the suspicious heron (sounds like a pub name!) and the dog; was it THAT dog, from last time?

Oh nice, what a great place for graduation week! Have you scoped some routes out? Good luck for it! And we'll done for today; sounds a good run, and a great distance too! :-)


It was a different dog this time - they must not like me!!!

I have a few routes planned so we will see what pans out

Have a good rest over the weekend and all the best for next week


Thank you, Redskins. :-) You too; enjoy your break and of course, very very good luck for graduation week! I hope you don't encounter any angry dogs on your running travels!


Thank you, Kitty! :-) Your prediction was right - the rain did finally fall on me! It was really nice and refreshing! Oh, the pink laces I added myself; I felt it suited them better than the black ones!

Yes, graduation week straight ahead and looming large; exciting!

Are you doing B210K W1R3 tomorrow?


Oh BTW, Cool shows MY :D


Well done Miles - I love running in the rain, as you say sooo refreshing - good luck with Week 9!


Thank you, Lottidog! :-) It really is so refreshing and it's worth it just for the puzzled looks of civilians as we run by in minimal clothing drenched wet through! :D


Sounds like a great run. Prefer a rainy day to run than a scorching hot one any day :)


Me too, Paul; of course, we naturally heat up when we run. Rain helps. Sun and heat does not and other than tipping water over yourself, there's not much you can do to cool down on a scorching hot day!


Very true, Miles. We could always get a second runner to run alongside with a massive sun brolly ;)


And a gargantuan super-soaker water pistol thing! :D


Haha. Now that sounds like a good idea ;)


Wonderful post, as usual and it sounds like a wonderful run as well. Well done on completing week 8. Well, you will be embarking on graduation week now and it seems as though you are well and truly ready to blitz it. Good luck with your next run - whether it be the Parkrun or the first run of W9 (maybe you could kill two birds with one stone there). With best wishes.


Thanks, Fitmo. :-) It was a great run, once my breathing sorted itself out and I managed to settle into it; there's just no telling how long it'll take! Hmmm, that is an idea! I hope to do a Parkrun tomorrow but failing tomorrow it will definitely be next Saturday. I'd combine the two, the Parkrun and W9R1 but I want to keep in sync with my fellow Niners; I'm enjoying the synchronised journey; we're like a little club within a club! I hope you start to feel better so that you can enjoy your weekend! :-)


I think the CRM recipe might help my recovery as I have a hankering for one at the moment and do have some dark chocolate powder in the pantry. Cheers.


I decided to give the Parkrun a miss this week. Still got a little twinge in my right shin so rather than go and risk injury for graduation week, I'm going to go and do it next Saturday as a graduation reward, I think. :-)


Aw Miles, what a tonic your posts are, if you could bottle it and sell it, you would be a millionaire :-) My brother in law used to keep racing pigeons, I became very attached to them in a mother hen sort of way :-) Well, another week chalked off and graduation week looms . This time next week you will have your badge ! - Fab stuff !

Onwards and upwards my friend , have a great weekend and your shoes look the business ! :-) xxx


Thank you kindly, Poppy! *blush* Pigeons are interesting creatures; I believe Mike Tyson keeps them too, of all people! Next time I coo my way out of an underpass I half expect to have a hundred sat waiting for me! (Pigeons, I mean, not Mike Tysons; what a shock that would be!)

Wow, in a week's time I'll have the shiny shiny graduate badge; it's hard to believe! Of course, you will have your soon too!

Hope you have a great weekend too and happy running, always! :-) xxx


beautiful blog, as ever....I really felt like I was on the run, I love the feel of the rain its so cooling, but setting off in it is SOOO hard!!! I'm so glad you resisted the YSS because the lure of the CRM is so much stronger...well done Sir Miles- Yonder, nearly there now....


Thank you, JuJu! I wished it had been raining on today's run but ah well, can't have it all! Two runs left! :-)


Well done M_Y. My W8R3 yesterday as well. Furthest run for the week in 28 minutes. Week 9 MP3 loaded up. Bring it on.


Downporious!!!! Love it; my new word of the day.


It SHOULD be an actual word, in my view; I use it all the time and feel it sums up that kind of weather quite well!


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