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Week Eight Run Two: Again Nothing Occurred!

Good morning, one and all.

Well, another hugely uneventful run this morning; I'm not used to this. I'm not used to this at all. Nothing went wrong. Nothing happened. No calamities. No drunks. Just a peaceful, enjoyable run. Hardly anything to report, but I'll continue as it was an interesting run in a couple of ways.

I was hopeful last night, I really was, as it absolutely poured down around bedtime. I was hoping to awaken to a deluge, but no. Clear skies. :-( Although it was a smidgen cooler. so that was something. Up at 0323 again, quick breakfast of you-know-what ( *runs rapidly from Fitmo* ) and it's time to get assembled and out the door.

Quick decision on route. Usually, midway through the run I'm doing, a route for the next run forms in my head, but it didn't on Monday. I couldn't decide on one this morning either and I was still undecided as I started the warm-up walk. Hmmmmmmmmmm, what's a fellow to do? Okay, I'll go a similar way to the last two to start off with, but cutting out the two big hills early on. There's still a hill to contend with soon but then instead of going the usual way, I'll extend the loop in another direction, ascending a gentle, but gradual incline. I figure it should time okay with the run, so off I go. I actually wanted to do it in reverse but it goes through a busy area with lots of night time entertainment and I don't fancy encountering drunks. Maybe an extra fifteen minutes or so will make all the difference. Although going in that direction adds quite a significant hill, although descending it today I decided it might be manageable.

So then, time to start running now. I set Endomondo going, and as I tuck the phone back away, Laura is telling me to run. Off we go, throttles forward, engines burst into life, speed increases and we're off and away. Nice steady pace to settle into things at first. A little way in and one of those road sweeper vehicle things, the little dinky ones that absolutely fly when not currently engaged in road sweepery, emerges to my left. The driver stops to allow me to cross unhindered and I give him a merry wave and a thumbs-up and again raise a hand of thanks as he comes past me. It was nice of him, I appreciated it. Down a little hill and around a corner.

On I plod.

But SHOULD I add that first hill in? If I turn right here I can. Should I? Indecision. But I have a route planned. But isn't it cheating? Put the hill in! No, there's one coming up, I want to try this new route! Hill averted.

*music* You and Julie, you and Julie...........

I should have done the hill.......

*music* You and Julie, you and Julie.....

As you've ascertained, the Julie song is on. I think I like it. It's not bad actually; it's catchy. Week Eight is Julie Week, after all.

Ah, four lads crossing the road now. Swaying about quite a bit; this might be interesting. None of them bat an eyelid to my multi-coloured, beshorted presence; how nice of them. Onward. Hill coming now. Deep breath, take on water, throttles forward for added thrust and up we go. More water. Breathing not too bad today. It's strange; some days it's fine and others it's a nightmare no matter what I do. Normally I bear left here but this time I cross the road and continue up the long gradual incline, which to my surprise isn't so bad.

You and Julie, you and Julie................

The song's not still on, by the way, but despite the current music, The Julie Song is wedged in my head now....


Couple of pedestrians. Again, unperturbed by my presence. Past all the pubs and bars and it's time to descend the hill now to start looping back. Over twenty minutes has gone; it's been an effort, of course, but not such a struggle as previous runs.

And before I know what's gone on, it's time to start walking again, but I'm in a nice stride now, with nicely controlled breathing so I plod on to the next side road and on a bit more, and then pull the throttles back to transition into a walk. I actually exceed thirty minutes. Of running. I'm a very bad man. But I'm pleased: I actually really enjoyed that! Stopwatch set for the five minutes of walking and then soon enough, I'm done! What an enjoyable run that was. :-)

Really can't believe it's on to the last run of Week Eight already. I have no idea, at all, where the time has gone!

During the day, as I travel the land with work, or riding about on my commute and I see other running friends, plodding along with headphones in, I do wonder to myself if any of them are listening to Laura as well. Regardless, they have my hearty support. Keep on running, running friends.

And that's it for today; thanks, as ever, for reading. Good luck to all out on a run today, and happy resting to those who're resting.


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I am glad you didn't do the hill Miles_yonder as you might not have the same euphoric feeling after the 30 minute run! Are you sure you haven't skipped ahead to week 9! You appear to be I a really good rhythm and pace, well done what a great feeling. Do you know what distance you are covering? Good luck with finishing week 8 and starting your graduation week. What a feeling that will be....


Thank you, Nelly :-) Yes, I'm glad I didn't add that hill again as it would have been really hard work and I doubt I'd have fancied the rest of the new loop after that! I was very naughty continuing for another two and a bit minutes but by that time I'd settled nicely into it and was quite enjoying it!

Yes, I'm using Endomondo to record my distance. I've stopped putting my distances down in my reports as I'm naturally rather quick-paced; even walking along through town I'm at quite a zoom and that seems to transfer to running, so with the extended running times, I find I do cover a bit of distance and I'd hate for anyone to feel dejected about their run if they haven't hit the 'magical' 5K as it's really not about that - any distance in thirty minutes is great! I also don't want to come across as boastful as I'm really not like that.

According to Endomondo, to my utter, total astonishment, when I finished the running segment it was telling me I'd covered 6.55K. Astonished is not the word. I do wonder about its accuracy but it was a wider loop so should be accurate, give or take. I'm going to do a Parkrun and see how things go with that, then I'll have a bit of a better idea.

Thanks again, Nelly; really can't believe it's almost graduation week!


♪♪ You and Julie, You and Julie ♪♪ -the unofficial secret anthem of c25k runners everywhere, according to MissW.

Another cracking run under your belt M_Y. Must be those breakfasts! : D


Thanks, AM! :-) The song's still in my head now! I quite like it actually! :D Every C25Ker will have that song wedged firmly in their head!

I do wonder if it's the breakfasts, actually!


Love the moustache! Do you wax the ends?


Thank you! :D Yes, I wax the ends up and curl them round, usually. Today though they're pointed up like bullhorns, like a comedy villain from the 1820s!


Thank you, Kitty! :-) My legs are average, I think! :D Yeah, I'd really hate to demoralise anyone as I know quite a few people are concerned about distance and I wouldn't want anyone to feel frustrated or anything, so I got very mindful of talking about my times. I will if asked, of course, as it'd be rude not to, but I don't want to come across as big headed!

And thank you very much for your kind comments, as ever! :-) I know, I do not know where the last two months have gone!


Aah Julie...... once there, never forgotten. Great report and great run. You'll whizz through to graduation.


Thank you, Irish Princess! :-) I don't think I'll be forgetting Julie in a hurry!


Well, I have now got a serious rice cake and peanut butter addiction. I blame you.


Eeeeep, yes, that's definitely my fault; I'll have both you and Fitmo chasing me now!


Mo not fit at moment! CRM recipe could be useful just now though. Cheers.


Well Done Miles another run done. Glad to hear it was not so much of a struggle compared to Mondays run.

I was almost with you this morning. I was awake at 4am and thought "Why Not" I had some other work to do when I got back so make use of the time.

Chose a different route today, through the industrial estate and along the bypass. Yet despite the more public route, only saw 2 lorries and what I thought was a fox (Could of been a cat with a bushy tail - but I will stick with a fox).

I had not planned this route as I had gone out earlier than normal and it was darker so I thought I would stick to the lit streets changing my mind as I went.

The first 5 min were difficult. My legs did not want to move but that soon passed. I kept my mind occupied on some talks I have to give tomorrow so not to much focus on running and breathing except for one point when my mouth felt as dry as a desert (forgot to have a drink before I left) and of course the customary sing along to Julie!!! - but the legs did not bother me too much.

Laura said 5 min to go but I was close to completing a loop so I had a decision - head home and do a smaller loop or go round the new housing estate which starts with a hill? - Go for it I said - so up the hill we went, regretting every step until the decent into the housing estate, where I got lost and could not find my way out. But I did eventually and ran for 29 min and did just over 4.5k and the warm down was more of a walk than a stagger today so all in all a good run

Hope everyone else has a good run today


Really excellent stuff, Redskins, very well done! I feel wholly responsible now, not just for getting folk addicted to delicious foods, but also going out really early! Hopefully you're not too tired or regretting it now! And a fox sighting too; I see a few of those as well. You definitely win the sighting game though, with your deer on a housing estate!

Your run sounds quite eventful; it's good to change the route on a whim. I do this too, one of the good things about running outdoors. You didn't get lost, by the way, you were momentarily displaced!

Brilliant run, well done for continuing and tackling the hill. Sounds like you're enjoying The Julie Song too now!

I always drink water while running, by the way and have suffered no adverse effects. Well, it can cock your breathing up a bit if you don't time it right and drink too much in one go and you may feel a bit sick, but other than that it's fine. I often pour some over myself too if I get too hot.

Good luck for Friday's run! :-)


Thanks Miles.

I have had a few coffees so I am not to bad - maybe an early night could be in store. The hill was a real struggle and its the first time I have tackled a long steep hill, very nearly stopped but kept thinking of the run downhill to finish.

I think I will take some water next time and see how I get on plus I had a stitch when I finished for the first time so we will see if it helps


Sorry to hear of the stitch. :-( horrid, aren't they? Did you follow Laura's week four advice by trying to breathe it out? My last resort on hills is that if it's really going bad and I don't think I can make it, there's always the option of turning round and descending, as opposed to just stopping.

Drinking while running takes a bit of getting used to; I take a deep breath, then a sip of water, then swallow, then breathe out. It's easy to make a mess of it though when your breathing is ragged, so if you need to exhale when you have water in your mouth, breath out through your nose, then swallow after. Don't try and gulp it down and then breathe out! :-)


I did not think to turn around and go back down. That would have made more sense.

I may take some water on Friday, just see how it goes.

Thanks for asking about the stich it just happened when I stopped jogging and soon passed, still not getting Lauras breathing right. Perhaps will in time


Hi KittyKat

Normally I have a glass of water before setting out, but don't take any with me. This may have to change as I have had a dry mouth on the last 2 runs. Can't remember where I heard it but someone said not to drink when running, but I saw a runner this morning with a drink so who knows what to do.

As regards the distance, it never seems like I am running fast but I am happy with running non stop for 28 min (or 29 if you get lost!!!)


Good Morning MY,

Well done on your turbocharged run this morning and so glad that you had no calamities. I don't know how you manage hills; just the tiniest incline nearly stops me in my tracks! I had a 'bad run' today:

1. I didn't want to wake up/get out of bed

2. I really didn't fancy going out for a run

3. My legs felt really heavy

4. Breathing took an age to settle into a rhythm.

5. Pace was slow

However, on the plus side, no midges, builders, seagulls etc., so pretty uneventful really. I ran for 30 minutes, then walked/jogged to the end of the 5K part of my route. (I run for 30 because my Runkeeper app does 5 minute reminders, and I cant run and get my phone out of my armband to check for 28!) I think that I have had several nights of about 5 hours sleep and that hasn't helped, or it could be 'just one of those days'. I am absolutely amazed at your pace; at 30 minutes, I'd run 4.1K! I think I'm going to have to trade-in my half a banana for the peanut butter/rice cake combo! (Sorry Fitmo!)

I can't believe that we're heading into the final run of just doesn't seem possible, but just so as you know, I am listening to every podcast on my desktop (it must be an OCD thing, I don't like to feel that I've missed out!) so I will encounter 'Julie' as many times as everyone else!

Can't believe we are heading for the final run of W8!

Btw, your 'tache is absolutely superb :) I hope that running doesn't interfere with it too much!

Have a great day :)


Sorry to hear you had a bad run today Treemouse, but well done for getting out and running.

Just 4 more runs to graduation!!!! so keep going :)


Thanks Redskins, I will definitely keep going as the benefits of this are amazing, but I think tiredness is the major factor, so will make sure that I get plenty of sleep before Friday. Do you know how many of us will graduate next Friday? I think we should have a virtual party! :)


I know of at least 4 - Miles Yonder, runner56, you and me. There probably will be some more


Yes, at least four! It will be party time a week on Friday! :D


Treemouse. I set up runkeeper for 5 min and half km reminders as my finishing pace has me at approx half a km per 2 and a half mins. You can set up 2 minute reminders but that may be a bit much


Oh thanks for that, I didn't know :) I think I might set mine to do half km reminders, but will probably stick with the 5 mins as there's only one run left at 28, and I'm doing 30 anyway. Your pace is really good; are you setting the workout as a timed run, or are you running to a target pace?


I just set up 5 mins and 1/2k prompts. Didnt know you could do all that fancy stuff :D

Might see if my 8 y.o. can sort that for me :-)


Hey Mousey! :-) Thank you kindly! The hills are about unavoidable here so it's a case of having to deal with the damn things: no need for a separate hill-work schedule!

Sorry to hear you didn't have a great run this morning. :-( I think it could well be a combination of things. The lack of sleep certainly won't help. It'll just be an off-day though I'm sure; I get days like that where no matter what I do my breathing won't settle and is a mess throughout. Hopefully you'll have a better run on Friday!

Despite all that though, you did really well! 4.1K is very good going! Especially given how the run went, so we'll done! My pace was a total surprise to me too; I even made breathless, loud utterances when I saw it!

LOL! :D You like the music so much you're listening when you're not running! :D You'll have Fitmo after me again with all that talk of you-know-what; it's like in Harry Potter with he-who-must-not-be-named!

And thank you! It does get wonked about a bit with running, if the wax melts through sweat, but other than that it's fine. :-) I thought it about time I chose a better avatar!

I know; this time next week we'll be looking forward to graduation run! Time has just zoomed by! Enjoy your day too! :-)


Hahaha, it does to me if I'm honest. My husband brings me my cuppa and half a banana, just before he leaves for work at 5.30 am. Then he lets my cats in the bedroom, and all 5 of them pile on top of me in bed ; I could sleep for another 5 hours, but I know I have to get out before it gets too busy and hot.


Another run bagged in week 8 for me as well and like my week 8 compadres it was quite uneventful. Normal first 1.5km when I ask myself what the hell I am doing but even those questions are just fleeting thoughts now.

It has been 5 runs now without dear Laura but I may ask if she will accompany me on run 3 and all of week 9. If only to hear the julie song!! I feel I am missing out!!! :D

Good luck to all today whether running or resting


Well Done runner56 - we will have a big virtual graduation party next week :)


I have listened to 'Julie' at home via my computer, becuase I won't feel that I have truly graduated until I have heard this song for the requisite number of times! How sad am I?!

well done and we'll see you at the 'party' I hope! :) Have a great week :)


It's worth listening to Laura in W9 because not only do you get the lovely Julie again but you also get the fab last song that forces you to increase your stride length and finish in style with a bit of a sprint. Enjoy!


Well done, Runner! :-) The little doubting nagging voice does get less and less over time, doesn't it? Oh and yes, you have to hear Julie, even if only once! Mousey's listening to Julie at home! :D Good luck for run three! :-)


You are doing so well Sir Miles Yonder... And I want to say a huge thank you... I set my alarm this morning to go and do a 10k. I was staring at the time debating whether I needed my bed more, but then I was thinking of all your wonderful posts and how you manage to get out so very early and I thought, ´ come on Ju, what would Miles- Yonder do, and I got up and I did it... So thank you... :)


Thank you, Lady JuJu! :-) I'm pleased I've helped! Did you enjoy your 10K? What time were you up? It's astonishing that I helped motivate you to get up early. If anyone, before I started C25K, told me I'd become an early bird and love early mornings - and running during them - and would even motivate others into early runs, I'd have thought them mental. But that's what's happened. C25K really can change life in unexpected ways! :-)


I was up at 05.11... The 10k was delicious, all early morning air and I met a cow that wouldn't move. Amazing how running changes you!!!


The immovable cow! At least someone had an eventful run! 0511, how wonderful! I can't set my alarm for any rounded number at all; alarm clock OCD! Did you do your Run Commute yesterday?


Sadly not as I had to collect my daughter... But I will soon :)


Well done Miles, your graduation week next week ! I am really pleased for you , you've done amazing ! I think that too when I see other runners with their headphones on ! I cant wait for next week to meet Julie at last , Im intgrigued ! :-) Enjoy the rest of your day, and I will look forward to your next post as always :-) xxxx


Thank you, Poppy! :-) I've seen a few headphoned runners today and wondered if they were Lauraing it up! Oh you'll love Julie; I still have the song in my head now! Thanks again, Poppy; happy runnings! xxx


I don't think anyone here would object to you putting your distances down if you really want to. It's great that you don't want to demoralise people - on the contrary you always offer inspiration, encouragement, support and addictive recipes! It's the people who make distances the be all and end all who manage to demoralise others and, in my view, compromise the integrity of the programme, to some extent. I tend to just ignore their posts most of the time.

One thing you won't have to worry about at the moment - I wouldn't be able to catch you to mangle you (and I note you have got another addict on the rice cakes and peanut butter). I'm tucked up in bed most of the time at the moment with a cold that has settled on my chest (which currently has more crackle than a truckload of Rice Crispies!). I tried to take the dog out for a short walk this morning (my husband's eczema has flared up again and his feet are covered in large blisters making it painful to walk so he couldn't do it) and within about 6 strides I was struggling to get my breath so it looks like a chest infection now. To think that 6 days ago I was running 35 minutes with Sam Murphy. Tried to get appointment with doc today but they were fully booked so I have to ring back at 8a.m. tomorrow to get an appointment for tomorrow (darned silly system - why on earth they couldn't have just booked me in for tomorrow). Anyway, if I can't get appointment tomorrow then I shall go to A&E because the shortness of breath is far from pleasant! Such is life. So even if you were running backwards - I wouldn't be able to catch you. Well done on your distance though - if anyone deserves it, it's you. One more run then it's week BIGGIE. Apparently the weather is forecast to be cooler so you might have a more comfortable graduation week. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.


So sorry to hear you're feeling so unwell, Fitmo. :-( Trying to get an appointment with the doctor is a nightmare at the best of times; my doctor is the same, only issuing on the day. As you say, why they can't just book in for the next day is a mystery. I hope you (and your husband!) make a speedy recovery and that you're out running again soon! :-) I hope you get an appointment for tomorrow too but failing that, yes, either A&E or a walk-in centre if there's one near you, as it sounds ghastly what you have. :-(

And thank you, I just worried about coming across as boasty. I honestly don't think distance matters, at all. A person's out running, getting through the programme, and (mostly!) enjoying it: that's what's important!

Get well soon, Fitmo, and thank you for your reply, despite your currently feeling poorly.


Thank you for your good wishes. I saw the doc today and it seems I was right - it's a nasty cold that settled on the chest. Have been given antibiotics. I told doc that I couldn't do 35 steps walking without having trouble breathing but that last week I'd done a 35 minute run. She said "And you will be again - next week". So, that's good news. Just got to take it easy and be patient.

Oh, you needn't worry about coming across as boastful - nothing could be further from the truth so if you want to put distances down feel free. Cheers.


That's encouraging, Fitmo; with some rest you'll be running again really soon! A run or two in and you'll soon be back to where you were - and enjoying running again. It must be frustrating and I bet you can't wait, but resting is the right thing to do. The antibiotics will have you in good form again pretty soon! :-)

And thank you, I might start putting distances down in my run reports, I'm just glad it doesn't come across as boasty!

Rest easy and you'll be running before you know it! :-)


That's what worries me! I'm actually missing the cycling more than the running. At the moment I'm enjoying lots of books, working out a new healthy eating plan (because the chest infection has put me off eating and can only manage small portions which could be to my advantage) and sorting out my new Pilates workout (all theory until I am fit again). I'm already putting Plan B into place for the R4L and may power walk most of it just to be on the safe side. If we have a return to the very hot weather we've recently experienced then I will hang up my running shoes until the cooler weather of autumn.

Sure, put distances down. It's not as though you make it the sole point of running or ever have done. People love your posts - hence you always get so many responses. Enjoy your graduation week.


Thank you and, of course, I will let you know what transpires. I am lucky in that I have very good neighbours here and one lady came to take the dog out for a walk round the lake in the park. She's taking him again tomorrow so that just means that myself and husband can manage to do the little tiny walks between us so that Pucci can do his little jobs. This business with doctors nowadays (and it seems to be pretty much every surgery not just mine) is, I believe, something to do with targets! It's a proper nuisance. If someone were to open a GP Surgery like they used to have - you know, where you just turn up wait your turn - then they would be well in business.


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