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Week Nine, (!) Run Two: Rain! Delightful Rain!

Good morning, my dear fellow C25Kers. I hope this downporious morning finds you all well.

I heard it before I saw it today, the rain. My alarm went off at 0337 and I could hear it, pouring down. Well, I thought, that's something at least: it'll be nice and refreshing! I ignore the urge to stay in the nice, warmth of my bed, get up and proceed to The Breakfast Stage. (TBS) and consume the usual peanut butter rice cake, three figs and, of course, sparkling water, and then it's time to kit-up, and get out the door.

It really, really is raining. Quite heavily. A deluge! Yay! :D I approach this run with caution after Monday's W9R1 episode with the hill. I've no intention of tackling Sheffield's answer to Everest (well, one of them, anyway; we have a number of the things! Would anyone like a hill, perchance.....?) today but there will be one hill; steep at first, levelling out a bit before going up a steady incline, before levelling out again and then a descent. But, I did it last week so I know it's possible. Still, I'm a bit apprehensive about today. I had quite sore/tight quads yesterday too, despite the stretching, but hopefully they won't be an issue today.

Into the rain then. I'm heartened by the fact it's still dark; it's 0417 and still not light; I like running in the dark, there's something nice about it. It's pouring and I'm off on the warm-up walk, accompanied by the sound of Julie. (*music* You and Julie, you and Julie.........!) and it is really chilly. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I ignore it, or try to at least, and know that I will warm up soon enough. Drenched already, it's time to run. Endomondo set, stopwatch reset ready for the run, throttles forward, engines roaring away, gear up, successful climb and we're under way. I try and concentrate on my breathing for the first couple of minutes, which does sort of help. The rain is really helping, and things aren't as bad as they were this time on Monday!

On I go, at what I think is a comfortable pace and so far things are uneventful. I expect the first..... well, almost all of the run.... to be tough as I tend to only settle into the longer runs after about 25 minutes, which is either worrying or encouraging, depending on how you look at it. It's definitely a pain at times: literally! Okay, more of an ache.

Hill ahead! Okay, for goodness sake don't panic. You've done this many times. You can do it today. Throttles forward and up we go, slowing slightly despite the added thrust. Then I hear it: the nagging voice; I did wonder when that would start. No, not Laura! And definitely not Julie. I like Julie; she's better on her own, granted, but I like her. Anyway, the Voice of Doubt (VoD) continues on:


*warning lights come on; buzzers sound*

"You can't do this, you'll find walking easier...."

The hill levels out a bit now but it's still a push. "Walk, you know you want to....."

I snap back:

"But that defeats the object and yes, I want to, but what's the alternative? Start all over again? I don't think so! I have races planned: I must go on...!"

The voice doesn't respond, and by this point I'm almost up the long incline and onto the flat. I do believe about seventeen minutes have gone by now; I'm always so relieved to be past the half way point. Makes stopping even less of an option! A bit later I start to bank, make the turn and commence the descent. Twenty-one minutes gone. I can do this!

On Monday, and today, I have a slight muscle ache in my right forearm, which I assume is due to holding the water bottle. I use a relaxed grip but thankfully haven't dropped the thing yet. I ignore it; it's not too bad, yet. Onward. Onward we go. Nearly done now; glad I didn't stop. Across the busy road and the end is in sight. Twenty-seven and a bit minutes, and then it happens: breathing becomes much easier and I settle nicely into it. Only took 27 and a half minutes! Now I'm at my marker, the place where I normally run to after a couple of minutes more running after Laura has told me to stop, on completing 28 minutes in week eight. A bit further past it and she tells me to stop now, but I'm into it now, and enjoying it, so I carry on a short while. Of course, all this must be psychological as I always settle towards the end, so in theory, the longer the run, the longer it will take to settle, but there will be a way around this Psychological Settling Point (PSP) and I just need to find it. 33 minutes in and I bring the throttles back and slow down. Phew, that was tiring, but I did it. W9R2 complete.

Onward now to graduation; I can hardly believe it! :o

Other things to note on this run was that the right headphone packed in after about 20 minutes; I believe it was the rain as it was crackling away, but not to worry; these bloody things never do last long anyway, or is it just me who gets through them at an alarming rate?!

About the same time, well, about minute 17, I guess, two lads and three lasses walk, unsteadily, toward me. They're as soaked as I am but they're dressed for a night out. A couple of them look at me. I look back. And nod. They nod back. I'm not sure who's more surprised to see the other: them or me. Or who is more confused about the attire of the other: them or me. A mixture of the two, I feel.

So that's it: graduation on Friday. I'll have a GPS watch for that run too; it should arrive today and I'm looking forward to it as I'm really unsure how accurate Endomondo is. I mean, it might be perfectly fine, the app; perhaps my phone's GPS is out a bit, but at any rate, the Garmin Forerunner 10 I have on the way, should clarify.

Happy running, always, to those of you out running today and rest easy if you're resting or sadly presently injured.

Onward! :-)

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Another stonking run M_Y, (or should that be soaking?) Only one more to go before you're sporting that shiny new graduate badge. It's so close now! How exciting!

I got up this morning planning to do r3 but, after a couple of gentle stretches, decided the left knee needed another day's rest.

Let me know how you get on with the Forerunner -I'm considering getting one as a graduation present!

Enjoy your brekkie


Changed my mind M_Y, I'm going to go for it -wish me luck!


Good luck I was going out today but insomnia struck during the night I am now in a zombie state


Thank you, AM! :-) Very good luck with your run and take extra special care of your Ancient Knees! Good luck!

Yes, I'll let you know how I get on with the Forerunner. I got it from Amazon; it's a bit cheaper there than other places and they have different colours. I couldn't resist the pink one; so very fetching, it is! I think it'd be an excellent graduation prezzie! :-) That's what mine is, a graduation present to myself.

Thanks again: it was definitely a soaking run! Happy running, you can do it!


I did!


well done i enjoyed reading that. i am running this evening i hope the rain stops by then!


Thank you, Flamingo! :-) Hope the rain stops in time for your run, and good luck for it too! :-)


Well done Miles, sounds like a cracking run.

I think one of your post grad aims should be to reach that PSP much earlier in the run so that you really enjoy it. It will probably come as you learn to accept that, YES, you really can do this - and every time!

Did running in the rain live up to expectations? I quite enjoy light drizzle but not keen on an absolute soaking. Just lying here thinking that I might go for a swim today instead. If I'm going to get wet it might as well be warm!

Hope you have a spectacularly good graduation run on Friday.


Thank you, Ully! :-) It was a good run really, all things considered. You're quite right, the PSP does need to be much earlier; I'll try and trick myself into it much sooner! Like you say, it's just a matter of my brain learning that I can do this!

I think so, yes; I like running in the rain but it presents its own challenges, like earbuds slipping out continually and the water bottle being slippery but I do enjoy rain running. Whether I'll enjoy it in winter, I'm not yet sure!

Enjoy your run if you go running, or your swim if you choose swimming; excellent logic too by the way! :-)

And thank you; hopefully it will be a good run! :-)


Oh my goodness Miles Yonder, only one run to go ! Really looking forward to your graduation post., and hope you keep posting once you have graduated , your posts are so entertaining PLUS we need to know how you get on in your longer distance runs. Good luck for Friday.

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Thank you, Henpen! :-) Yes, once graduated I shall definitely be staying and posting frequently, to keep you all updated, and to encourage others who've going through the programme. It's such a wonderful community here that I wouldn't think of leaving!

Thank you once more; graduation here we come!


A lovely post MilesY, I bet you can't wait for your Garmin to arrive! Enjoy your graduation run on Friday and let us know all about it. x


Will do, No-Excuse! :-) And thank you! :-) It will arrive today, the Garmin, so I'll have a good look at it when I get in; can't wait!


Blimey miles, you and your rain runs!!!! Good job you are in Britain old chap, you are the very definition of 'stiff upper lip'!

Brilliant on your run, looking forward to seeing that graduation badge at the weekend. Should be joining you in 4 weeks or 16 runs! Woohoo for all us c25kers



Thank you kindly, Em! :-) Yes, one must keep a stiff upper lip, regardless! Those sixteen runs may sound a lot, but you'll be through them before you know it and will very soon have your own shiny shiny graduation badge! :-) Yes, completely, we're great, us lot with our Club C25K! Good luck with your next run!


I thought about you this morning heading out for your run as I was staring at the clock wondering why I couldn't get back to sleep (so no graduation run for me today), there was a mad second where I thought I may as well go out, but the canal isn't lit and the streets, well that means inclines or hills (granted not as bad here, though when we lived in the mapperley area of Nottingham scarier than a roller coaster) and as we know I don't do them.

But alas I am now half way to becoming a zombie and I still have a mild sore throat.

Well done for not stopping and the forerunner 10 is in my amazon wish list (ready for the magical day I have money) would be great to hear how you get on with it (especially setting it up).


Why, thank you, Spoonie! :-) You did the right thing in not tackling the unlit towpath; I wouldn't much fancy that, either. I'm so clumsy I'd probably fall into the canal and as I'm still on the waiting list for swimming lessons, I'd be stuffed for getting out again as well!

Hills will come in time; you WILL conquer your nemesis. When you do, I expect a full and detailed post about the occasion!

I hope you feel fully recovered by tomorrow so you can do your graduation run; there's always, what has now become known as, Graduation Friday, if you don't feel up to running tomorrow!

Any further word on the job? I have my Forerunner 10 here; it arrived earlier. It's pretty straightforward, although I haven't used it on a run yet. It looks really good; it comes with a quick-start manual in every language you can imagine, and the pile of the things weighs more than the bloody watch itself!

I really like how it connects to a computer. I assumed it would have a little port where you plug the watch in via USB but it actually has exposed contacts on the back; you slot the rear of the watch into it, then plug it into the computer and off it goes charging. To update it you need an account with Garmin Connect but that's easy enough to do. Once registered you can upload your run date and it will produce a map and you can analyse all the data; looks really good.

The watch itself looks easy to use. One button to set it going/stop it. It has a backlight button too with a nice glow. It all seems intuitive but I've not really explored it much yet. You can set it to auto-pause when you stop, much like Endomondo does. It has other neat features too. I'm quite pleased with it thus far; I'll see how it goes on Friday though, and if it tallies with what Endo is telling me.


P.S Not content with giving me the PBRC addiction, I have now got an earworm, 'downporious morning'.


Tee hee! I'm responsible for quite a bit here already! :D :-P


I was pounding the pavements at 2.30 am with the dog! Grrrrr. I walked him after midnight so he would sleep through, and he got me up again at at 5.45 am so you weren't on your own Miles. I bumped into a lass returning home worse for wear. She asked me where she was and if I had a spare fag.

I don-t envy you as regards your hills, they are everywhere in sheff so you have my sympathy. If you can cope with them they will take your fitness to another level. Killer calf muscles or what!!!!


0230! Wow, I bet that was a really nice time to be out! :-) Not so for staggering home drunk though, not knowing where one is; that's really worrying. :-( The girl I saw a couple of Wednesdays ago when I was out at four in the morning, though didn't appear to be worse for wear, was quite clearly uncomfortable with the situation. If ever I see anyone like that looking vulnerable, I always have a good scan around, make sure there's no-one acting furtive/suspicious around, just in case.

I bought the Haynes Running Manual and there's a couple of pages dedicated to personal safety and how to memorise passers-by and the usefulness of making a mental note of passing vehicle registration numbers and so on; the book's written by an ex-marine and he offers military insight into such things.

Everywhere; you can't move for the bloody things! *bursts into song* THE HILLS ARE ALIIIIIIIIVE, WITH THE SOUND OF WHEEEEEEZING! :D Oh yes, calf muscles and quads!


Such an entertaining read. Felt like I was on the run with you. Well done. Don't suppose you have any runs without hills in Sheffield. Poor you


Thank you, Chappamaddog! :-) No, sadly all runs feature a hill of some description or other. It's always a case of which is the least severe, as opposed to trying to find a route without one!


BANG! Friday is already quaking in it's boots at the thought of you taking Graduation Day by the scruff of the neck and showing it who's boss! Well done M_Y. Top post!


Thank you, Mr Dan! That's greatly appreciated, thank you kindly. :-) Graduation Friday here I come!


Cou cou ,M_Y :) Ooh....."downporious" what a word elevates a wet day to a brand new level !

Fab entertaining ever,looking forward to a stonkingly good graduation post...I know you won't disappoint.

Enjoy your graduation's well deserved and an excellent colour choice if I may say so :D


Cou cou, Carole, and thank you very kindly indeed! :-) Oh goodness, I'll have so much to cram into my graduation post; I'll be all morning writing the thing! :D

LOL, thank you; some men may baulk at the colour but I think it's splendid, nice and cheerful! :D Was very happy when I saw they did it in pink; black is so boring and I'm not keen on green or purple, though they're better than black!


Brilliant as usual, MY and how bizarre is that?! I am getting a Forerunner 10 for graduation too!!! What colour did you go for? I can't decide between green or purple, but so pleased that they're down to £75 on Amazon :) I have just done my W9R2, so the next one is IT!!! So glad you had a good run, if a little disappointed that I don't get such interesting 'wildlife' on my runs! Have a great week :)


Thank you, Turbo Mousey! :D And yes, that is bizarre! Have you ordered yours yet? I got pink, of course! :-) It's really nice; it arrived today and it's currently charging up. I described it in detail to Spoonie a bit further up, ^^^^^^ if you would like to read my thoughts on it so far. Seems really easy to work! I'm interested to see how it compares with Endomondo's readings!

I'd have thought Pompey would be quite a lively place! There always seems to be folk returning from nights out here when I'm out running! :D

Good luck for Friday! :-) You'll do brilliantly!


Well done Miles another great run. 23 runs for me and still no run in the rain (not that I am complaining)

Still lacking motivation this week despite it being graduation week. Running slower than a snail on Sunday and sometimes slower than that.

Lack of routine, too much of the wrong food not helping.

Perhaps graduation run may be different. Let's hope so


Hey Redskins! :-) I hope you're enjoying your holiday! :-) I think being away may be contributing to it, but soon you'll have a fresh challenge to get stuck into: B210K, if you fancy doing it! I am and will be posting here and will help with motivation if you need it. You're doing really well and I hope you're proud of your progress so far! :-)

Very good luck for your graduation run. You'll be fine and will be grinning away afterwards! :-)


Thanks Miles. Sorry for the delay in replying, dodgy Internet connection. Am feeling a bit better today so hopefully tomorrow will go well.

Holiday is going well, bit of rain but not too bad. Just walking a lot and keeping an eye on my wife's spending :)

Hope all goes well tomorrow with your graduation run


Thanks KittyKat007

I believe that not having a good Internet connection and therefore not able to visit this site everyday does not help.

Do not ever underestimate the help and support you give. So thank you


Ah, I do enjoy my " Miles " time :-) You sound very excited about your Garmin , I would be too ! I hope it gives you many hours of enjoyment :-) Well , Miles , your next milestone will be ( drum roll, cymbals)- the Graduation post ! . How far we have all come, doesn't seem that long ago we were posting about week 3, then week 4 and now, here we are . I am really looking forward to that day. Weather is very miserable here today, I am glad I went yesterday instead :-) Anyway, brilliant post as always, and looking forward to seeing " GRADUATE " next to your name , best wishes and enjoy your rest day tomorrow :-) xxx


Thank you, my dear Poppy! :-) You'll soon have the shiny, shiny graduate badge next to your name too! :-) I know just what you mean; the weeks have absolutely flown by. Zoomed by. Cannot get over the fact that it's graduation time already! Seems like only yesterday when I started the programme; ah those first very breathless steps running around the misty, pitch black local park! :D We've come a long way!

The Garmin seems great; it's currently charging away now as I write this. Can't wait to use it on Friday; I'll give my thoughts of it in my (undoubtedly very long!) graduation post!

Thank you again and good luck for your next outing with Julie! :-) xxx


Thank you, Kitty! :-) Thank you for the rain dances! Really, you've just been sending all your rain to me, as you don't want it! :D

Part of me thinks the times are correct, but I'm awaiting Garmin clarification just to be sure before I start to list as a matter of course. They do seem to match the distance I've gone, but part of me thinks "how on earth is that even possible?!" but then, I do move quickly as a matter of course anyway. As the longer runs have progressed, my times have changed similarly.

I'm an aviation geek (as you've probably ascertained!) and do enjoy watching Air Crash Investigation, as it's fascinating. Anyway, thankfully it doesn't really occur now with advances in training and technology, but many a mishap in the past has involved pilots looking incredulously at their instruments, not believing what it's telling them, as what it's telling them is so extraordinary it can't possibly be true. It's that kinda thing with me and Endomondo. The runs of week eight were all, according to Endo, showing 6k in the time I was running. This morning almost floored me though when it was showing, after 34 minutes, that I'd covered 6.92K. I do wonder how on earth that's possible! I'm seemingly averaging between 5-6 minutes/KM, the odd one under five. I was amazed, truly, totally amazed to see the first (only the first, mind!) KM today read 03.48. I promise you, Kitty, nobody finds that more incredible than me. I'll have a better idea about things on Friday when the Garmin can do its thing, see how closely the two correspond. And thank you for asking, by the way. :-)

Good luck for your next B210K run! :-)


Blimey 03.48!!! You sure you're not related to Usain Bolt?


Oh GM, I absolutely promise you, I'm in astonishment as well! Nearly fell through the bloody floor when I saw it. I dunno how accurate it is. The rest are around 5-6 minutes, with one about 04.50, I think it was. I'm at a loss to explain it!


Accept it matey, you're just bloomin' quick!! I'm liking GM by the way, it may well stick!


Tee hee! Myself and Miss Garmin will have a good play after work tomorrow, then in action on Friday; I'll post the results in my graduation post. :-)

Oh and genuine surprise doesn't cover it; bewilderment would be closer to it!

Thank you, Kitty, I greatly appreciate it! :-)

Bedtime for me now; time to leave Missy Garmin to charge, and to recharge myself too! :-)

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Well done M_Y. No triumphant post about my W9R2 run I'm afraid. I did do it yesterday evening in cool drizzly conditions but finished up with a bit of a calf strain. It was all going OKish, albeit at a pace of 30 seconds per mile slower than W9R1, but on a long slight incline in the last 10 minutes, something went twang. It wasn't debilitating so I carried on to try and run it off and completed the 30 minutes. I'm still limping a bit now though so uncertain when I'll feel up to the graduation run. So near, yet so far, as they say. Must do stretches, must do stretches. It can't be an age thing, as my other calf is the same age.

Interesting to see that Forerunner 10s are being discounted now - perhaps something to do with the imminent arrival of the 15 model. I read some reviews before deciding on a second user Forerunner 350, mainly for the larger screen size. You might be interested in reading this in depth review of the 10:

Were you aware that some of the colours of the 10 have a slightly larger screen (the orange and red/black from memory)? Might be useful for those with failing eyesight like myself.

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Oh Dytham, I shouldn't laugh, but what you said about your other calf really made me chuckle! :D I'm so sorry though to hear about your calf strain. :-( Have you taken any painkillers/RICEd it? I hope it's not serious and that you're back to full running ability very soon, for your graduation run! *crosses fingers* Hopefully stretches will help things. I've been doing lots today to try and help with the sore quads. Stretches, stretches, stretches!

What an excellent site, thank you! :-) My Forerunner 10 arrived today (and yes, the price has come down a good bit!) and it's currently charging. Only had a brief explore of its features but it looks great. I've registered for Garmin Connect too. I didn't realise they were different sizes! Pink, being my favourite colour, is the one I chose and it does appear to be made for smaller wrists, but it does fit just fine with a long enough strap for me.

Hmmmmm though, the Forerunner 15 does look mighty interesting. The addition of the HRM and step counter is very good. I do like the look of the 10 though; nice and straightforward. The 310XT that the girl is wearing on the site you linked to is absolutely bloody gargantuan; there's town hall clocks smaller than that! :D

Hope your calf is feeling better soon! And when it is, good luck for your graduation run! :-)


Yes - daughter no.1 mentioned RICE, so I had a whole tin of Ambrosia with a big dollop of strawberry jam ;)

I try to avoid painkillers unless essential.

Yes - I was impressed with Mr DCRainmaker too. My 305 is of similar size to the current 310 - builds up the left arm muscles lugging it around.

Thanks for your good wishes M_Y and KK.


I got a pink Garmin and I love it! I'm going to have a go at sorting out the lap function thing for when I do my first Parkrun practice. I keep it on auto pause setting usually


Well done M_Y!

I'm another rain lover, as is JuicyJu. I have been known to dance about whilst running in rain and also to head for puddles before car drivers can soak me. Don't like setting off in heavy rain, but if I'm caught out in it I don't care :-)


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