W5R2 Tears and Tantrums

After having my tears and tantrums and all the advice i got from here, you know who you are it really gave me food for thought So this morning out came my trainers and thinking about all the advice i have been given i decided to repeat w5r2 as i felt it would be cheating if i did not complete it properly. But I DID IT i am so pleased i repeated it, still scared about the next run though. So thank you to all who replied it really did help.

Just one question my daughter wants to start running and she wants me to start with her but am worried if i go back it would send me back to not pushing myself hard enough.


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10 Replies

  • Well done for winning out with W5R2! You deserve to be well pleased with yourself!

    How nice it would be to run with your daughter. It would be a good trade off even if you did go back a little. I'm sure you'll find a good compromise!

  • So very pleased you managed to complete the run this time, you must be feeling fantastic now. Don't worry about r3, if you can do r2 ( and you just have!) then you're absolutely ready for it.

    Don't really know what to suggest about starting to run with your daughter too. Both my girls are starting at the end of June when their ALevels and GCSEs are over but they're both so fit anyway that I reckon I'd be more of a liability than a help to them Lol.

    Enjoy your success from today and good luck for r3 x

  • Oh thanks a lot, all the advice and support is really helpful, will let you know how i get on with r3 fingers crossed i can do it.

  • Hooray! Glad you've stuck with it and slayed that particular dragon. You know you can do it if you just plug away. It's all about building fitness and stamina. Good luck with the next run. Enjoy running with your daughter - perhaps you could run with her once a week and keep pressing forward with the programme on the other two runs.

  • Excellent. Really well done for sticking in there and winning through in the end. Good luck with the next run and if you find it a bit of a struggle, you know you have the mental strength to get thought it.

  • Well done you, really pleased for you! Onwards and upwards...... Or possibly forwards!!!

    All the best


  • So pleased you stuck with it, well done! R3 will be fine, you can do it. Take your time and let us know how you get on. x

  • I sometimes go out with my daughter who is on w5 atm. Because she is a teenager she runs very fast, much faster then me. But as she is running and walking and I am just running (slowly) we catch up with each other several times, and finish at about the same time. It is very satisfying for the moment that I have got more stamina than her !! Run 3 will be fine. You are well prepared for it. Best of luck !!

  • well done you...my advice would be to graduate before training your daughter...but it depends on her age. she may just do it...my son started running with me at week 4, and he now does HM distance with me, its a wonderful way to bond with your children.... :)

  • Congratulations for completing W5R2. I also had to repeat that one, and I can echo everyone else's sentiments, you'll do fine with run 3 :)

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