Is it possible to run so slowly you go backwards?

Hello to all fellow shufflers, I'm on WK3 due to do my 2nd run later on. Like many fellow WK3 posters I was dreading it but actually my first run was ok. I know you are supposed to take it easy but I do think my running is slower than my brisk walking, but running is running I guess. Good luck to everyone doing their WK3R2 today, it's comforting to read about other peoples struggles. I'm determined to keep going though as it's so satisfying when you get each run under your belt!


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26 Replies

  • One day the head wind was so strong, I think I may have been going backwards at times😜Don't let it worry you, I think it's about the running motion rather than anything else. It's funny how this challenge changes your perceptions. I was driving a few minutes ago and passed a man in his sixties it seventies 'running' on the pavement beside me, so slow that I know even walking, I would have been going faster, but me maintained that running movement. A few weeks ago, I would have thought he was nuts and in my head at least, judged him. Today, I found myself wondering if the headphones he had in, were feeding a C25k podcast of enthusiasm and encouragement and ( again only in my head) I wished him well.

    Maybe this is going to make me a nicer person as well as a fitter one😀😀

  • I think you are right Bonkersbrit. 3 weeks ago I admit to scoffing at all the puffing billies on the pavements but now I totally get it! Power to all puffers, may you always have a tailwind!

  • Yay, power to all puffers!! Love it

  • I found that my fist run on a new week was always the "slowest", I was worried about setting off too fast, after the first run I seemed to find my pace (not fast by any means lol)

  • Hi Sillybilly1, I don't seem to have any speed other than slow, stop or almost reverse!

  • Good.. you will get to Graduation in one piece :)

  • Make the most of slow and steady; it takes time to build up those running muscles and stamina ..and being speedy is not the way to do it!

    Many of the graduates , including me are always banging on about not rushing.. but it is the way to get there injury free:)

    Just to make you smile... I did try running backwards... ( long story.. and long post :)) but that was well after Graduation:)

    Well done you... and enjoy your run:)

  • Thank you old floss and yes I did enjoy the feeling of smug satisfaction post run....I'm still waiting to enjoy the run itself, but I'm sure the day will come. Running backwards, now that is clever 😊

  • Silly...and very entertaining for the chap out walking his dog, who spotted me... :)

    It was an experiment, after reading about walkers and runners in Japan... all to do with using different muscles...( my friends who know me of old, on the forum will confirm I do have loopy ideas:))

    It was fun though...:)

  • I do the occasional running backwards too whilst out on a run - it always makes my daughter laugh :)

  • ... :) and it is good for us...apparently... when I wrote my post about this I found it fascinating!

    We love to entertain our offspring, don't we :) x

  • yes it uses different muscles when we run backwards - I used to know exactly which ones when I was working as a sports masseur but I'm afraid those grey cells are dormant at the moment lol - yes, we certainly do entertain our offspring - mine think I'm am nuts lol

  • Did mine as well today and was strangely looking forward to it! Bring on run 3 on Sunday! Like you, it's more of a shuffle than a run but the feeling of achievement at the end is just wonderful

    Keep going And good luck

  • Hi Bells411, I hope run 3 went well. 5 minute run this week, can we do it?

  • Couldn't run today cos of the weather! Hoping it's dry(er) tomorrow and will try again!! Did you start week 4?

  • Starting tomorrow if the weather is kind, fingers crossed.

  • So enjoyed your post. I am definitely a fellow shuffler and feel sure my walking is faster. However the effort is much greater so sure it is good for me! On W7 R3 today and still shuffling but feeling the benefit at least after the "run" if not during it. Happy shuffling!

  • I'm on the same level as you. My 'running' sat-nav program still thinks I've been out for a gentle walk :)

    I must look like..... remember when The Blob escapes from the cinema to chase Steve McQueen :O

    It doesn't matter how slow you go, YOU ARE OUT THERE! That's the thing to be so proud of! Keep up the good work.

  • Ah, it won't be long before your inner Steve McQueen starts to emerge T.O.M!

  • Ha ha thanks. I can't wait ;)

  • Hi Koraline -- running is definitely running, not walking (however fast the walk is) and you should feel justly proud of where you are and sticking with it. As someone who definitely fell into the snail-shuffle category I can happily report that it does get better, but only slowly. I'm a few weeks on from having graduated and am only now properly beginning to pick up some pace -- and that's fine. What is brilliant is that I can keep going for 30 mins, and so will you! Just keep doing what the programme tells you to do, and the speed bit will sort itself out in time. I know you can do it, because I did. Shufflers of the world unite!

  • Thank you for your encouraging words Ogdencouch. I hope in the weeks to come you can turn around and say "see, told ya!"

  • Yes, it is possible that you can run and go backwards (as opposed to running backwards which is a sport in it's own right - )

    But if it happens at the beginning of your run, in less than ten steps you could find yourself on the sofa again - wondering what happened 8-)

  • Oh my god I was only thinking this last !!! I'm sure I could walk faster than my jog lol xx glad it's not only me xxx

  • Hi Catherine23, it reminds me of the dreams you have when you are trying to run away from something and your legs won't work😕 Weirdly though, I'm still enjoying it!

  • I remember thinking just that when Laura said something like 'if you're feeling tired, slow down a bit...' I thought surely if I do that I'll be going backwards. On some runs I would check the bushes next to me to see If they were moving. As someone in this thread has already said, it's the running motion that counts!

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