Panther hunt

Panther hunt

I made the decision to run after home from work today at I did!!!!!

I had all my usual paraphanalia to take so I borrowed husbands cycling gore to put it in ( which ended up round my waist the whole way!)...

I said to myself, just run home, stop if you want, go slow, easy running...It was just the best run ever...I felt happy and free and wild....proper panthering and so so fun. I think people must have thought I was nuts running along grinning!! I also did some dancing, sang along to my music ( I dread to think what that sounded like as i can't sing and I couldn't hear myself)

Got to 5k...all good, allowed myself a random...10k still good, another random and some vaseline for the lips.

I got to 14k and started feeling tired, so some full on music, mantra chanting and I imagined I was being chased by my hunter as I am a panther after all.....sadly my hunter didn't catch me...and I just zoned in on my running...

At 18k I got my husband to deliver an energy drink which was done relay race stylie as the car went past!!! I tell you that really boosted me, I felt the sugar rushing into my blood and pumping me right up...I got home and completed a half marathon in 2 hours and 18 mins...and I could have carried on a bit more so thats for next week!!! Very happy and just fuelling up on panther treats and having home made kebabs with chilli sauce tonight...yummy!

The pic is a selfie pre run...please note my 'carribean nightlife' new Brooks ( I'm v proud)

Thankyou those who came with me ( virtually), knowing you were there meant the world and made me so happy :)





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30 Replies

  • WOW!!

  • Thank you!!

  • Lovely pic. Sounds like a great run and what a lovely OH you have, he sounds really supportive. I'm glad you managed to get that HM in again, now onwards and upwards to you full marathon training. Well done. Happy panthering.

  • Thank you RFC...I can see a way to get there now!!

  • Well done on your great run!

    I have a belt which has two small bottle slots in it. I put my energy drinks in them when going on long runs. The only problem is since buying the belt last summer I have lost a bit if weight around my waist and the belt keeps twisting around when I run. It's very annoying! I might just stop half way through my run and buy a drink next time.

  • Thank you.. That sounds perfect.. Could you take it in??!!

  • I just got bk from an 18km run. I figured out how to tighten the belt so no annoying readjustments needed whilst running. I finished in 1:48.

  • I'm very impressed! thats a great photo, wish i looked that good in my running gear! Sounds like a fantastic run and done in a great time too, enjoy your panther treats!!!!! :)

  • Awwww thank you and yes my panther treats were fab. And a nice box of choccies from the kids today too :)

  • Well done Juicyju, great post. Sounds like a great run and -You look fab!


  • Thank you!

  • Not even got to 5k, and certainly don't look even half that good in my get up, but I know what you mean about getting in the zone.

    Well done for keeping going though.

    And always wondered what a panther treat was, now I know.

  • Thank you and yes panther treats are recommended post panthering :). And you will get there no problem!

  • Awesome pic, I'm with Aliboo and wish I looked that good in my running gear lol, great run too!

  • Thank you..

  • Juju - WOWZA! What a pic and what an amazing run. Well done you. You are the benchmark to which we all measure.

  • Thank you.. No pressure then Mr DF!!

  • You are amazing, 1/2M just like that and straight after work too. :)

  • Thanks Oldgirl...

  • Totally stunning, brilliant run, amazing achievement, and now we all know what the inside of you loos look like now too. Oh yes there was a panther in the photo too.

    You really are the very best you know that don't you.

    Unfortunately no panthers here in west Yorkshire this weekend, but on the up side, at least my brooks are no longer covered in 4 months of dust!

    Happy Running looks like YOU.

  • Awww thank you and I'm so pleased you got out there too.. and keep at it, it only gets better :)

  • Wonderful post. Thank you. I've just finished reading eat & run by Scott Jurek, and he says the same about needing to running free & for the sheer joy of moving

  • Ooo that sounds good.. I must try and read more about running.. Thanks for the suggestion! And thank you!

  • Brilliant run JJ. Inspiring!

  • Thankyou

  • Wow, you are in inspiration !!

  • Thank you!

  • Well done Juicy. After last week's disappointments it must have felt good! You definitely look like a slinky panther in your running kit too. Fab stuff.

  • Thank you for remembering and yes it felt great!!

  • Sock it to us. Oh, you just did!! Well done matey (as ever)

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