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Girls, feel my pain, self sabotage by two ginormous 'beasts'

Up bright and early this morning for my penultimate run on the 5x50 challenge. The plan was to finish in style with two huge runs. In my head there will be lots of people applauding and throwing money at me :-) but in reality I would be mortified for anyone to see me at the end of a run, I'm scary enough looking at the end of a 5k lol

The other half was still asleep so I fumbled about in the dark hunting for my running gear. But couldn't find my built in support top that I religiously wear and In my impatience to get out there I just grabbed a plain tshirt, I do wear a sports bra that should be enough I thought.

Silly silly girl !!!!!!

Warm up walk went fine, done a little longer than normal just to make sure I was ready for the big run. The moment I started running I knew I should have just stopped and went and found the darn top. But I'd already done my warm up and was feeling stubborn. Uphill was all fine but on the flat and down hill... Oh my god !!!!! Really !!!! No matter how I angled my arms, my body, there was no stopping them. Lol

Tried to tighten the bra and straps but nothing worked. If you've ever ran in a bra that doesn't have decent support you know my pain literally and also the comedy side of it.

So anyway that put an end to today's run, I just finished the distance as a walk. Must find the top for tomorrow. In all seriousness it goes to show what a difference a really good support top does.

As an afterthought, if I ran past the right place, ( in that condition ) maybe a building site ??? Perhaps I would get the applause I was dreaming of for my grand finish.... LOL !!

Happy running all on this lovely sunny weekend.

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I feel your pain, I really really do!!


Yes it's never easy when they have a mind of their own and go off doing their own thing. I hope you've found your top.


Yep bad girls ! They wont be getting anymore freedom. Defiantly grounded.


Yep, I pretty much end up with black eyes without the right support!


IS it only me who read the title of this blog "....two ginormous BREASTS"?????? The context works though doesn't it?

What a story. This is the sort of thing us chaps don't have to worry about thank goodness, although it is nice to be tightly "packaged" in lycra when running I find - you know? For the! You know. But bikergirl make sure you NEVER EVER EVER EVER, go out without your industrial grade support top. Lycra is our friend......:-)

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Lol ! You do make me laugh ! Yes indeed, one shan't be attempting any more running without the right support. :-) nothing is stopping me tomorrow, last day of the challenge tomorrow and i am going to run until i cant run no more......


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