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What a lovely morning!

What a lovely morning to tackle W5R3 - and I did it!!! 20 minutes running who'd have thought it! I am so annoyed though as I was in town post run, and my ankle gave way sending me headlong onto the pavement rolling in to a parked car!! Soooooo embarrassing!! Really all that was hurt was my pride, as so many nice shopkeepers ran to my aid helping me off the pavement, as though I was some real old age pensioner!! I wanted to say "Hey this old biddy has just run for 20 mins!!!" - don't think they would have believed me! Lol! My ankle is a little sore, but I am used to it, as it has a habit of giving way on me just hope its up to running on Monday. Will have to rest up in the sunshine with a nice glass of wine!!

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Well done you!!!! For the resting up.with a glass of wine I mean :D

Serious head on now.

Cracking the 20 min run is a great feeling isnt it? Enjoy your rest and come back and tear into week 6. Just be careful with it. Most folk (me included) will tell you its tougher than it looks. It is do-able tho'.

Good luck


That 20min run feels like a real hurdle, and it's soooo good when it's over. W6 is hard, but if you've cracked W5, you can definitely do it.


Oh wowee! Well done and I am so pleased for you. You've really thought it through and made your progress accordingly - I bet you feel on top of the world at the moment - and so you should. Please, however, treat week 6 with respect. It is much harder than it appears after the euphoria of the 20 minute run and this can catch people out. Keep things very, very slow (or even slower than that!), very steady and stay calm - this will see you through week 6. Good luck with your next run and my very best wishes.


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