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Lovely Sunday Morning Run

Good morning runnies!

Thought I'd just share that I had a really enjoyable run this morning. It wasn't too cold, so I didn't bother with the jogging pants and long-sleeved running top as I would been way too hot. Also it wasn't raining (for a change) so I just headed out on a route I'd planned out round the local roads.

The first half, after my warmup walk, was one long gentle hill, and to my surprise, I coped with it no problem. Actually, I found downhill running far more of a challenge, as it's hard to keep check on your speed without hurting your ankles.

What really surprised me though was just how much I enjoyed it. To me, this is the key for continuing with running. It has to be, for the most part, enjoyable.

Have a lovely day everyone,


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Yup it's good isn't it, when I was nipping past some pedestrians and they were all snuggled up and fighting the rain, I may have looked like a drowned rat, but I was warm and having fun.

Continuous running - a lovely thing, and it's great you're enjoying it too p.s.I agree with you running downhill can be tough on the shins..

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it certainly is! This was actually a really important run for me, mentally. It was a hillier route than I normally take, and at the end, I felt I could have done it again. Maybe I should! Definitely on for a longer one next time, maybe even tomorrow if the weather isn't too depressing...

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Thats the best part actually enjoying it👍👍who would have thought it when we started c25k😊keep up the good work & enjoy😊

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Thank you, I know exactly what you mean! Sorry, I think I missed the fact you graduated too. Well done, I bet you're still grinning :)

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Pc59Graduate in reply to

I am graduated last Wednesday was out on Sunday but o it felt hard going. But ended up quickest😂i never did understand this program how that is😂building up to the 5km though, you enjoy😊

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Lovely, Neil. Enjoyment is the key!

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Yes indeed! I'm still working up to a Park Run but I think I may leave that till the spring, something to aim for. Not sure I'll ever do 10k though :) Not spoken to you for a while, how are you getting on? Is the hip still behaving?

Sustainable running has to be enjoyable.

You have arrived at that delightful place where you can really revel in your ability.

Downhill can put up to six times your body weight impact on your legs, so be cautious and don't be tempted to stride out too much........but do enough to enjoy the buzz.

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Thanks - you're right, I'm really enjoying it. I haven't been able to get out quite as often as I wanted since graduating, but I have really really enjoyed it each time, maybe because my knee's completely fine now :) I seem to have got a good rhythm and pace sorted, not quite up to 5k in 30 minutes speed yet, but I'm not so bothered about that. What I love is that I can run for half an hour and be able to carry on a conversation afterwards :)

Sounds like you enjoyed that one Neil😊...a bit milder today, happy days😊xx

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Yup, I certainly did. Milder is good because it was cold enough that I didn't get all horrible and sticky, but warm enough that I could wear shorts and a tshirt. Are you doing OK Jan?

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BluebirdrunnerGraduate in reply to

Shorts and a t-shirt😯..I do feel sorry for you guys..we can snuggle up in lycra leggings all covered up...

I did an 8k run today, I was overtaken by a tall, relaxed looking runner.He was wearing a bobblehat and I can't remember if he wore shorts or sweatpants...he had a long stride and left me for dust 😄😆....

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That’s brilliant!! When I say I enjoy running people just don’t believe me! They think I’m putting myself through some torturous regime!!! 😂

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IannodaTruffeMentor in reply to Sarakc

We are just masochists who have found something that makes us happy.

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Lol! When I say I enjoy running, I'm not sure I believe myself, but I do really enjoy it. It feels like the pressure is off now we've completed C25K doesn't it? For me, I'm really loving the consolidation phase. I'm actually still doing some shorter runs, but getting to the end feeling like I could have run much further, which is great. Trying to decide whether to work on distance or pace next. Decisions, decisions :)

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SarakcGraduate in reply to

Ha ha! I know what you mean!! I was on such a high yesterday after my graduation run I had a really bad night’s sleep!

Looking forward to the consolidation phase but I’m a bit nervous too in case I don’t cope without the structure I’ve had for 9 weeks!

I like to run on a Sunday but this jog Scotland group is a Monday evening so there would be no rest day!! I’ll have to do a bit of rearranging!!! Again, decisions, decisions!!! 😀

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Hi Neil! I was just wondering about you and here you are! Glad you had a good run this morning and that you are still loving it.

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Well done. Sounds like a lovely morning run. It helps when the weather is kind to us. Keep it up.

Great post! Good to know how you're getting on and that you're enjoying it. ☺️

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Yey...nice post Hidden ...glad you had a good one 🏃🏻

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