what's the best way to place my foot when stepping off a high kerb?

There is one pavement that has a higher kerb to step down on my run. I am wondering how it's best to land my foot when running? Today I put my heel down first and was rewarded with a jarring up my ankle. I am worried I am going to injure myself on this kerb. I can't really avoid it as it's on my route.

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  • I'm not 100% sure but my instincts would be to land more on the ball of my foot with a soft knee to cushion the jolt. Curbs can be annoying as they do vary in height, I wear specs normally but take them off for running and have been known to mis-judge the height on many occassion.

  • Many thanks for the advice - I think that makes sense. I shall try to make sure to try to land on the ball of my foot as you suggest.

  • Yes, I agree 100%. I wouldn't land on my heel from any height. Ball of the foot and with the knee slightly bent would be the way for me.

  • Thanks for the reply and advice. I shall also try to be sure to bend my knee as well. I think I need to watch out for the kerb coming up so I can adjust my stride.

  • I'm sure I remember something about training for long distance runners including jumping from heights, to land softly.

    I do slow down (even more than my usual slow) to go up/down kerbs, unless they're little ones, and do the bend knees, ball of foot thing too.

  • Thanks for the advice greenlegs- much appreciated.

    ps are your legs really green?

  • Oh, yes! They go really well with my green fingers. I love gardening. :)

  • I hope this makes sense, but if the curb is very high I go off the side of the curb, rather than forward and land bending knee on ball of foot.

  • That sounds like great advice - thanks

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