W9R2 with a minute of madness :O

Afternoon all.  Last but one run completed successfully - better than last one as I managed to get a little faster and managed 3.88km in the 30 minute run.

At about 17 minutes in, a chap was walking towards me on a narrow bit of pavement with his head buried in his phone.  I thought he would see of hear me (I sound like a steam train and have flourescent pink and orange trainers) but no!  Cue me virtually screaming at him to look where he was going about 2 seconds before we collided.  

I just got passed him and missed my footing - how I did hit the pavement and knock my teeth out - I have no idea.  For about 10 seconds, I reckon I would have given Usain Bolt a run for his money as I went pinwheeling down the pavement - arms and legs flying until I got under control.

About 20 seconds later, I approached the zebra crossing whereby an old boy in a Nissan Micra attempted to run me over by not stopping :D

After that, it was pretty uneventful.  Except on my walk back, I passed a Council worker who I'd noticed whilst running who gave my a massive smile and thumbs up :D

Back to work now!


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15 Replies

  • Hmmm...the excitement appears to have affected my typing ability - apologies for all the errors in the above!!

  • Sounds like an obstacle course! Just one run to go. That's fantastic, well done getting this far :)

  • Only a MINUTE of madness?? sounds like it lasted a long time.. Still , well done on what you've achieved so far... 

  • All that stuff literally happened in a minute.  You couldn't make it up 😂

  • Wow... very very exciting and dangerous too! Well done you! For the run and for surviving unscathed! Blimey!

    So close now...maybe really slowly and really steady for the last run.. and could you borrow a siren to put on your head, to get those eejits out of the way ? :)

  • Ha!  I think I can forgo the siren as my last run (hopefully) is a park run o Saturday morning - woop woop :)

  • Wow... wonderful and hopefully safer :) Cannot wait for your Graduation post!!!! 

    Good luck ! :)

  • Thanks flossie (can I call you flossie - well, I just did) :D

    Graduation post may be a bit delayed as I need to get home, quick shower and then drive 320 miles to Cornwall.  I hope I don't seize up sitting still for 5 hours in the car, otherwise my cousin will have to crow-bar me on arrival :O

  • Flossie is fine...my family call me that..I like it 🙂 Take baby oil to rub on stiff joints 😏..

  • Flossie it is then - so much nicer without "old" tacked to the front x

  • People walking with their heads buried in their phones drive me nuts, I must be getting old but why can't people look where they're going!  Well done by the way 😃

  • I know - bloody morons :P

  • Well done! Graduation is so close now. Off to run week 9 run 2 myself this evening. Xxx

  • Good luck you!🙂

  • Go on Big-Andy I dare you to reply to this!!!

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