Hot out there!

Morning folks... quick update from me. I've been flat out with work this week so only managed a 4K on Tuesday but this morning I pulled out another 10K. This is 7 days before the Riverside Run next Saturday morning so I headed off at the same time as race time (9:30am) and tried my best to go as hard as I could manage without stopping....

It was hard... really hard... and humid.... and hard... :) A few hills today on my course... rolling hills/inclines and the like... fortunately my race is flat so I may make up some time there... :)

I made it without stopping or walking and although some of the kilometres seemed likes miles, I managed to shave 1m10s off my time from last week's run... my fastest 10K is now 1:05:13...

Very happy - pretty shattered now though! :)

A cheeky flat out 5K on Wednesday and then I'm done until race day...

Happy running folks - and stay cool and hydrated!

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  • Well done, fantastic must be glowing with glee now. Happy running.

    I have 2 weeks until my first 5k Fun Run....feeling a bit nervous, but I've been putting in the I hope to be able to run it in about 37minutes or so.

  • You're ready.. You'll smash it.. I predict 33 minutes if you're training at 37...

    good luck!

  • Cheers Aussie. Good luck.

  • Sounds like a great run - all ready for next Saturday. Good luck and enjoy yourself!

  • Thanks! Have a great weekend!

  • Flat out! I would conserve energy now for race day. I would have thought some gentle, short jogs to take you up to the day before race day would be a good plan. Don't risk any injuries or strain/sprains etc

  • Clearly I meant "flat".. Naughty Aussie! Of course you're right Miss W...

    This is why I love this forum!

  • Sounds like you are in top form and all set! Let's hope the weather cools down a bit though. And I would echo MissW, just do a short, easy-paced run between now and race day, it's all you need.

  • Thanks TT.. Ready as I can be as an almost 5 month old runner whose tackling a 10K... C25K really works eh! ;)

  • That is brilliant Aussie! That was exactly how my taper week was meant to be! You will nail it, and what a brilliant time too. I haven't managed 10K yet but I'm expecting 1:20, so I am in awe of your speed!

    Good luck! :)

  • Thanks... And best of luck for tomorrow! You should be sleeping already... ;) You will smash it! Have fun!

  • Thanks Aussie. I know I should, but I'm too nervous to go to bed at the moment! I am such a wuss!

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