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This morning I went out and cruised around Middlesex and Surrey in a 7K super run. It was LOVELY and I really enjoyed it. However......

After Saturdays Parkrun I took Mrs Dan and her sis to dinner at a rather splendid restaurant on London's South Bank. It was when I walked into the restaurant that I noticed a twinge - a sort of tightness on my left calf. "Damn!" I thought and immediately ordered a negroni to numb any ache. Then I ordered a 2nd one and I felt GREAT!!! Anyway, the dinner was superb......then we went to have martini's.....then home to watch the incredibly rubbish Eurovision Song Contest which we had recorded so we could fast forward through 99% of it!

Sunday the calf was more sore. I foam rollered it. I stretched it out and it felt a wee bit better. This morning it felt fine so off I tonked down to the Thames path for a nice run. About 2K in I began to feel the tightness again. As I warmed up my legs the pain subsided and it wasn't until I'd got home that it began to reeeeeeally hurt! I've foam rollered it again. Still sore.

Was I a complete twit to go out for a run this morning? I'm going to give myself 2 days rest now and see what occurs but I hope it's nothing serious. Yikes!

Thanks for reading. I love you all of course......


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Dan you "wazuck "!!!! TRY not to overdo it!! Hope you feel better soon, rest that leg up a bit! Don't want anything to stop you getting into that lycra!! :)

danzargoGraduate in reply to aliboo70

Rest - yes, that's the ticket! It always is though innit? But fear not, the lycra is bendy enough to weave it's way around my body - hahaha!!

Hmm. Complete twit might be a bit harsh, but perhaps "slightly unwise" to have continued after getting that tightness at 2K in?

Do hope the foam roller does the trick and that it's nothing serious. Rest up, and then have a go on Thursday, but you need to work out whether it's the kind of pain you should run through or not. Don't think I'm qualified to make that call for you.

danzargoGraduate in reply to runningnearbeirut

Understood. It's nice to get peoples views though, even though I know 99% of us aren't medical professionals. I'm certainly not going to risk it if it continues to hurt and will assess again Thursday. Thanks for your reply!

runningnearbeirutGraduate in reply to danzargo

Well I am a doctor - but kids at school soon stopped coming to me with cuts and bruises when I told them that the subject of my PhD means I'm an expert in breaking things ;) !

danzargoGraduate in reply to runningnearbeirut

Hahaha! Yes my father in law is a doctor too.....but in nuclear engineering!


Yes, a total wazuk, like me and about 90% of us! Almost all of us have been guilty of running when we've got a bit of a niggle, hence my dodgy ancient knees. Luckily, we're sentient creatures ( well mostly) and capable of learning from our mistakes. I'm not a medical ancient mum and so feel completely confident in prescribing at least 2 days rest before donning the Lycra again. Get well soon x

danzargoGraduate in reply to AncientMum

Good advice indeed AM. Foam rolling is total agony, but I feel it's helping. About to apply an ice pack and make a large gin and tonic, so that should help!

AncientMumGraduate in reply to danzargo

Most people's default painkiller is ibuprofen but I reckon you could be on to something. You owe it to the running community to do a proper clinical trial of Gin and Tonic efficacy in relieving muscle pain. I await your findings with interest.

helclGraduate in reply to AncientMum

Surely to make it a proper trial, there would need to be more than 1 partaking? In the name of medical science I would gladly offer my services so long as I'm not in the placebo group

danzargoGraduate in reply to helcl

Helcl, you're in!


Ah Dan, with your experience why, oh why, did you run with an injury? Lots of rest now I should imagine, plenty of G&T's and have a really gently run when it's healed properly. Good luck and best wishes.

danzargoGraduate in reply to Hidden

Well it was only a niggle this morning, but now it's a definite "rest until better" scenario . G&T helped. Definitely!


Oh no, that's not good. Hopefully the rest will do the trick & you'll be fighting fit soon. (I can't believe you fast forwarded 99% of Eurovision!!)

danzargoGraduate in reply to LSBeech75

I suppose I did exaggerate.....make that 98%!!!!

Nilzed in reply to danzargo

We forgot to turn it on, so saw the last singer, oh, she's ours! Poor thing. How do we choose this person anyway? why dont we send the wnner of the voice or why dont we make the contest for this, if there is one, bigger? So we all would at least know our own contestant! But we got to listen to GN being snarky during the voting. Why do the representatives from the countries insist on trying to make their 30 seconds into anything other than a simple report?


I must say, Mr Dan, I'm disgusted. You thought Eurovision was rubbish?! I thought it was easily the best one I've seen in a long while! :D I voted for Iceland..... I did really like France's entry too.

Sorry to hear of your pain. :-( It's a difficult one because, as AncientMum says, we've probably all ran with a niggle at some stage and it's tricky to know, in my very inexperienced opinion, what is just a minor niggle through general exertion and muscle ache and something a bit more serious. I too suffered unusual muscle tightness today: calf and quad (sounds like the name of a pub, does that....) and I ran through. I suffered really tight calves around week four but they righted themselves.

Yes, definitely rest up and take an extra rest day or two if necessary and when you do resume running, take it steady and easy and monitor the situation. Hopefully it's just a minor twinge and nothing to worry about; could just be your body saying "OI, YOU, PACK THIS IN FORTHWITH, GOOD SIR! I SHALL NOW EFFECT A PROTEST TWINGE; HEED MY WARNING!"

Take it easy and you'll be fine, I'm sure! :-)

I blame the footwear you wore to the splendid restaurant.

If you'd worn your trainers to pop down the pub for a pint then maybe you wouldn't have felt that twinge.

Hope the rest days do the trick :)

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