I got my results back for yesterdays parkrun in Richmond Park and I wasn't too bad - 27'52. Only 24 seconds slower than last week so I'm amazed really, cos I felt so grim the entire way around the course!

Being very new to parkrun, I've encountered a conundrum. After my usual solo runs, I have a 5 minute warm down walk followed by a damned good stretch when I get home. After each of the two parkruns I've done, I am so elated to have crossed the finishing line that all I do is join the queue for the scanning person. Once scanned I do a few stretches, but not proper ones and then walk back to my scooter to ride home. Essentially my whole "post run routine" is different and as a result I have a bloomin' tight calf!

I know Aftabs has had this recently, so I've foam rollered it and ice packed it and will now take a bit of rest to see how it goes.

Has anyone else experienced this at all? Not a tight calf, but the excitement of parkrun, making you forget to do a proper post run routine?

Let me know. Answers on a postcard please. Thank you!!



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22 Replies

  • Yes, I'm terrible and don't usually do post run stretches after parkrun like I would at home (just as well as I couldn't get away with glute stretches in public!), but I have a 5k walk home instead and that seems to do the trick. Hope your calf eases soon, your probably right about the post run routine. Either stretch or walk I would say.

  • thank you notbad. I think now that I've actually "aired" my pproblem with you all I'll make sure I stretch AND walk before mounting Beverly (scooter!)

  • Mr Dan, you could take the long way round to where your scooter friend is parked; sort of a delayed cool-down walk for five minutes after scanning time?

  • Tah daaa!! Perfect answer Miles. Of course. Award that man 10 points!

  • Thank you, sir! :-) You're a fellow powered two-wheeler user too, I see. :-) I'm going to do my first Parkrun soon, I think; any tips or advice you can offer?

  • Yes, I'd say just concentrate on your own run and try to ignore the speedier types. Start from near the back of the field and allow yourself at least a K to settle down and get your pace ok. I was told about the "tow effect" which can happen when running in a group and that can be extremely useful as a way to keep going to the end! Most of all though, make sure you enjoy it cos crossing the line is a blast!

  • Thanks Dan, I appreciate that. It's good to know these things, with it being new territory. I hope to give it a go in a week or two and of course will report back here with my experience.

  • I get caught up in the excitement of getting to the coffee shop to get a seat! I'm not very good at all with stretches, I do a few before I get scanned and then I'm off. Hope your calf is ok soon, sounds like you need to make a determined effort to do your usual routine x

  • I definitely will from now on.

  • After all of my races (10Ks and HMs) in the excitement and general buzz I often forget to do stretches. If I remember I try to at least lean against a tree or wall and stretch my calves, then maybe do quad stretches when standing in the queue for the loo, or to get my bag of clothing. I noticed at one race, one guy took a yoga mat out at the car park and lay down to stretch. As I usually stretch my hamstrings by lying on my back on my yoga mat, with my leg up in a yoga belt, I'm planning to take my old mat along the next time I have a long drive home.

    At the recent Half Marathon I didn't stretch at all, but we had a five minute walk back along the beach to the community centre for food and drinks. Then I had to cycle 5km back to the camp site. The next morning I felt no stiffness in my legs at all.

  • yeah, stretching IS so important after a run isn't it. I have a 10K fun run in June so I must make sure that after THAT one I don't get overwhelmed with excitement and forget!

  • We park at least 5 minute walk away so do a brisk walk back. My dear husband usually finishes his parkrun 15 minutes before me and joins me on my last bit so he can do his cool down jog (usually at the pace I'm puffing and panting and groaning that I'm dying! This is usually the point that divorce seems very attractive! Cheeky git) apart from that I rarely stretch on a Saturday as by the time we get home, kids need taking to climbing, and I don't think of it.

  • Well luckily your body seems to be ok after a run, but then I don't have kids so have absolutely NO excuse to avoid stretches!!

  • not really. I try to make extra sure during the week to stretch, but I do feel it on sunday - hubby has started to nag me now though to try and do some on the way back to the car. I just feel stupid though.

  • I never stretch (well not often!) which is probably reeeeeally bad. So I have no useful advice to pass on. Helpful. I know. But good park run time by the way

  • Thanks LSB. And we should ALL stretch!!!

  • thats a great time, and yes sometimes I have convinced myself that I must have done it in 25 minutes as its so f****** hard, but ends up being 30 or rhyme or reason.... but well done you, and yes I am rubbish at stretching after parkrun, I need to sort!!!

  • Thanks Joooj. I'm glad you're rubbish at stretching after parkrun too! Makes me feel better. Hahaha!!!

  • I'm rubbish at everything other than just running. The rest is far too complicated for a simple panther like me.......

  • I find that impossible to believe.

  • So you have really caught the competitive race buzz after last week!! see you have signed up for the Beer Run then!! Still a great time yesterday.

    Think everyone else has told you what you need to do for the stretching!!

  • Yeah, I signed up for the 10K the other day in a moment of reckless bravado! I'm really looking forward to it actually even though I'm not brilliant at running 10K, but I'm gonna give it a darned good go!

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