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No running for at least another week !!

I'm sooooo annoyed, I graduated in April and have been doing stepping stones since (all on the treadmill). I'd also managed to convince my partner to join the programme and we had got to w2r2 outside, but then last week I got flu and tonsillitis so couldn't run :-(

Been back to the doctors today and now I have a chest infection so can't run for at least another week "sob", getting worried now that I'll loose my fitness level and be back to square one by the time I'm fully recovered !!

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Be kind to yourself at the moment - a chest infection can turn nasty if it's not mollycoddled for a while. I don't think you need worry about your fitness levels too much. After graduation I had nothing but bad runs for two weeks where I couldn't complete more than a few minutes. I took several days off then went out and had a really good run for the first time in a fortnight - my fitness levels hadn't been affected at all. I hope you are a lot better very soon. Good luck and best wishes.


Thanks both, lots of rest for me.


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