Bye bye w7. You were not my favourite week, but at least I'm still running - just!

Today sees the end of w7 and possibly AncientMum's ancient knees. May have to give in and have gait analysis cos the old knees are giving me gyp. I know it's a poor workman who blames their tools but the only alternative to my shoes being wrong is my knees being wrong and that would mean no more running. On the plus side, my heart and lungs could have carried on running for ages after Laura said stop, it was only my knees saying stop! W8 here I come!

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  • Well I think it takes a bit of time for our body to catch up and become stronger. It's a fair ole pounding you've been giving it these past 7 weeks. I found that compression helps so a knee bandage on after or compression tights during the run. Or an extra days rest helps no end xxx

  • Thank you kickibro that's good advice. I'm heading off to get knee supports this afternoon xx

  • OMG just back and thinking the same, poor knees, and I do have a knee support on, so wanted to avoid gait analysis as i bought trainers and they cost me the equivalent of a small country ! But like you its just the knees that stop me and age, 67 is not the best time to decide to run is it !!!!

  • Oh GrannyJ you have my sympathies. I'm going to try knee supports AND gait analysis. I'll let you know if it eases the knee pain. I don't want to buy new trainers either, mine are so incredibly comfortable, but if it's that or limping I'd rather bite the bullet and fork out for new shoes. Take care x

  • Well done for getting through to week 8. I bet those knees are a whole lot stronger than they used to be, but you are asking a lot of them. May be take a few more rest days in between to aid recovery? Good luck!

  • Thanks for the encouragement Ullyrunner. Sound advice there I think x

  • I feel for you and your dreaded knees. I have knee ache at the moment but am soldiering on womanfully

  • That is my inclination too MissW but Mr AncientMum (aka AncientDad) has had 3 lots of knee surgery due to over enthusiastic sports participation in his youth and he keeps telling me to stop before I do lasting damage. Still, going to try gait analysis because stopping isn't really an option. I WILL graduate!!!! x

  • Look for a sweatshop near you, that's where I had my Gait analysis done and not had a problem yet. Just completed W6R2 and I have an over pronate, so was recommended Asics Gt1000-v2 and they are fantastic trainers. Well worth getting this done. Here is the link - you can find a shop near you on their website:

  • Thank you so much. It's really good to have a personal recommendation for Sweatshop and the link is fab (not least because there's a branch about 5miles away!) Guess where I'm heading this weekend!!

  • Brilliant!! Don't feel pressurised into buying anything there and then. Also, when they do the analysis they heat up insoles to fit your feet perfectly and try and charge £45 for them. I refused them and they weren't bothered by this at all - sad though, if the price was sensible I may have bought them and they will have ended up in the bin! Once you have been analysed they will bring some trainers for you to try, and if they seem too expensive, just tell them you'll have a think about it and take a mental note of the make,model and size and you could try - they are very competitive - I bought my Asics from the sweatshop for £95 and just bought a second pair from as I liked them so much and paid about £30 less :-) Good luck with your gait analysis :-)

  • Thank you again, this is exactly the sort of information I need. I find, being an ancient mum, that sports shops are quite intimidating so, now I know about the mega expensive personalised heated insoles, I won't feel obliged to buy them, or anything else for that matter. I reckon you've just saved me £45 at least. Now close your eyes, I am repaying your kindness with virtual chocolate cake, don't drop any crumbs!

  • Mmmmm, yum yum - I've eaten every crumb & without getting fatter! LOVE your virtual choc cake! Enjoy the trip to the sports shop :-)

  • Well done on getting past week 7. Graduation is getting closer now and the time will start to fly by. I think it would be a good idea to have gait analysis and buy the correct shoes. I got mine in the second week of the programme and, so far, I've not had any problems. It's worth the outlay to reduce the risk of injury. Good luck with your impending trip to Sweatshop, hope you find what you want. Also, good luck with the start of week 8 and best wishes.

  • Thanks Fitmo, you're right, graduation is getting closer. Only hope the ancient knees are up to it. Really really hope gait analysis is going to be the magic cure I'm looking for, otherwise it's going to take me a little bit longer to finish if I have to leave longer between runs. Take care x

  • If it takes you a bit longer then so be it. You are too close to graduation to put yourself at unnecessary risk now. Good luck.

  • Yay for completing week 7 and onward we march to week 8.

    As for your knees, I have dodgy knees and know how painful it is. At physio once I was told I had the knees of an old lady. I swear by kinesiology tape, it's a sport tape that can be used to support injuries and in my case sometimes hold my knees in the right place. It allows for free range of movement while being supportive. I learnt how to apply it using videos on and YouTube, you don't have to buy the expensive branded tape, I normally get mine from amazon for around £7 a roll, and one application of tape can last up to a week (yes even with showering). Personally for me I found knee supports aggregated my knees, but then that because my knee caps don't always sit where they are meant to be.

    I would also suggest if you are not already doing them checking out some physio exercises for your knees.

  • Cheers m'dear, good advice and a good tip about ktape. I'll be giving YouTube a look to see what it's all about. I'm determined to get on with w8. Graduation is so close but I won't get there if I don't sort out me persky knees. Can I borrow Ferd as a running mate to spur me on?

  • Of course you can borrow Ferd, though I am not sure how much help he would really be

  • I want to go to Sweat Shop but have to save up. I hope you get fixed up AncientMum with some fabbo new shoes which will make you fly!

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