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At least 18 months off - and NO running!

Ah well, I was expecting something like this to happen. Saw the consultant this morning. I was very lucky because my appointment was not until next Monday 15th. Doh! But they very kindly gave up their free slot and did the scan too, which showed a partially ruptured tendon.

I am going to have to have an injection into the tendon to help it to repair and then wear an ankle immobilizing walking boot.

I can, however, swim and cycle. Any non impact or non stretching exercise. Will have to work on the eating and exercise front now and get myself a routine in place. The running was such a fantastic help for me in controlling the diabetes and actually seemed to switch off my appetite. It was fabulous and I must not let that slip.

Thank you to all you lovely encouraging people. Your support, advice and wacky tales of your experiences made it all so doable!

I shall continue to keep an eye on this blog site and I send you all my very best wishes for your journey. So - HAPPY RUNNING EVERYONE!

And to the newbies out there - do not increase too soon and injure yourself.

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Oh no. that is very sad news for you. but on the positive side you have a proper diagnosis and course of action that will lead to recovery. And, as you say it is a matter now of finding a routine with a different type of exercise. Much as I enjoy running, it is the health benefits and feeling of being fit and getting those endorphins flowing that is the best bit, and it doesn't really matter what you do to achieve that, the net result is much the same, be it cycling, swimming or whatever. In fact, the greatest benefit I have had from all this fitness lark has been mental rather than physical - the confidence and 'can-do' attitude that has come from getting up and doing it, and it sounds like you have that in spades, so I am sure you will do very well with the non-impact sports.

Very best of luck with it all and best wishes for a good recovery.


Can only echo Rignold's wise words. So sorry to read his Beek, but encouraged to read that you will not let your fitness slip - your attitude will make sure this doesn't happen. Take care, and please do post to let us know how things are going for you.

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Really sorry to hear this.

Have you seen the swimming challenges on I am swimming the length of the River Derwent which is going to take me quite some time as it is 72 miles and my current swims are 0.5kms twice a week (at best).... But something like that, and/or the swimfit cards might be motivating for you.

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Oh what a shame. Did you do this running? At least you can do other forms of exercise, swimming is wonderful, but like you I find running kills my appetite whereas swimming makes me want to eat anything within reach of my will have to experiment and see what suits you.Swimsmooth is an excellent website...Keep us posted..

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Hi Curlygirly, I had graduated with C25K and was regularly running 8 - 10K with no difficulty. Then read up that to put a bit of hill work in increases your fitness and stamina etc so I ran a long gentle gradient uphill and back. Total only 9K and the following day had a lot of tendon pain. Tripped in the garden and strained it more, then attempted cycling with WY Go-cycling (they tutor people 1:1 a mixture of cycle maintenance and road work). The guy did some work on the gear cables and when it was time to get on and ride the saddle had not been lowered to where it was, I couldn't set off and fell heavily causing severe pull on my bad leg. Consultant and physio think that this is what has caused the partial rupture.

The running suppressing my appetite was an unexpected bonus and that is what I really miss. I'm neither a cyclist nor a swimmer but I know that I must do something and will try both! I have no idea if swimming will suppress my appetite but it will keep me moving so I expect it will be fine.

I have really enjoyed being part of this group, which I found so motivating.

So to any newbies out there: This is a brilliant forum. Keep on keeping on and do NOT try to push ahead too quickly - it hurts!

Enjoy your running!


Many thanks to you, Rignold, notbad and GoogleMe for your very kind wishes. I am pleased to know that something can be done now, although I expect running will no longer be part of the equation. I have some options through the 'Swimfit Activate + for adults' route, which I shall be looking into. Even just walking is a no no at the moment.

The exercise did make me feel so much better overall and that's what I don't want to lose. It's up to me to just jolly well make the best of it now.

:) :) :)


I'm sorry to hear about your injury. Wishing you all the best with your recovery. Good luck with your swimming and cycling.


Oh no Beek, I'm so sorry to hear that it's going to take so long to fix. I've often thought of you running alongside the Wharfe whilst I am doing the same further downstream. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope you still enjoy your exercise, albeit of a different sort. Do let us know how you are doing from time to time. X


Oh Beek, such bad news, but at least you know what the problem is now and what you have to do to sort it out. Good luck with your swimming or cycling or what ever you decide to pursue in the future. I really hope it turns out to be something you love as much as you love running. Take care Sweetie :) xxx


Oh Beek, I am so sorry to hear your news. You must be devastated.

Hope you find another form of exercise that can fill the hole .

Please keep in touch and let u know how you're doing. I am so sorry xxx


Thank you Lavender62, Ulleyrunner, AncientMum and poppypug for your very kind good wishes.

As my Gran used to say - 'Worse things happen at sea'. I will find a new path to follow soon and I shall hobble along beside the Wharfe as best I can!

At least I know what has gone wrong and it will just have to take its course. Big lesson in there isn't there? Be cautious when it comes to increasing the workouts or you could end up CROCKED!

Happy days to everyone and I shall keep popping in for a look to see how you're all doing!


Best of luck, Beek. I hope that you can recover quicker than the current prognosis suggests and that you will remain active. We all know how important that is after the C25k adventure. I have just had an achilles warning in my left leg, rather than the right one, which has always been tight, since I started running, so I take your warnings with great seriousness. I hope you get back to running one day.

Keep active, keep smiling.


Hi IT, yes do take care with that warning! I think I managed to finish mine off by going up a very long but gentle hill and it took offence! But I did really think, having been managing around 10K a few times, that I was up to it. Live and learn eh? I feel a bit lost at the moment but no doubt that will go as soon as I have worked out a routine!

Good luck with your tendon - be kind to yourself!

I shall miss this wonderful group of bloggers!


Take care of yourself Beek, sadly best to do as they say but hope you can keep everything else under control with swimming cycling etc. Let us know how you are doing.


Dear Beek ouch!

aww don't leave - or go too far - we need your humour and wisdom :)

It's very sad to hear you're injured and off the running - no doubt it's going to be a big change going from the regular long distances you had been running, and changing to swimming and or cycling.

It's understandable you feel a bit lost, that's certainly a lot of news to come to terms with x

Have you ever heard this? .... Apparently 2k of cycling = 1k of running so building up your cycling may well feel similar to your 10k run .

So for eg a 20k cycle = a 10k run? And it might well have the same familiar physical effect on your appetite and diabetes.

The swimming sounds sociable and organised and good for that poorly ankle of yours. And one small benefit will be how much easier it is to change out of a costume than a running kit and fan tangled sports bras! Bliss! Straight into the shower bliss!

I really wish you the best of health, a pain free ankle and happy cross training !

as that day may come when your walk is allowed to break into a run; albeit for one minute x

I hope you don't have to wait too long for that injection you mentioned! Let us know how it goes Beek.

In the meantime sending you a lorralove and a big lick and encouraging woof from my hound Molly!xx


Hi jaxmc64! Thank you for all those numbers - I didn't know that about the cycling. I have been given the ok to go cycling by the physio and will go out tomorrow when OH is out. He worries about me in with the traffic but I have worked out a route where there will be very little road work (I will use the footpath for those bits!) and go down the river bank where I used to run. It will be interesting to see how it compares to running!

Thank you for your kind thoughts and I promise I will keep looking in here!


That sounds lovely B; gently does it x Go carefully and enjoy your pedal :)


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