I am about 8 stone over weight and today put on my trainers and got out the door and started c25k. Its hard! Advice needed please

I could only complete one full minute of running, I'm sure it will get easier if I keep at it, however the arch on my right foot hurts as does my shin. I don't think my crappy trainers help. Any advice to make this more comfortable, do I need proper running shoes or just man up?


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  • First let me congratulate you for making the biggest and most difficult step in this programme - you got up and out of the door. You've started - GREAT MOVE! This programme may come as a bit of a shock to the system if you have not been very active before. Many people on here have weight issues too so you are not alone. Perhaps if you just briskly walk the running sections. There will be a great advantage to your health with brisk walking. Then gradually you can start to introduce more running. The secret is to start slow and steady so that you don't tire yourself out too quickly and get disappointed. I promise you it does get better! :)

    You seem to be having problems with your feet and I suggest getting a gait analysis done. They are free at the running shoe stores. It is important that your feet are properly supported to prevent injury. When you go in explain the symptoms and they will advise you accordingly. I was very hard up when I went for mine and I did not feel pressured to buy very expensive shoes. I don't think the 'crappy trainers' are helping you at all! It's not a question of 'manning up' - you can't ignore physical limitations and risk injury.

    WELL DONE FOR SETTING OUT! Try to hang in there because you WILL feel so many wonderful changes to your well being.

    I wish you well for your journey! GOOD LUCK!

  • When I first started, I swapped the one minute bit for 30 seconds, as I couldn't make it to a minute. For this, I downloaded this app which allowed me to program 30 secs of running, then 90 secs of walking and repeat x 8


    After that, I moved on to W1, and I haven't looked back. The weight is coming off; wobbly bits are...well, less wobbly; but the biggest improvement has been how it makes me feel. I'm on W7 and feel fantastic, so please, I beg you, follow Beeks advice, get gait analysis done ( I had it done at the weekend- just google 'gait analysis' and your home town), and don't give up, this will change your life!

  • Congratulations on making a start! If I went by the offical NHS chart I should be between 8-11 stone for my height so need to lose somewhere around 5-8 stone, although my doctor says to aim for 12 as this is not only achievable but for my large frame (apparently this does exist, you go by feet, ankle and wrist size!!) that would be too much. Anyway my point is I am in the same position as you, or I was 7 weeks ago. I started the plan, bought decent trainers (as this is not a fad so worth the investment), suffered some shin splints from not warming up enough, or cooling down sufficiently, but this morning ran 22 minutes without keeling over and to date have lost a stone. It really does work. I've had to repeat a couple of runs back in weeks 3 and 4, and have struggled to force myself out of bed some mornings, but knowing that I'm improving each time is driving me on. Keep letting us know how you are doing and come back for inspiration when you need it, this crowd are great and have a lot of good advice. Good luck!!

  • Hi and congratulations for getting out there!

    When you say you could only manage one full minute, what did you do? My strategy was to walk the rest of the podcast as soon as I couldn't run any more when I was supposed to be running. That way, I could see the progress I was making very clearly and worked my way up rather than messing about. Does that make sense?

    I think it is very likely that you are going faster than you need to - you only need to be doing the running action, it may not be faster than you can walk (I started C25K because I couldn't sustain a brisk walk!). It also sounds as if you may be running largely on roads and pavements ie hard surfaces, so you might find a more forgiving surface works better for you.

    I started in walking boots as I didn't possess any trainers. I'm actually rather glad I did as I don't think I'd've got on with some of the shoes around - the first set of proper running shoes I was fitted with I felt like I had a serious degree of neuropathy when I actually got outside to run and my knees knocked together - and yes, I'd had gait analysis. Fortunately I'd bought from somewhere who will let you swap them covered in mud! So, hmmm, crappy trainers? If by that you mean that they are not very comfortable in the first place, then yes, time for new shoes

  • Awww thanks guys. I'm going to get new trainers tomorrow. My old ones are too big and have no support. But this is an investment for a new me. ;) I think I'm popping to sports direct for gait analysis tomorrow. I managed one minute of full running for one section and did half running for the others, when I couldn't run I continued to walk. It's better than nothing I guess

  • Its definitely better than nothing ! If you manage to run for one of the 60 second sections this time/week and two next time, then three, you will be making progress. Go for it ! kepp us posted...

  • so glad your going to keep at it. I am 67, never run in my life, started because my gorgeous grand daughter has cancer and I want to run a 5k for her, she is so gracious and brave I feel the need to make a good job of it, not just dance or walk around, so here I am. In week 1 I could hardly lift my foot off the ground for the 1st step, I felt so clumsy and ucoordinated, which I was, I very gradually improved , teeny steps, but noticeable, that was 4 weeks ago, today I ran for 7 minutes, non stop, I feel more fluid, I am definately more fit and flexable and I cant wait for the next run to see how much more I can do. It is truly addictive. Oh, and by the way I describe my styles as the speed of a sedated slug which about sums it up, but I dont care, I am out there doing it and my Jess will be proud of me . I Just a thought, get yourself some knee supports, made a huge difference to me, I just got the cheapies from dollar store, every bit as good as the more expensive, good luck and keep us posted

  • Well done. You have left the couch and started the challenge. You will be amazed at each small achievement. When I started, my jog was slower than my walking pace. (It's not much faster now tbh). I took it really steady, to get me through. If I was you, I'd pick mini milestones if you're finding it tough. Maybe 2 full minutes next time.

  • Please don't worry that you couldn't complete the runs. A lot of people, myself included, were the same. I used runkeeper and programmed 20s runs and 2 minutes walk to start with, and did that for a few weeks, gradually increasing the run part of it. I can't remember how many weeks it took me to get onto week one. Several though. And to show you that a slow start is not a hindrance, I can run 7k non stop now.

    Enjoy your new trainers.

  • dont panic we had trouble at the start ,the main thing is that you have started stick with it and enjoy good luck

  • Agree with everyone above! Also how fit are you to start with? Can you easily walk 30mins at a brisk walk? If not, you maybe would be better doing what I did and do a couple of weeks walking for 30mins. I found that it got me into the routine of regular exercise, and of course you don't really need special shoes for walking. Two weeks in, I'd had the chance to sort out some decent shoes (don't have to be pricey - mine were £25 from TK Maxx) and a decent sports bra and I felt ready to run. Still didn't manage all 8 one minute intervals the first time though, but that was the only run I needed to repeat before graduation. You might also want to check your pace, like others have said you'll want to go slowly - my jogging pace is barely faster than my walking pace, but you can certainly feel the difference to walking!

  • I am so pleased for you that you have started this program. It takes courage and determination and most of us struggled in the beginning, but believe me it is so addictive you end up boring your family and friends with tales of how far and how fast you ran!!!! lol. I had tears in my eyes when i read your post cos i think it must have taken you a lot of courage to get out there and have a go. I really hope you will continue and i wish you good luck with your quest

  • Update - thank you all so much for your supportive comments! Today is a rest day and I am so excited to get out for day 2 tomorrow. I've been to the sport shop and got advice on my trainers. I have a brought a new pair with support for my arches. Investing in a new me! Turns out I have almost flatfeet.

    I feel just more in control of my eating, I am eating sensably - no more stuffing my face. Back on track :-)

  • Well done for even starting on this programme. I'm probably about two stone overweight but even so struggling with week 1, so you have really inspired me to keep going. Some of the other posts have made me realise that even the first week can be challenging and not possible straight off. I may try the suggestion of 30sec running instead of a minute.

    If you decide to get gait analysis done, do let us know. I've never heard of it before this evening, but it seems as if it may be a useful thing to do.

  • I've lost 6 stone since starting this in March 2012. Apart from the c25k my only other tool was myfitnesspal, if you have a smartphone it's ace, otherwise it's still useful.

    As a word of caution, don't expect rapid results, but if you stick with it you'll see the difference. If you're tracking your weight, track your waist as well, because that's where you'll see the difference first.

    Best piece of advice I can give you, running doesn't burn any where near the amount of calories we'd like to think :-( but it does work out alright in the end :-)

  • Definitely get yourself some decent running shoes. I tried to do it on the cheap at first and ended up with a blister. Also having bunions didn't help. Finally I found a pair of Nike which are so comfortable I want to keep them on all the time! Also, socks are important too. After researching I bought my self two pairs of Hilly double skin socks and boy are they comfy! Bit expensive but they do the job and will last ages. Keep going and good luck.

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