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Hi, I'm 46, single and wanting to shift about 6 stone over the next year and a half. I enjoy excerise but find it hard to motivate myself

Ok, so having sat about all weekend and stood on the scales, I found this site.

I'm to over weight, unfit and needing a kick up the bum!!

I've lots of good friends but work can be stressful and instead of going for a nice walk, we go for meals and drinks

I'm going on holiday in 3 weeks and want to try and shift a stone for it

I need help to stay motivated.... xx

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C25K won't shift a stone in 3 weeks but I can promise you that just doing Week 1 Run 1 will make you feel better about yourself. And the further you get through the programme the better you will feel. Get the running bug and who knows. You'll certainly be trimmer and combined with a sensible diet you should lose some weight. You have to take the big first step of getting out there and doing Week 1 Run 1, you'll then find plenty of help and encouragement from the people on this forum doing just the same as you.


The program helped me drop down two sizes so you're likely to feel better in your skin. Weight however needs a change in diet, something I'm still working on!

Very best of luck and keep posting here for advise and inspiration



You are feeling sorry for yourself and are overweight. You are looking for quick fixes to your situation.


To get fit, lose weight and become a runner takes hard work over a sustained period of time. Anybody attempting this needs motivation, which those on this forum will encourage but only YOU can supply.

My motivation was, at ten years older than you, I suddenly became aware of how many of my friends of a similar age to me, were having to have major heart surgery, while others became diabetic or suffered from circulation problems. None of these people were particularly over weight, by which I mean no more than a couple of stone at most. None of them was totally inactive but the one thing they had in common was lack of regular strenuous exercise. Last year another friend of mine died of a heart attack. Fortunately he was the only one of my peers who has died and the others have, for the most part , managed to integrate more exercise into their lives, lose some excess weight and improve their fitness.

I do have one friend, a few years older than me, who had a stroke two years ago. She luckily has made a good recovery, but is still well overweight and has not managed to exercise, because it is bloody difficult to do so when you have just had a stroke.

I wonder what her situation would be if she had not carried that extra weight all her life. There are no guarantees, but she could have reduced her chance of being housebound in her mid sixties had she exercised and had a better diet. She liked to party and considered that doing healthy things was not much fun. I would not like to live her life now. It is not much fun.

Many of those friends admired the fact that I took up running at 57, but none of them have followed my example, unfortunately........the usual excuses........I never liked running.........I get enough exercise moving the firewood delivery........etc, etc.

I am fitter at 61 than at any time in my adult life. I have discovered wonderful life affirming and inclusive movements like parkrun where people of all ages, sizes, weights and shapes get to together every Saturday morning to celebrate being REALLY alive, by running or walking 5k.

I might have a heart attack tomorrow...........who can tell........but I have statistically reduced the chances and I am happier for it. The NHS C25k plan really works at making you feel alive, although you may feel it is going to kill you when you start. This is a supportive community and we will offer you all the help you need, but you have got to want to do it.

Look ten years into your future..............


Hardly know to follow that excellent reply, listen to him and remember, " you don't have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great". I seem to be saying that a lot today. If you start this week there will be lots of people right there with you. Good luck and remember every run, good or bad is better than no run and tons better than sitting on your couch!!

👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🐢🐢🏃🏻Consider your bum, well and truly kicked. Get out there, we are waiting for your first run report.


No excuses, trainer on, c2k5 podcast or app and JUST DO IT. I am halfway through now and the scoffing of my teenagers has started to become slight admiration. Weight is coming off, but I am loving my confidence and sense of achievement even more. Seriously, we are nearly all previous never runners, so no excuses, one foot in front of the other and run (for a minute at a time in week one)


Great advice!!


This is a great place to start. All journeys start with one step, as long as you take the first step and keep moving forward it is irrelevant how long it takes as it is all going in the right direction. I remember trying to get to a healthy BMI and watching people fly past me with weight loss, push forward a couple of years they are back trying to lose it all again and I'm in a healthy BMI working on toning myself up. Weight loss and running work better with the principals slow and steady. Your body will rewards you for it. Keep coming on here it really will help with the motivation,


Starting is the hardest thing and it will always be easier to sit in the couch and just worry. Just take it a few minutes at a time to get ready and out of the door, then don't look back. You've then started a new chapter in your life, be proud of yourself!

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