Fitter and leaner!?

I graduated the C25K programme towards the end of Aug, and have continued running 5K two to three times a week. I'm very slowly getting faster (though don't think I'll achieve a sub 30 min 5K anytime soon), am feeling fitter (getting to the end of each run no longer seems like small miracle, though I'm always pleased), and, as a bonus, when I tried on some work trousers that haven't fit me since having my eldest 5 years ago, they fit! I must have slimmed down a bit too...yay!

Just so pleased I started C25K...what a great programme!


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  • Well done, SusieBoots and congratulations on your new shape.

    This really is a great programme! You are doing well keeping up regular runs each week. Long may you continue!

    HAPPY RUNNING! :) :) :)

  • That's the kind of weight loss that really matters! Congratulations!!

  • Thanks Beek and Tomas, and happy running to you both too!

  • Ah Brilliant! C25K has so many benefits ... but getting into smaller clothes must be up there near the top of the list :) Happy Running.

  • That all sounds really positive. Good that you are keeping getting out there, I have been worrying about making sure I keep going with it now I have graduated. And I am with you on the trimmer bit, I have lost a few lbs, but I have definitely notice a change in my shape. Well worth keeping on with it!

  • Do oyou think you will get tired of running?You could envisage going to the gym one in a while, just to change the routine. Keep being happy and running if you can :-)

  • Hi. I graduated last month and am running x3 a week. I think of it as my 'me' time and hope that I won't give it up. I will be mixing between the treadmill and the road over the winter. I also try to run different routes when on the roads. if you think you may get bored you could try listening to an audiobook or your favourite music. Good look with your C25k adventure.

  • In the winter you culd turn to indoor exercises. I have adopted some chinese medical exercises involving the breath and teh whole body (Qigong) called: the eight pieces of brocade (badauan jin in Chinese) Here's the explanation for Wikipedia:

    And here's the video on YouTube:

    It doesn't look much perhaps, but I have benefited in energy and suppleness and strength particularly in my legs.

    It's worth exploring Qigong. Hope this helps.

  • Your post has really inspired me. I completed the programme two weeks ago and am nowhere near doing 5k in 30 minutes. I posted on here the other day saying that I felt really deflated and everybody was really encouraging and positive - telling me that the improved time will come in time, the fact that I'm running 5k at all is a huge achievement. I ran last night and really struggled, even thinking "what's the point" but having just read your post I'm going to keep at it, regardless of the time, and perhaps record my progress over a monthly period as opposed to wanting to improve on every single run. Thanks SusieBoots, have a fab Friday x

  • I've found the posts on this forum really encouraging and inspiring too...and I'm glad I might have helped steel your determination, even just a tiny bit. I'm a newbie graduate too, and was thinking I would go from strength to strength really quickly - the progress on C25K seems so speedy, I assumed it would continue!. The reality for me is a little more gradual now...though still progress in the right direction (distance, speed, weight!)...and yes I think expecting each run to be quicker than the last is unrealistic, but comparing speed over weeks/months will show improvement.

    Happy Friday to you too!

  • Indeed! Well done!

    I have just enrolled, but do it at the gym on a static bike.

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