W6R3: my first failure 😥

I don't know what went wrong. Well I do, my breathing was all over the shop. I got to about 18 minutes and just stopped. Which was another mistake as if I'd just kept walking for half a minute to recover my breathing I might have been able to pick it up again.

A couple of other tactical errors: I ran my route clockwise rather than my usual anti-clockwise which seemed to emphasise the uphill elements, and I was too warmly dressed. I bought a short sleeved top yesterday so I'll try that next time I go out.

Just lots of negative thoughts: you're too heavy, you're not cut out to do this, plus Laura's music was really p'ing me off this morning.

So, disappointing, and I'm a bit cross with myself. I was back on the flat when I stopped! Still, I ran for the second longest time I've ever run, and I'll have another go on Tuesday. I wonder if I should have a break from the programme for a week and try and build myself up to 25 minutes incrementally.


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22 Replies

  • Try not to think of it like that. Not every run will be a great run. Some feel more challenging than others at times and I'm not as advanced as you are. A footballer doesn't always have a great game, a horse doesn't always make the jump. Tiredness, not feeling it or not eating the right food can all add to a tough run. I am of the opinion that if one of my runs was extremely hard or I couldn't complete it then I will repeat it until I feel comfortable. Yes it will take longer to complete but I'm not racing anyone! only me!  Chin up! 

  • Well said... KBO!!!

  • Oh dear :-( But it sounds like you know what went wrong and why it went wrong, so you know what to do next time.

    Your last thought... "... build up to 25 minutes incrementally."  There's no need really, because that's *exactly* what you've done already, what the program does.  It's how you managed to do Week 4 , cos Weeks 1, 2 & 3 prepared you for it. And it's how you achieved W5R3 cos all the previous runs "built up incrementally" towards it :-)

    Take confidence from that, especially W5R3. Correct the things that were different to normal today and GET IT DONE :-)



  • Sorry to hear it didn't go that well.

    It's best to just put this run behind you and start afresh for the next one.

    Perhaps start off a little slower as it really doesn't matter if you are running slower than you would walk at this stage. It's just about keeping on going for the time.

    You can do it, crack on 😀

  • 1st off that isn't a failure , to fail is to never try plus as you said it was your 2nd longest run so that's a big plus there :D

    . We all have off days for many reasons , put that one down to experience take your rest days or days and carry on :) 

    Really no need to take a week off unless you have picked up an injury or are unwell, you have come a long way already :) rest,recover and go out and do the run , trust in the program and believe in yourself, you can do it :) 

  • Sorry, I didn't mean a break from running, just from following this programme, and do my own thing for a week. 22 minutes, 23 minutes whatever.

    Thanks for the advice. I think I maybe went too fast in the first half. My breathing was buggered from about the halfway point.

  • I agree with everyone else, stick with C25k, it's proven to work and many millions of use mere mortals have come through it and out the other side and can now run at will.  It's so good there aren't enough superlatives to cover it

    We all have days when nothing seems to go right but so what. We just move on and hope the next run will be our best yet.  C25k music is the biggest challenge! It's dire, but if you can put up with that then you're a sticker.

    Always think positive, stick a smile across your face and go for it.  Any run is better than no run, and you're quite right you could have saved that run by just having a breather. A breather, if you're struggling, is a God-send, always take it if you need it.  

  • I could have saved it if a big burly man had been there to shout at me at 18 minutes 😉

  • Oh vivster, you sound so downbeat, give yourself a break!  You're near the end of week six WEEK SIX!  Remember week 1 and try to imagine if that version of you thought you could do what you are doing now?

    I don't know if there is a correct answer but if it was me, I would have a day off and then get back out there and redo that run and then move on.  Stick to the programme though - you've come too far to stop now!!

    You KNOW you can do this - COME ON VIVSTER - WOOOO (I'm shaking pom poms in your general direction)!

  • I totally agree with barmybint  - and I've got my pompoms flaying too! Give the run another go to tick off the list then keep going, Vivster. When you start thinking of the "f" word, remember how it was when you started - and why you started this in the first place. Then bite the bullet, tie the gremlins to a chair with the TV remote in their gobs, and go for it. 

  • That is not a failure at all.

    You were out running, you were able to recognise what went wrong and learnt something about your body and your running, and now you know what to do next time... I call it a *progress*.

  • Oh dear! Don't worry- every run is progress. Why don't you download the app rather than podcast so you can listen to your own music in the background? Also, you have learned something massive here- a walk break is sometimes essential! I found this run desperately hard too. You can absolutely do this- your size has nothing to do with it! So, here's my opinion, if you want it. Take a rest day (or two) and then get back out there. Run for 25 minutes again and aim to get to twenty mins before taking a one minute walk break if you need it. I know you can do this vivster! If I can, anyone can! Good luck!

  • Just a bad run. And we all get them sometimes. Maybe allow yourself a couple of rest days then I can practically guarantee that it will be fine next time out. Good luck!

  • Chin up Viv, I know youre deeply disappointed but try and put it on one side , and look forward :-)

    You are NOT a failure, we dont allow the F word on this forum , so please dont beat yourself up over this.

    Its all a learning curve , give yourself a couple of days rest , and get out there and smash it ! I know its hard but please try and banish all the negative thoughts from your mind . You are strong, you have got this far , you can do this !

    Good Luck and let us know . It is hard when things like this happen , but just remember how far you have come .

    Onwards, always ! xxx

  • Don't underestimate being over dressed, I find it makes an enormous difference. AND week 6 is the baddie that gets lots of runners. You'll crack it next time xxx

  • Come on... don't get disappointed...get feisty!

    You can do this,you are doing it; this was a one off and you know why...!

    Banish that negativity,. and move on from it...focus on how far you have come.. not cut out for it?  How have you got this far?

    Keep going... you have had a little stumble... make it part of the journey :)

  • I would honestly just put it down as a cruddy one and go out for wk7 run 1 next- it's the same run length, so no point repeating.

    If that goes awry then just try, try again :)

    I found week 6 a really hard and testing one mentally. Gremlins still jumped in and even post-runs I was really questioning why I was putting myself through it.

    I was convinced that I'd been kidding myself on, it clearly was not going to be my thing despite me giving it my all.

    Then I've just ran week 7 and can honestly say that I've kinda 'enjoyed' it! Hot, sweaty, breathless etc. still, BUT managing to the end and feeling ok.

    Do what you can to put a crud one behind you. Minimise the factors that you're learning are working against you and get yourself all fired up and believing in yourself again. 

    Good luck xx

  • There is no failure, only opportunity to learn. Indeed we learn more when things don't go according to plan, because we have to analyse what we are doing and how to correct it. you have already identified what went wrong: you went out too fast. The lesson to take away from this is 'go out slower', not 'abandon plan and go off-piste'. We all have bad days. I have at least two a week at the moment, because I am pushing to achieve some sturdy goals. Yes, they suck. but they suck a lot less than days we don't do anything. And the taste of victory when we implement what we have learned and achieve success is all the sweeter. 

    Have a rest day. Drink water. Do some squats. Then put on your short sleeved top and big girl pants and go out and smash the **** out of W7R1. 

  • Aw, thanks for the all the support and advice and encouragement everyone. It really means a lot and I will take your wise words on board.

    I'm honestly fine. We've had friends over for lunch and I've been busy cooking so not much time to dwell on things. Now it's a few hours in the past I'm feeling very philosophical about it. I'll get out there in a couple of days and give it another crack.

  • That's the right spirit! You'll smash it! ;)

  • Hm... I've just worked out that I ran slightly farther in my 17/18 minutes today than I did last Sunday in 20. I think that tells me I went too fast.

  • For whatever reasons it was just one of those crap runs where the body doesn't want to do it. Give it another crack and move on.

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