Completed Week 6 on treadmill. Is it harder on path?

Hi Forum,

Relatively new to this forum and today managed to complete Week 6.

At the moment I'm doing the course at my local gym as the treadmill offers me a consistent pace/rhythm.

At some point I should really hit the park/ pavement but would appreciate any advice as I migrate outdoors and if I might find it harder going.

Thanks for any suggestions




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9 Replies

  • Oh yes it's much harder I had knee problems so ran on the treadmill I have at home, when I first went out I found it much more difficult but you get used to it I am on week 8 and did a 6.57km race last week in 40min up hills and down hills.

  • Opinions seem to differ. I've been on a treadmill once, for gait analysis, and if I never go on a treadmill again it will be too soon. (I feel pretty much the same about running on roads and pavements!)

  • Real life is outside. I can't imagine why folks would want to treadle hamster-like on a machine. It beats me. LOL

    Get out there! It's the place to be. Distances will vanish in no time once you're out there. Trail running just seems to eat up the miles compared with running on the streets. I do both mind you. Whatever you do just enjoy it, it's great

  • I only used the treadmill a couple of times when it was too dark and not safe for me to run the streets. I found the treadmill a bit easier on the joints and obviously you don't get the variables with rain, wind, flying insects etc. But I did find it a bit boring. I much prefer to be outside and have a good old look around me. All I would say is just take it a bit easier outside at the start as it can be a bit harder to pace yourself.

    Whatever you choose to do is great, everybody enjoys different things, just keep at it x

  • I have been on a treadmill once and favour outdoors for the weather and scenery change. I would use the treadmill if it wasn't safe to run outside. It is harder on the joints as there is greater impact.

  • I run outside because I have no choice - I don't have room for a treadmill at home and I cannot justify the cost of a gym. Running outside is harder as it's a greater impact (not least the ground you run on is not smooth and even like a treadmill). I enjoy running outside but I did use a treadmill for gait analysis and found it okay. My personal view is, simply, that both treadmill and outdoors have their place and if you have the facilities to do both then all power to you. Enjoy. Good luck on your next run and best wishes.

  • Both have their differences and both have their pros and cons, in some ways a treadmill can have its advantages over running outdoors and in other ways running outdoors can have advantages over a treadmill. Personally I wouldn't say it's 'harder' running outdoors, it's just different. I'm doing all my c25k on a treadmill before signing up to a park run. At the moment I prefer the ability of the treadmill to keep me on a fixed pace / distance.

  • Thanks everyone for feedback. I'll probably continue with the treadmill and then perhaps go back to earlier weeks in order to adjust to outdoor running around the local area.



  • I do most of my runs during the week on a treadmill but I run on the weekend outside. I find running outside more pleasant but I struggle to pace myself and often set off too quickly. I want to run outside all the time eventually so I really need to do more of it, because I definitely find it tougher.

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