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Oh NO! Tripped in garden, fell and tendon hurting even more now!


Been gentle on my leg for about 3 weeks now but still very painful. Went to GP last Monday and he told to keep off it. He told me not to take Ibuprofen because it delays healing. He also told me I'm not young any more and will take longer to heal. Bless him.

This morning I was sitting on my wheely seat happily weeding the strawberry beds, got up to fetch the pruning shears and tripped on the edge of the raised bed. Fell headlong, ended up flat on my back on top of a lot of pots and really strained the tendon all over again. Rang 111 just for advice and they told me to go to A&E. After much prodding and poking they know that it isn't torn. But boy, does it hurt!

So - home again this time with crutches and have to keep off it for even longer now. Like I was told - it's back to the beginning again resting and icing regularly. Doh! :(

Who'd have thought I would ever miss running like this? It won't last for ever I suppose.

HAPPY RUNNING EVERYONE! Take good care of yourselves out there! :)

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Oh no! Glad it wasn't anything more serious (although it sounds bad enough). Keeping fingers crossed that the healing gods smile on you and you're back running soon. Take it easy ;)


Thank you paul2014. A bit cheesed off now, to say the least. I don't do pain terribly well!


Ohhhhhh Goddddddd!!! Poor BEEK! Can you believe it? You poor thing. Also always nice to hear a doctor say "You're not as young as you used to be!" - yeah thanks Doc. But don't despair. At least you know that once you're repaired, you will go out running again and you should look forward to that day. But make sure you heal properly first cos you don't wanna do any further damage. Keep us updated on your progress and keep blogging - otherwise I'll send the "boys" around!

BeekGraduate in reply to danzargo

Thank you Dan. That day is a long way off but I have already decided to start at week 1 and do it as intervals. I am not allowed to go until my leg is totally pain free. For once in my life I must do as I am told - a rare event! I will keep looking at the blogs and wish every one of you HAPPY RUNNING!


I am so sorry, what an awful thing to happen...yes let it heal, and get through this time, and before you know it, it will be so much better. Take care :)

BeekGraduate in reply to ju-ju-

Thank you juju. Worse things happen at sea, as my Gran used to say


Oh no Beek! What are we going to do with you? Please take really good care of yourself and make sure you give it plenty of time to heal properly. Your running will be out there waiting for you when you are ready. Commiserations.

BeekGraduate in reply to Ullyrunner

Thank you Ulleyrunner. Real bummer this! Like you say, the running will always be there!

So sorry Beek , I don't know , how unlucky ! But do as your told & it will soon pass & you will be up & running . Take care

BeekGraduate in reply to Rockette

Thank you Rockette - will do!


Beek - sorry to hear latest set back, feet up do as the doc says and hope the strawberries turn out good and are worth all this pain!!


You seem to be having a real spate of bad luck with injuries at the moment. I honestly don't know what to say. I hope you will heal soon and be able to get back out there with your running shoes on. Good luck and best wishes.


Oh poor Beek! I wish you well, you'll soon be out there again. Your GP is only jealous (that you can run , that is)!


Ooooo ouch! Still it won't be forever at least and you will be as good as new. Will you be able to do any exercise at all whilst not being able to run?

BeekGraduate in reply to kickibro

I have got my bike indoors on its stand and I am trying Fast Exercise routine. Google Michael Moseley (yes - him of 5:2 diet fame) and see what you think. There is a range of interval training routines and I am hoping that they may help me. I've just inspected 6 hives of bees this morning and I am in agony at the moment (had to walk across a rough field)


Sorry to hear you're crocked! It happens to us all at some point or other, but it seems always to be just when we're on a roll. Darn it! Not much you can do though Beek 'cept grin and bare it, dig out your stash of good reads, and put your feet up. For us fidgety types though it can seem like torture.


Oh Beek. Bee hives and a rough field on top too! Yes that Michael Moseley fast exercise seems to work for some really well. You should enjoy some honey from the hives, as it's good for the bones.

So sorry to hear about your latest setback. Hope the rest of you isn't too bruised and stiff either. Hope the exercise bike helps you to maintain your fitness and that you're back running soon.


Thank you RNB. It's blooming frustrating! Beginning to feel like an old crock! My son says to me 'What do you expect Mum - you're old now.'

Cheeky boy! I bet I could run rings round him (if I was fit!)

It is incredibly painful to the slightest touch on the sides of the tendon. I'm doing frequent ice packing and just trying to keep off it. Just think how many books I can get through now! :)

I am doing the Fast Exercise routine now and hope I don't lose too much fitness.

walettaGraduate in reply to Beek

Oh that really is rough. Patient looking after called for then. As for the young whippersnapper - a good clip round the ear. We are not old - he is just irritatingly young & he's going to have to get old before he can go in reverse like us. Hope you mend quickly.

BeekGraduate in reply to waletta

Young whippersnapper? - He's not young, he's 40 and they are expecting their first baby in October. Then we will see who's got all the energy!

I am trying to be good and rest up!

walettaGraduate in reply to Beek

Ha Ha, does he knows what's going to hit him? Did any of us. Nobody tells you how much energy you need to look after such a little bundle.

Oh dear, oh dear! I hope you are feeling a bit better today. Gardening seems to be more hazardous than running, in my humble opinion. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery.


Thank you didelphnaar (No idea how to pronounce your name though)

I love my garden but only managed 2 days in it in the whole of last year, and it shows!

I really want to rectify that this year. I want to make it all into a scented garden in lovely cool colours, silver, white, mauve's etc and just chill out in it! (And hula hoop in it!)

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