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No more moaning - and set a new PB!

I know I was moaning about how difficult I was finding it post injury and admittedly, physically I was. Even getting back to 5k has been such hard work. However, when I delved a bit deeper into the actual stats, I found I wasn't that far off where I was before which made me feel a bit better!

Well, yesterday I wasn't sure if I was going to go out. I'd stayed in bed longer than usual and had a bit of a headache and was trying to convince myself that actually, another rest day might be what I needed. But the other voice kept saying "Don't be such a wuss, just get yourself out".

Anyway, I put my kit on just in case, because after all, I'd could always take it off again, and tried not to think too much and then put my shoes on and before I knew it I was walking out of door.... My legs were a bit achy, knees a bit sore, ankle had a twinge....blah blah blah....hard to breathe.....blah blah blah......but I kept singing to myself (I do that a lot!) and forced myself on. Came to the first part of the run where I can take the shortcut or run down the incline so made myself take the incline then decided to run on down the road before turning and retracing. By now I'd done just over 4k so knew I could do 5 and realised I was running a good pace and could match or possibly beat my PB!

Well, that has been my goal for a while and have failed miserably so far, so I tried to keep steady and just speed up a little. And I was really thrilled when I saw that I had set a new 5k PB of 31.16 - not by much, only 29 seconds, but enough! I walked for a couple of minutes then set off with the intention of running back up the incline just as a stamina exercise really and that was sloooowwww but I did it and then carried on to complete another 3k. Did have a giggle along the way - a couple of young lads were walking along and one had just opened a bottle of juice, saw me and stood and held it out like they do in 'real' races!! I almost felt like a proper runner for a moment, and although I was sorely tempted, did politely decline the offer!

I was so hot on Monday, I had to pull up early because I felt like I was burning up from the inside and although I was very warm yesterday, and had to take the sleeves off my jacket as I ran, I felt much less exhausted. So, I'm hoping I'm back on form and will be able to gradually increase my distance and have another crack at 10k before too long! I'm even thinking of having a go at the Cheltenham Parkrun if I can maintain a reasonable 5k over the next few weeks!

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A great result for getting out there when it would be so easy to call it off.

As for having your own refreshment stop ... the word about this crazy runner must be out on the streets. Next thing you know, the local baton twirlers will be waiting for you at the half way point to cheer you along (:->)


29 seconds! That's a huge chunk off your PB! Great job!!!


Amazing run and 29 seconds off your PB, don't underestimate that, it's huge!


Fantastic dottie and another 3k on top to boot! Well done you! You will be up to 10k in no time, I'm sure of that :)

Loved the image of the drink pit stop; wonder what he would have done if you had swiped it?! :D

Have a super weekend!



I did hold out my hand as I got closer and don't know what he would have done if I'd grabbed it - but I didn't want to stop to give it back so just smiled as I ran past and said "Thank you!". ;-)

I'm determined to do another 10k Sue, but want to be sure I can do it safely so I'm going to build up the distance gradually this time! Plus, it's so much hotter now - and I'm not good in the heat!!


What a great run, Dottiemay. Well done for pushing on and getting back following injury.


Great news - well done! And I giggled at the water stop :) All the best with your running.


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